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  1. Broads Authority Posts

    Compliant with what, I might ask?
  2. Waterstones

    You might think this is off the subject, but it isn't. A long time ago, I went into a big record shop in Norwich and asked to buy a single by Albert Hammond, called "The Free Electric Band". Anyone remember it? It was being played all day and every day on Radio 1 and the pirate stations. I was told by the bird behind the counter that they didn't stock it, as it was not in the Top Twenty. When I asked how a record was supposed to get into the charts - based on record sales - if they didn't sell it, I was met by a blank stare. I have never forgotten that moment. It taught me a lot about retail outlets. There were a lot of records like that in those days, that were plugged so much by the radio stations, that people didn't buy the record as they could hear it all the time. So actually, a negative effect on record sales. I have noticed the same phenomenon with Waterstones, and other global influence outlets. The only thing they have on offer is what they have decided you want to buy. If you are looking for a particular book or a particular author, you have no hope whatever unless they have decided that this is what they think will sell best. No wonder I now buy the books that I want to read, via Amazon on line! Anyway, what about the song?? Remember it? I was young, free and single at the time, and this hit the spot for me!
  3. Bridge Store At Acle To Close

    Cor, that's a long way back to the boat with all your shopping bags. I think I'd have to send Susie to do that one. . . .
  4. Bridge Store At Acle To Close

    Fair comment from Marshman. I remember when Blakes ran a lot of major public facilities, including Malthouse Broad and GYYS, but they were only leasing them, as operators. As far as I remember, the only land that Blakes owned was their office in Hoveton. Whatever we may may wish to see from the BA in future, I can't see that it should include them becoming major land owners. It seems we already have the RSPB for that!
  5. It's All Richo's Fault!

    I have just read this disgracefully shabby and in-accurate piece of Sunday "journalism" in our copy of the paper, bought in France. We only buy the thing because it publishes the week's Freeview TV programmes, and the rest is normally binned without reading, as even the quality of the newsprint is not good enough to light the fire with any more. My only feeling about the article itself is annoyance, in that some little person presumably got paid for writing it.
  6. Nbn Meets, 2017

    We shall be sorry to miss you again Liz. There's always next spring!
  7. River Waveney (Warning May contain Trains)

    "Mind ze doors please!"
  8. Fuelling Points

    What I have quoted seems a lot, doesn't it? What manufacturers quote is often a lot less than what actually happens in practice. If you believe what it says in the manual for your electric fridge, you would only fit half the batteries that you actually need! In Crown Blue Line all the boats have hour meters and I can always recommend these on a boat. They give you a great deal of information about your boat's performance. In my case, looking at over 400 hire boats, it gave me the chance to look at a boat's performance in the summer as well as the winter, doing the same cruise, in the same conditions. As the fuel consumption was significantly greater during the off season, I was able to put this down to the extra consumption of the heater. On one occasion, I had to take a boat from my base in Chateau-Thierry, on the Marne, right up through the canals as far as Brussels, in order that it could be used by a film crew. A memorable journey for Susie and I, in mid winter, in freezing temperatures day and night, so we needed the Webasto simply to stop the diesel freezing in the pipes! As this was one of my own boats, I knew exactly what its fuel consumption was, and I knew exactly what it was using, as I was having to carry the fuel from local garages in plastic cans! I also kept note of the number of hours I ran the Webasto. So at the end of the journey - almost a week - the extra fuel used by the heater worked out at 2.5 litres an hour. I admit I am talking about one of the older HL32 Airtop units and hopefully more modern ones are more efficient but I can assure you that sitting in the warm comfort of the saloon of your hired craft does not come cheap!
  9. Fuelling Points

    I went from Stalham to Thorpe, WRC, Salhouse and back in a 44ft boat, used 83 litres and Ricko's gave me more than 50 quid back. I also had to stem the tide on Breydon. Couldn't expect better than that! It is worth mentioning in all this, that a Webasto diesel heater uses 2.5.litres an hour. That is more than a Nanni engine at 6MPH.
  10. River Waveney (Warning May contain Trains)

    Quite agree Charlie but my point was that steam locomotives never had yellow fronts and they still don't, even when preserved ones are running on the mainline. The first diesels (DMUs as well as locomotives) were painted plain green and it wasn't long before they all had to have a warning panel because of several accidents. I can remember them being plain green when they first came to Norwich.
  11. River Waveney (Warning May contain Trains)

    Actually, this is why the diesels were painted with yellow warning panels on the front, as they made much less noise than steam. People were being run down on foot crossings because they were used to hearing a steam train coming from miles away, but they got no warning from the diesels. I think these engines we are talking about used to be the class 37, which used to be called the growlers, because they made a lot more noise than the others. Nothing like a Napier Deltic though - that was a real noise!
  12. Not sure that the Capercaillie is quite the same as a grouse, but I get the point. Otters used to be one of the most timid creatures in the UK. Even the wardens of nature reserves never saw them, even though they knew they were there. Same goes for foxes, which live in towns now, and look both ways before they cross the road. How long before the lynx knows no fear, and starts attacking campers in the highlands? It's all right though, as they already have their own charity - Lynx UK Trust. Can you believe this? Soon there will be adverts on TV : all you have to do is donate £3 a month to adopt one of these cuddly predators and "Fluffy" will even send you a Christmas card. I like the last line of the article : "Imagine how amazing it would be to hop on a bus in Glasgow and be in Lynx habitat half an hour later". Who employs these people?
  13. River Waveney (Warning May contain Trains)

    Nice picture of one of Wards later cruisers, as well. Sea Roamer, if I remember right?
  14. A Laugh And A Tear.

    How close are we to the side, coxwain? Close? If you lean out the scuttle, you can stub yer fag out on the bank!
  15. A Laugh And A Tear.

    Able seaman Goldstream chantin' !

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