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  1. The Broads Is Not A National Park!

    If you are happy about it, I am glad for you. Unfortunately I still don't think you got my main and general point, so perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned a specific one? The rights that we enjoy, to cruise the Broads, are under constant pressure from various different factions these days, most of whom defend their own interests as natural beauty, preservation of the natural habitat of little curly snails, etc., and if we don't defend our rights then we shall continue to have them eroded (or silted up) as we have for hundreds of years. It's a bit like the BA planning dept trying to suggest to Roger Wood that Thorpe Island must not be used for moorings as it is a conservation area of natural beauty. It is not, at all. It is an overgrown railway embankment.
  2. The Broads Is Not A National Park!

    Now that is an interesting one and please believe me, I am being serious here. The difference between other NPs and the Broads is that often mis-used phrase "natural beauty". The Broads are not natural. They are as they are today, because that is how MAN has evolved them. They are re-claimed land which requires constant maintenance. So "natural beauty" is a mis-nomer. If you follow my reasoning to its rhetorical limit, then "cultural heritage" means peat workings. I thank you for calling me informed but in fact I only know what I have seen around me, growing up on these lovely rivers from the age of 6 months. I only know Sandford from what JM and others have told me but seeing the gradual degradation of the boating paradise that I have loved all my life, I see it as a threat.
  3. The Broads Is Not A National Park!

    It won't be false news if they decide not to dredge it - especially as it has already been allowed to become non - navigable to Broads yachts, through years of neglect. Nor will it be, if they decide not to maintain the navigation between the bridges in Thorpe, just because they say that the staithe on the River Green has "fallen into dis-use". I hope you got my main point, nonetheless? Would the ancient navigation to Catfield still be maintained, if we had to embrace Sandford?
  4. The Broads Is Not A National Park!

    You have hit the nail on the head, Simon! It is not the fear of a blanket ban on navigation, that the Sandford principle threatens. It is the gradual closure of the smaller navigations on the grounds of "preservation" or "conservation" of wildlife, fauna, little snails, or whatever. Catfield staithe is a present example. We are nowadays only using about a third of the navigations which used to exist in Norfolk and Suffolk in the 1800s in the heyday of the wherries. We don't want to lose any more of them, just to political manoeuvring!
  5. The Broads Is Not A National Park!

    Another wasted opportunity. This forum has many members with experience and knowledge to offer, but it will never get its opinions heard and respected by those who matter in Broadland, if we allow our discussions to descend to the level of the kindergarten classroom.
  6. Sourcing Fabric

    I have seen something like it on Crown Blue Line boats, so it may have come from Jeckells.
  7. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    Actually a large yard has just as much time to give to customers with special needs - if it is as well run as Richardsons! I wonder if I could put my "nostalgic hat" on for a moment, as I am very much in a cleft stick about this situation. I have always had the same approach to solo hirers as Andy at Freedom. If you know them as regulars or if they can prove experience, then OK. After all when they take that boat out (on charter) they are responsible for their own actions. On the other hand, I have a very (very) soft spot for Richardsons. I wonder if you can imagine the sort of organisation, planning and logistics that are involved in running 300 hire boats out of the same base? When I worked there, only 50 of them went out on a Thursday and all the rest turned round on the Saturday. And two thirds of them were wooden boats in those days. Throughout my career since then, whenever I have been starting up a new operation or changing the running of an existing one, I have used Richardsons' methods and they have always worked. They taught me all I know about the "running" of a boatyard. This is why I am also glad to be now one of their regular customers. Unfortunately though, I can't help remembering what David Court used to say when he was managing director of Blakes. He said it takes a yard 10 years to build a good reputation - and 10 minutes to lose it. And that was said long before the days of the internet, or Tripadvisor. I very much hope that this "banana skin" will not do long term harm and as others have said, that Richardsons are big enough to be able to "ride the punch".
  8. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    A couple of things there : I was talking about what I was told Clive had said on Facebook. What we are talking of here is a decision made at the time of booking to accept or refuse a single handed or single parent hirer, just as you do yourself. The risk of someone (anyone) arriving at the yard and turning out to be incapable of taking the boat out, is always there and is always an awful thing to have to deal with.
  9. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    I was interested to read again that BA report on incidents which Paladin kindly posted. One can see that of the 5 drownings in 2014 only one was from a private moored boat, where the cause was not known. Hardly any of the collision incidents resulted in injury apart from falling over on the quay, which I suspect is the result of people trying to jump ashore instead of waiting until they can step ashore. Those who were knocked overboard in incidents either got themselves out again or were fished out by others. One solo hirer fell in while mooring, but that was because he had left the boat in gear. Incidents of "inadvertently entering the water" suddenly leap up in numbers from 2003, as this was when the BA decided to record and declare all such incidents as a "drowning near - miss". At first this did include simply capsizing in a racing dinghy on Wroxham Broad. In which case I must have got through more lives, by now, than all of Grendel's cats put together! I have noticed over the years that almost all the "boat related" drownings on the Broads, have been the result of someone staggering drunk out of a pub in the dark and falling in the river while trying to find the boat. I don't think I am casual about safety - in my job I couldn't be - but I think we must look at this in proportion to the huge numbers of people who enjoy a trouble free holiday every year.
  10. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    I agree with you Andrew and I said something similar a couple of days ago. I still feel though, that if existing, legal, contracts of hire had been honoured, then the forum's reaction to a simple change of policy, presumably for safety reasons, would have been very different.
  11. The Broads Is Not A National Park!

    That remark is one too far, for me, after all we have done to try and answer your questions. We are all interested but I fear you are not interested in hearing the answers. In which case I will "leave you to it".
  12. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    Thank you for that Paladin and I think it bears out what I suggested to Clive earlier on this thread. And to quote the conclusion from that BA report : When consideration is given to the large number of visitors to the Broads, the statistics demonstrate that it continues to be a safe place for boating and boating related activities.
  13. The Broads Is Not A National Park!

    You assume wrong. It's just exhaustion, in my case.
  14. Mooring Technique

    As some have said, there is no reason why you should not pull your boat stern on into the mooring with the ropes, rather than trying to drive it in, with a cross wind. Just stop across the bows of the other boats moored and you will probably find that people on the other boats will be glad to help you with the ropes.
  15. Where Is This

    You'll never get to Heaven for that one!

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