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  1. Still In Shorts

    The sensible ones wear full leathers what ever the weather. Then there is the Darwin factor. I have only dropped my bike once and that was at only 10mph!!! Leg trapped under 400+lbs of bike. Leathers save my leg from serious burns off the exhaust. I would never ride in shorts or without gloves. So who is still in shorts now the ice and snow has arrived. Colin
  2. The Admiral's Little Ship?

    I no longer have my copy. Bookshelf space is a bit limited on our boat. I must get another copy or download and read again. Colin
  3. The Admiral's Little Ship?

    I must admit to going to Earls Court every year to look at the catalacs. I ended up sailing my fathers early Prout on the Blackwater estuary. A small boat but great fun. The mid 60's and 70's was an innovative time in the boating world now the modern boats are getting like cars with all the hi tech materials and electronics. I like to be able to fix it myself if poss. As for Rosie. Now there was a girl of many talents. Colin
  4. The Admiral's Little Ship?

    There was one here on the island for a while. It was eventually sold to a guy in Scotland. This one had the same problem as the side decks would pool when it rained. Obviously lacked support in that area which was surprising when you saw how well it was built. I was tempted to buy it but Ruth doesn't do flappy things otherwise I would have bought a catalac! Colin
  5. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Hi Robin, if we're me I think I'd pay up and keep them sweet while you need outside contractors on site. Quick look at the figures. Say 4 weekends of say 48hrs with all the heaters, Chargers etc works out at about 1.5 units an hour. With all the 'playing' with the tech onboard plus learning how to heat your boat I don't think it's far out. I bet the next bill will be half that at most. It always takes a lot of heat to bring the temp up when left for a while without background heating. Once the diesel has been scrubbed you should be truly Independent Thanks for letting us all in on your great adventure. Best regards from us both Colin and Ruth
  6. Save The Dogs

    Signed Colin
  7. The Admiral's Little Ship?

    Hi John, am I right in thinking the further development was the catfisher catamaran which was also ketch rigged. Colin
  8. Going Down Now Sir

    Hi MM, hope you will be warm and safe at your mates for a while. Why these things happen at this time of year God knows. Not sure where you are moored but should you have to live aboard and in the Thorpe area give us a shout and we will have a pint. It may be worth getting a wifi dongle on PAYG. It will be useful on the boat as well. Flea bay has some good cheap ones. We have only ever had wifi as no landline. All the very best Colin and Ruth
  9. Free Heat..?

    They wanted £500 a month and no wifi.!!!!, and as for the chandlers I think I would be talking to the owners of all the dive boats and fishing boats to find where they go for bits and pieces. There has to be more choice in Plymouth. I no longer have any connections in Plymouth having given up diving over 20 years ago so can't help but there must still be places where when you walk in the door they smell of hemp and cotton. Colin p.s. Love the simrad sonar. What we would have given for that when diving. We had Decca and a brilliant skipper to find the wrecks to dive on. pps Goodluck Ricardo
  10. Free Heat..?

    Just a thought! Would a second heat exchanger in the existing calorifier feed pipe provide enough heat for you. This could be below the existing header tank on the primary side. The secondary passed to the upper level copper pipe through bulkhead fittings if you wished. This would keep you engine bay sealed. The upper matrix would have its own header tank and circulating pump. Just a thought, I'm no expert Colin
  11. WRC Wins Mooring Appeal

    This decision is very welcome news for those that are looking for a residential mooring. It now means the BA planners will have to take into account that WRC was neither in or adjacent to development boundary. One of the criteria they would have used not to renew the temporary planning. Good news for other boatyards outside development boundaries. Well done James. That's the yurts and residential planning issues resolved, now it's only the 'temporary' construction access. Maybe a big white tent? Colin
  12. Wot No Christmas ?

    Never understood why Christmas goods like chocolate etc didn't have just a slip sleeve or peel able sticker that could be removed and the goods remain on the shelf until their sell by date! We use to do our Christmas shopping by boat. A nice slow pootle upto Norwich and then moor at The Ferryboat ph. A walk up King st into town, shop and back to the pub for food and the odd beer. Relatively stress free. Bought some nice mince pies in Aldi's a couple of days ago only to find the sell by date was the 15 Dec. So I had to eat them Colin
  13. Blue Planet 2

    Cannot wait for the next episode. BBC at its best. Who can possibly step into David's shoes in the future. I dread the day he no longer makes these programmes as I see nobody worthy of replacing him. Keep well David and keep making these outstanding programmes. Colin
  14. I've Seen Albino Polar Bears And Swans But.....

    Was that your front near side wheel? Colin
  15. I've Seen Albino Polar Bears And Swans But.....

    Something that rare should be stuffed Pork and apple come to mind Colin

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