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  1. tjg1677

    1 Week Today

    Hi simon. We have been moored at brundall for just over 3 weeks, prior to that we were at horning. Best move we could have made. I arrived down here about half an hour ago and am sat up on the bridge just chillng out after the drive, its a beautiful evening!! Good luck with the move Cheers Trev
  2. tjg1677

    Brian Wards

    You could be right there in the last two weeks we have been over the crossing about 20 times and at least 15 times it was closed. Yes wards good chandlers got some bits from them last week...excellent and nothing too much trouble.
  3. tjg1677


    KUS marine gauges are very good and not silly prices either. I have used several of them, in fact have 2 rudder indicators and one sender spare if anyone wants them, i ended up using a davis rudder indicator, now they are brilliant.........
  4. tjg1677

    Boat Recovery Options

    Hear hear to that. Boulters are brilliant in fact now i have moved south I have to admit i will miss them. Trev
  5. tjg1677


    Hi paws. Ferry marina horning have some space but they are expensive. Hope that helps. Cheers Trev
  6. tjg1677

    Easter Honours List

    Hook line and sinker there JM, 15 love new balls please............
  7. What about calor gas though, do we do away with positive and negative and just have in and out instead ?
  8. tjg1677

    Hello All

    I thought my diesel was a bit low, saw some pikey swans in flat caps making a getaway on a reed island with a barrell under each wing. Thanks everyone for the input, much appreciated. It was lovely to meet you both today ian. The covers over your windows came loose after you went, we have put them back up for you. Cheers Trev
  9. tjg1677

    Where's Timbo?

    I second that, speedy recovery tim, your blighted views on life cheer me up no end. Cheers Trev
  10. tjg1677

    Hello All

    And yet another PS. I know there is a section on this somewhere but i am darned if i can find it. Now i am a newbie moorer in the south, does anyone have any reccomendations for fuel and pump outs around brundall and ideas of costs. In the north i always used boulters - they were great always service with a smile and had a loyalty card for pump outs too. Any info gratefully received. Thanks in advance Trev
  11. tjg1677

    Hello All

    By the way. Now i have left ferry marina, i have about 9 unused electric cards. If anyone moors there and wants them , make me an offer as they are no use to me any more and i cant return them. cheers Trev
  12. tjg1677

    Hello All

    Thanks everybody. Nice welcome back. I am so sorry Ian i didnt realise that was you, i will look for you on return. Bye for now y'all Trev
  13. tjg1677

    Hello All

    Hello everyone. Been away for a while due mainly to work and personal problems, so thought i would say hello again and update on whats been happening. Moved GK to her new home in Brundall last tuesday, its a bit of a contrast to Horning. Amazed at how few hireboats are out, it looks like silverline have the majority of theirs on the yard still. Passed their place today and i have to say their boats do look top notch. So here we are at our new home at cove marina. Loads of post winter jobs to do , not least of all a really good scrub and shampoo, thats if it ever stops raining of course! Hope to see you all around and about during the season. Cheers for now Trev.
  14. tjg1677

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Re the crane. Normally on ships the swl is calculated by what the crane can physically mechanically lift - less about 25 percent. Ergo 315 kgs even on a swl rating of 300 kgs in reality will not be an issue. Cheers Trev
  15. tjg1677

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Greeting Robin, Griff and team Indy, Just caught up with this as been off site for a while. First of all good luck with the work weekend and Bon Voyage for your trip in Feb. Just had to put my tuppence worth in here regarding fuel and tanks. It is bad marine practice to take a vessel to sea with all tanks cross connected and open to each other. Strongly recommend that you use just one tank to feed everything i.e. center and top up off the others. I speak from bitter experience here, on a small coaster that I had just taken over on as chief engineer, the previous chief had left 2 bunker tanks cross connected and feeding the daily service tank via a transfer pump. We hit bad weather and water got into one of the bunker tanks. Sadly it was one of the cross connected ones so we ended up with 2 out of three bunker tanks contaminated as well as the daily service tank and the main engine and generator. Nett result = total power failure in a force 9 in the north sea, not an experience I care to repeat. Once I had figured out what had happened it took me 2 hours to restore power and a further 3 to restore propulsion. Needless to say it didnt do the fuel injection pumps and injectors much good either. Just a cautionary tale... hope all goes well and you all reach norfolk safely. cheers trev

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