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  1. In the mid seventies, in between aston boats, we hired a very strange looking boat from sandersons, I think it was called sandpiper and if I remember correctly it was a 30 foot woodie. Very odd design, what struck me was the way the cabin front swooped down to the deck and the aft cabin seemed to have a distinct upsweep to it. Unusual design but quite striking and always drew attention. I also seem to recall that there was a smaller 2 berth version too but can't remember what it was called. Cracking boat though and didnt half shift over breydon. Trev
  2. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    In other news - I have secured a lovely mooring on the Broads, not where I originally planned but I will now be in Brundall. Side on, 60ftlong with my own bit of lawn by the boat, perfect. looks like we are going to be neighbours robin, we are moving to a new mooring in the spring , linear with our own lawn and bbq area....bliss
  3. Can You Solve This?

    I did say roughly and what i should have perhaps explained is that the draft used is the mean average depth from the waterline to the turn of the bilge / bottom, ignoring the keel........
  4. Can You Solve This?

    you can actually roughly calculate the weight of your boat using this method. very roughly multiply length by beam by draft and deduct between 15-20 percent for the taper of the bow. whatever this comes to as cubic metres will be roughly the weight of your boat. i.e. GK is 12.6 x 3.6 x 0.33 = less 15 percent = 12.43 or at 20 percent = 11.44. she actually weighs in at just a shade over 12 tonnes so I am told. Archimedes principle at its simplest. Used to do this all the time in marine engineering when adding steelwork to a ship to enable recalculation of draft and stability curves. all interesting stuff... when I replated the bottom of my narrowboat I put an extra 3 tonnes of steel in it, using the above method, I calculated the extra draft. when she was relaunched I was only 6mm out. cheers trev
  5. Ex Alpha Boats To Enter Bb Fleet?

    Thanks for that Vaughan, really interesting stuff that I didnt know. Will have to check for the twist next time I am on her........
  6. Ex Alpha Boats To Enter Bb Fleet?

    You are so right about design quirks Robin. On GK there are some novel features but that said there are also some dreadful ones too, notably the grab rails and lifebuoy holder which both have an irritating propensity to trap and hold water and turn everything green, so annoying. The airdraft on GK is 6 foot six inches, no screen but that is to the top of the forward nav light which is the highest fixed point. Often get under wroxham but never managed potter yet!! Vaughan, is that correct that the old fb wilds moulds were used for the hulls, I wasnt aware of that. Does that include the 42 footers too? Reason i ask is because gk has , well a sort of weird hull design or seemingly so. It is very squat looking with an extremely blunt bow. I know mine is a little unusual in that the bottom is copper impregnated in the layup, i understand that only happened for two years between 90 and 91. Cheers Trev
  7. Anyone Afloat Today

    Wow! And here was me thinking we were venturing into the unknown. Thanks everyone for the replies and info it is much appreciated. Look forward to seeing you all around there next season. Bye for now Cheers Trev
  8. Anyone Afloat Today

    No, dont mind you asking at all. Currently we are moored at probably the most expensive marina in Horning, not by choice but I inherited it when I bought the boat and have been looking for alternatives since. The one I am moving to is Cove Marina. Went to meet the owner in October, really nice guy and nothing is too much trouble, it is also a very pleasant looking place. Met some nice people on the moorings too, so quite looking forward to the move and the new adventure. cheers trev
  9. Anyone Afloat Today

    Thanks for that. More or less my rationale for moving too. Shorter journey being uppermost and the big difference in mooring costs. Looking forward to exploring and finding some nice mooring spots and seeking out some pubs that do quizzes and live music too. Thanks Trev
  10. Ex Alpha Boats To Enter Bb Fleet?

