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  1. Broads Food

    Fantastic Breakfast from Scooters........
  2. Two Weeks On Swan Rapide

    So agree with you. we often come out of ferry marina, turn left then moor up on the church mooring if it is free, it is one of the most lovely mooring spots on that particular river in my opinion. Loving the pictures, they are superb and thanks for the write up to. cheers trev
  3. Two Weeks On Swan Rapide

    Cant speak for the hire boats but on GK a few simple modifications and all was well. The inside helm on mine is I believe different to her sisters in as much as that the helm is right up against the port front windscreen, not set way back as I have seen in others. The upper helm was easy to resolve. Have fitted a very comfortable helm seat which sits on the existing moulding but extends out towards the starboard side by some 8 inches, so you actually sit in front of the wheel now. The bowthruster is operated by a remote control worn with a lanyard round the neck, the throttle is within easy reach and I have now fitted a full canopy over the flybridge which allows all weather cruising, as well as a sunshade awning and has actually turned her into a very versatile boat indeed.
  4. Two Weeks On Swan Rapide

  5. Red Ensign Yes Or No

    Giddy kipper flies a small white ensign aft. Should i really do it - no. Do i care- no!. Am i proud to fly it - absolutely and utterly. Dont really see the point of getting overy officious about flying flags on the broads, particularly given than it is an enclosed inland waterway. If it aint offensive and if it makes you proud, within reason fly it. Cheers Trev
  6. Big Changes Ahead

    OK Rob, have managed to get into the survey report now. Doesnt really tell you a lot other than that there is apparently " play " in both rudder bearings, which is unfortunately rather inconclusive. Play is a fairly unquantifiable definition. If the stocks are rattling around in their bearings then, yes, there may be a bit of a problem. What the report omits to elaborate on is a. the amount of play and b. whether it is longitudal or radial. a very small amount of radial play is acceptable in rudder stocks providing that the stuffing boxes do not leak thus allowing water inboard, there is no judder or chatter in the bearings whilst under way and there is no excess longitudal play. This is a classic case of see for yourself and get a second expert opinion on the condition of the rudder stocks and bearings, you may be pleasantly surprised and find that there is no real issue. As I mentioned before, there should be threaded greasers ( the brass T handle type that you turn daily ) feeding lubricant to the bearings and if these have not been turned for a while, it could cause apparent play. If however the stocks are wobbling about in the bearings, then yes you do have a potentially quite expensive problem as the rudder linkages will have to be disconnected, the rudder pintle skegs dropped ( if fitted ) , the rudders dropped and the stocks cleaned and possibly machined and new bushes machined up and fitted. Bushes can be a variety of material ranging from bronze to a material called polypenko, this is a plastic composite common enough on small ships and barges but I am unsure if it would be used on a small boat the size of this one. ahhh did I just mention pintle skegs???? these are lower bearings fitted at the very foot of the rudder and thus hold everything inline. they tend to be fitted to larger vessels with bigger heavier rudders, so there is a fair chance she may not have them and will consequently make the whole job easier..................... Actually , Ignore that , have just looked at the pics and she does not have them. She does have quite dainty rudders though when you compare them to the size of the props, almost disproportianate. So, in conclusion, all we can do at this stage is speculate. It may be something, it may be nothing but all will be revealed when you go and see for yourself. good luck and hope all goes well mate. cheers trev
  7. Big Changes Ahead

    Rob, Given that she is twin rudder, auto helmed and fully hydraulic, i would be very very very surprised indeed if thete are no proper access hatches, possibly even one per rudder. Havent read the full report as yet as icant get it to open on my phone but once i have read it properly and if it tells me a bit more about the rudders, i will get back to you. Cheers Trev
  8. Big Changes Ahead

    Rob, whete is the LJ laying as that looks a lot like hull marina to me. I am just across the water in grimsby, not jumping in to volunteer but if she is in Hull and you need a second pair of eyes, feel free to shout and if available will gladly help. Suspect very strongly that rust streaks are from the portlight fixings, would be very surprised if the frames were the culprit. Re surveyors report, it is always difficult to comment on them until you have seen said vessel and married the the two up but that does seem quite a fair report to me. Reserving judgement on the seacocks but the rudder bearings would be my main concern. That can be an expensive job and it could be a fair assumption that they are worn as the boat has auto helm, these units do tend to wear out bearings quicker than a manual helm as they input more movements than a human if the damper settings are left at minimum. That said it could be (depending on rudder bearing and gland type ) be just a simple case of needing some grease packing into them. Good luckwith the quest
  9. Big Changes Ahead

