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  1. The Peer Review Of The BA

    Sorry, but I got as far as no 2 - recommendations, and realised that this was just American gobbledygook that actually says nothing. About the only one I agreed with was "learn from others". What is "navigating the local government landscape"? And what is a sub regional platform? Was that when they put that sign up on Beccles railway station? I just wonder how much this review has cost?
  2. Personally I would never buy anything that has been extensively fibreglass sheathed. That's about as bad as filling the bilges with concrete!
  3. Changes At Hoseasons?

    What a pity that the "journalist" who wrote this article had obviously never heard of Wally's son Jimmy, who became one of the handful of men who genuinely made the Broads into what it is now, in those early years of the 50s, 60s and 70s. He was a pilot with British Overseas Airways (BOAC) after the war before he took over his father's business and "pinched" their renowned bluebird emblem, which became so famous on the Broads, on the bows of all of Hoseasons boats. A good friend of my father's and a man I came to know well. Such a shame that the EDP nowadays, seems to know very little of Broads history.
  4. In Richardsons hire fleet in 1970, all the same.
  5. My guess would be an Osprey, or a Minstrel.
  6. Broadland Grebe

    Nanni, the mariniser, is French but the engine is Japanese Kubota. So is BA's Beta!
  7. Any Pictures Of White Stuff On The Broads?

    I have to admit, it's raining here as well!
  8. Ghoolies

    Yes, distant relatives to the rare Japanese Oozlum bird, whose habits remind me of the BA planning committee.
  9. Ghoolies

    "And in the next cage, ladies and gentlemen" - who else remembers that song?
  10. Ghoolies

    Ooh me goolies!!!!!
  11. Welcome to the forum, Socrates! You certainly come with the right credentials, with that boat. Remember them well!
  12. Can You Solve This?

    AHA! This is because the Elysian was designed as an offshore boat as well as river boat, so it is a semi-displacement hull. This is probably why the formula won't work.
  13. Rip Christine Keeler.

    The Profumo affair was said to have taken place around the swimming pool at Clivedon, the seat of the Astor family, overlooking the banks of the Thames at Cookham. I am reminded of what is said to be a true story : Lady Astor was one of the first women, between the wars, to become an MP, and she campaigned for a Conservative seat in Portsmouth. As this was a naval town, it was considered in-appropriate that she should be be on her own, knocking on doors, without an escort. She was therefore accorded a senior naval officer to escort her, and he was a Captain, in uniform. One day she knocked on the door of a terraced house in Southsea and a little girl opened the door. "Hello little girl; is your mother at home?" "No, she's gorn shopping, but she said that if a lady called with a sailor, I was to take five Pounds, and give them the front bedroom."
  14. Can You Solve This?

    We recently discussed this in my thread entitled "the kick of the propellor" in the technical section. But Archimedes got there before me - EUREKA!
  15. Rip Christine Keeler.

    I met her a few times in the late 60s, when she moved to Norfolk and had a flat just across the road from the Town House in Thorpe. She was a friend of Alan Pye, of the Cumberland Hotel, and sometimes came into the club bar in the Town House for a drink on a Saturday evening. Sexy lady, she was! I suppose the Profumo affair should remind us that sex scandals about ministers are nothing new!

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