    Indeed they did. My boat is ex brink of day 2. Cheers Trev
  11. Anyone Afloat Today

    Hello all. Have been down to Horning this weekend to winterise GK. It is a task that seems to get harder and longer to do each year, luckily I had my crew to help me. Did all the usual stuff like tube heaters in eng room, drain down fresh water, drain crap from bottom of diesel tank, fill the diesel tank for winter ( stops condensation and therefore water in the tank ), bagged up all soft furnishings, and so on and so forth. had about 25 individual items on the list to do. It was so cold on friday night, there was a hard frost in Horning overnight, managed to keep the boat warm but condensation dripping from the aluminium window frames and onto the bed was a nightmare, if someone could only invent a way to prevent this happening they would have a large market to tap into. We chickened out of another night on board, so spent saturday getting all the jobs done, had a carvery in the Ferry Inn then headed for home. We are moving moorings next spring, leaving ferry marina behind and moving to Brundall. Considerably cheaper, hopefully a bit quicker to drive to from home and more peaceful. I have to admit I will miss my favourite places on the northern broads like wild moorings on the Ant, barton broad, sutton Staithe etc ( will not miss the wacky races at Ludham Bridge when last september I nearly got clobbered by a bathtub coming full throttle the other way just as I got GK's bow into the bridge hole and before you ask, no it was not a hire boat !! ) but look forward to exploring the south and discovering some good eateries. Have already tried the Yare, rushcutters, new inn........all very good, in fact the rushcutters at cantley was a big and pleasant surprise, lovely food and good value too. So GK is now all tucked up for winter, I have someone keeping an eye on her who will visit every couple of weeks to pump the bilges and make sure the tube heaters are still working etc. Then it will be down again in February, get some outstanding maintenance jobs done on her, all ready for the move south just before easter. have a good Christmas y'all and see you about next year. cheers Trev.
  12. Free Heat..?

    In principle it is an excellent idea robin. Have done similar installations on narrowboats with great results except these systems ran off the solid fuel burner. To run it off an engine should be no problem provided the matrix output does not exceed the heat energy that the engine can put into it but with a 6 cylinder engine i cant see that being a problem. You will need a second header tank above the level of the matrix and a bleed vent fitted as close as poss to the matrix outlet. As long as the feed hose has a constant rise and the return a constant fall, then there will be no need for a circ pump. Hope this helps and good luck with it. Cheers Trev
  13. Big Changes Ahead

    Good start Robin and keep up the good work. Re the diesel tanks, somewhere you will have some drain cocks on each tank, these will be situated right at the bottom of the tanks below the level of the fuel take off cocks for the engines etc. With mild steel tanks you always get some settling of water in the bottom and this usually turns into the mess that you describe in the separators. Given that the boat has been stood a while and thete has been the possibility of condensation over the winter months, particularly if the tanks have not been absolutely full, this is quite normal. Personally i drain water off my tanks twice per year and you could be surprised at the yuk that comes out of them. This does not necessarily mean that you have a bug of any sort, just cruddy watery tank bottoms. Put a sawn off 5 litre water bottle under the tank drain cocks, slowly open them up and you may be surprised what comes out. Keep doing this until the fuel runs clean and clear. Highly recommend doing this before anything is run up again just for peace of mind. It is also possible to get this residue analysed to tell you if there are any nasties in the fuel too. An experienced eye can often tell. To the inexperienced eye it can look horrendous and send you into a panic as it really can look horrid but is actually quite normal given how long she has been stood. Hope this helps, good luck with the working weekend. cheers Trev
  14. Big Changes Ahead

    Congrats on your new and very comprehensive sounding acuisition Rob. I like the name independence and god bless all who sail in her. You are dead right what you say about the hvac system, very power hungry and not at all efficient, replacement a definite worthwhile project. It is possible that LPF means low pressure failure which does suggest a re gas. Once you get her out of the water, very interested to hear what everything is actually like, particularly the rudder bearings. Just think what with the upgrades you have planned plus all the surplus gear already onboard, you can have one hell of a boat jumble . Good luck with her and look forward to seeing her on the norfolk waters and just remember, we are all here if you need help with the hydraulic interface...... i.e. the beer fridge. Cheers Trev
  15. Broads Food

    Fantastic Breakfast from Scooters........

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