    Hi chris. Long stroke engines by design are far lower revving ergo giving more torque for lower revs. On a short stroke engine the revs are upped to equal the torque that the ls version would give. Thetefore the lower reving engine whilst having a longer stroke does in fact have a lower piston velocity. Two very extreme examples at opposite ends of the spectrum. A supertanker diesel which is the size of a house runs at less than 100 rpm at full power. A napier deltic can run as high as 3000rpm. Both are two stroke engines incidentally, one very long stroke, the other very short stroke but it illustrates the difference.
  10. The Customer Is Always Right?

    I think your pizza hut family now use the ferry inn Timbo. 3 times i have seen the same family pull a similar scam. There is always at least 12 of them and they always seem to cadge at least a free dessert. Makes me irritatingly incandescent to see thispathetic behaviour and if it happens next time i am there I will be so tempted to make a scene to cause them some well deserved embarrasment..Another thing i despise is when people consider shop assistants and waiters / resses to be fair game for abuse. They just do it to massage an already inflated ego and think they can get away with it. Its just so wrong as unfortunately most of the time they do get away with it and it needs to be stopped.
  11. Big Changes Ahead

    Hi robin. Have been following this with keen interest but so far have been very restrained in jumping in. The important thing to know about marine diesels is that the shorter the stroke, the higher the revs, the lighter the engine then it aint going to last compared to an engine of the opposite qualities. I was in marine engineering for 20 years and saw the old school slow revving, long stroke plodders replaced by the more modern counterparts i.e. cat, cummins, scania, volvo etc. Was this a good move? In a word- no. Example. Small fishing boats in grimsby that had been running engines like Gardner's and kelvins for over 40 years, were persuaded by the new school manufacturers to change to them promising low maintenance costs and fuel efficiency. Did this materialise - no! In fact after anywhete between 5 and 7 years they were looking for a replacement for them. Moral of the story, high revving short stroke engines are bad news in my experience in the marine environment and personally i do not like cats nor cummins for that reason. Yanmars to me on the other hand always seemed to be a reasonable compromise between a modern and old school engine. I know i may sound like a luddite and very old school where this is concerned but 20 years experience teaches you a lot and having seen the shift from the old to the new, it left me quite unimpressed. Naturally in a boat things are diffetent as it is difficult to fit the larger, heavier older engines and i am not recommending any brand here but the principal applies. Thats why beta, nanni etc are successful engines, they are based on tried and tested kubota industrial engines that are designed to run all day long at varying loads and are capabale of sustaining high power outputs for long periods reliably as oppised to an over turbocharged, screaming engine that our american cousins favour. So do my opinions seem biased. Yup - dead rigjt they do and i unashamedly admit they are but more importantly this bias is based on experience as opposed to hearsay but i do emphasise is only my opinion. Just to give you a bit of food for thought mate..... Cheers Trev
  12. Peace At Last

    It was the same at Irstead this weekend just gone. Twice we wild moored and twice there were a gang of yobs on a boat very nearby playing loud music until 3am. When I say load, I mean loud - it drowned out my TV. Saw a couple of HW boats go past about 11am sunday doing about 9mph and with 2 big PA speakers mounted on the Bow, so guess they must be the prime suspects. All I can say to them, whomever they were, is thanks a lot for shattering my peace and I hope your holiday was terrible. rant over. Dont usually react that way but just been doing 10 days of 12 hours straight at work and was so looking forward to a relaxing weekend. I think i will paint my boat grey, register it with an HMS prefix and mount a 4 inch gun on the bow.......... now wheres that registration form.....????
  13. The Norfolk Broads In 1991

    Havent managed to catch the name of the boat yet but that is filmed aboard an Alphacraft 42' lowliner, one of the sister boats to the one I now own. Mine was built about the same time as this video as BB Brink of Day. Nice to see one in action on film........
  14. Shower Pump Recomendations

    Seaflo sump type complete with submersible bilge type pump and float switch. Had one on my narrowboats for years and found it very reliable, quiet and fully automatic as the float switch does all the work for you. About 55 quid if I recall correctly. Hope this helps Trev
  15. Had sunlit horizon 2 last year. I am six foot one and bunks were very comfortable. Headroom not so. Kept banging my head on the doorfdoorframes and could not stand upright in the bathrooms. Otherwise a fine boat. Trev

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