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  1. Breydon Water Closed To Hire Boats

    So why was SOB at Thorpe. I thought they bought it just to patrol Breydon or was it there for more repairs!!! It seems it's never where it's needed. Just my opinion of course. Maybe those height markers could have a flip sign for Breydon open or closed. I thought the waiting pontoon by Breydon bridge was the answer to bridge clearances at Yarmouth. Closing Breydon because of poor viz i.e fog, makes sense but not when it's a little choppy. Colin
  2. A Grandson

    Congratulations Griff. Now your a grandad Christmas is going to get expensive . best wishes from us both Colin and Ruth.
  3. Not Good

    Hopefully not too serious. Just found this on the Norfolk FB live feed. 012747 29 Sep 2017 17:58:39 Brundall Crews from Carrow and Sprowston assisted with the rescue of a person who had fallen in the river Colin
  4. Not Good

    Fire service are showing an on going incident for Brundall. I don't know if they are connected. Colin
  5. The Authority Oversteps The Mark?

    Having a closer look at the pic of the BA 'tent' is it not bolted down onto lengths of steel piling? Moveable, easily transportable, temporary??? Colin
  6. The Authority Oversteps The Mark?

    Well, I think it's time to put the gazebo back up for the winter with my outdoor workbench and my mirror dinghy under it. So 28days doesn't apply to white party tents if you keep changing its use. My gazebo is green and is hard to see from the river or the green unless you live on the top floor of the flats and use binoculars when all the leaves have fallen. Anyone come up with a nickname for Cally Smith head of planning. One from the Dallas series for a short blond actress comes to mind but I couldn't possibly post it here. I bet these yurts are easier to move than the BA 'Party Tent'. Colin
  7. Grim Meal Experience

    Don't we have a NBN trip advisor section Colin
  8. Ow

    Definitely go for the chiropractor route. Mine has kept me upright for years now. We go once a month and costs about a £1 a day. Much better than popping pills. Love the pulley idea ChrisB, will add to list of things to do Colin
  9. Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    MM, from Google. Vessel operators must make sure that their vessels are equipped with the proper navigation lights and use the lights during these conditions: When away from the dock between sunset and sunrise During periods of restricted visibility such as fog or heavy rain Colin
  10. Ooooops...... Why Try It ....

    Hi Alan, I have not looked at Richardsons site but I'm pleased that they are trying their best. Having never been a hirer but always had use of boats on the broads all my instruction has come from family and friends. Having started at 10yrs and now 50+ years on I can still get it wrong. Any instruction is worth every minute. Having said that,' You can lead a horse to water.....' Colin
  11. Ooooops...... Why Try It ....

    High tide and strong offshore wind at Cantley. I don't want to talk about it....yet. A DVD sent showing the basics and a bit more I.e. Some of the mistakes made on YouTube, would cost pence to send to each hirer by Richardsons or HB's. Maybe the BHF could produce this for all hire companies? Colin p.s. Still not been told what time this happened.
  12. Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    Hot water? Easy, I boil a kettle in the morning, usually 3 or 4 times. 1 make morning tea. 2 boil for a wash. 3 boil for other half for wash. 4 boil for next cup of tea. Start engine and warm for as long as it takes to remove mooring ropes. Leave. Arrive at next stop off, moor up, stop engine. Have proper wash/shower. Easy. hi Griff, not been up to the Ribs in our boat as need 8ft to clear bridges but looks really nice with loads of room to turn. We also need min 3ft water. We normally moor by the first new bridge as you come into norwich and go shopping on riverside (morrisons). It's free to moor there and easy access to the town. Sadly The Ferryboat pub now long gone which had good beer, decent food and an interesting mix of bands over the weekend. Colin in a rather damp St Olaves
  13. Ooooops...... Why Try It ....

    Going by the shadow from the post in the pub garden and allowing for BST plus the surface of the water. I guess about 1:30 pm. That would be the remains of the flood tide so if engine had failed they would have drifted away from the bridge. Fail. Colin p.s. I have a little stick on my pulpit set to our clearance. Simple. p.s.2 Sorry John, the fail was aimed at the Broom helm
  14. Hemsby Lifeboat Herring Festival

    Looks like you had a grand day out. My mouth is watering with the thought of those herrings. Why don't we all put our boats on trailers that way round??? Colin
  15. Electric Boat Charging

    If an electric launch runs out of battery then there is no way of mending it on the river bank. You have just got to come out after it, and tow it home. "Come in number 4, your time is up!" Why not just put a bracket on the back and put a nice old British Seagull with a 10:1 mix to get it home. Colin

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