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  1. Shower Pump Recomendations

    Seaflo sump type complete with submersible bilge type pump and float switch. Had one on my narrowboats for years and found it very reliable, quiet and fully automatic as the float switch does all the work for you. About 55 quid if I recall correctly. Hope this helps Trev
  2. Had sunlit horizon 2 last year. I am six foot one and bunks were very comfortable. Headroom not so. Kept banging my head on the doorfdoorframes and could not stand upright in the bathrooms. Otherwise a fine boat. Trev
  3. Cause For Concern?

    Yup. Complicated calculation involving displacement, hull profile, desired top speed, desired minimum speed, engine output, gear ratio et al. I could probably figure it out mathematically but go to a prop expert and they can figure it out in minutes. By the way, 4 blades much better than 3 for broads speeds. It's akin to having a low ratio box like on a 4 x 4. Great for control.
  4. It's All Richo's Fault!

    Well, you know what it's like Clive, they never report facts............. ...
  5. Some real Bargains there, I figure a few people are going to end up with some real value for their money. In fact I think it is some of the most sensible boat prices I have seen when compared to other yards disposal stock prices.
  6. Pedro's To Expand

    Ferry marina have just announced it officially to all their moorers. They are hoping to be up and running by end of this month.
  7. Skiing On The Bure!

    If it was a Perkins with the radial fuel pump, it was not uncommon for Them to run off and or so strange things.. Don't know the exact reason but it was something to do with a hydraulic governor built into the fuel injection pump. Apparently when they went wrong the most inexplicable things could happen and always ending in the engine refusing to start.
  8. Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    If malanka reads this. Passed you today at ludham bridge it was me waving like an idiot- you looked totally baffled . So greeting again from Giddy Kipper. By the way, boat looks lovely, nice to see her back in her natural environment. Cheers Trev
  9. Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    Wot...and no page 3 anymore????
  10. Balls Or Knobs Then!

    Once carried machine shop swarf when in the merch . We had exactly 72 hours to get from port to port and were told under no circumstances to open the hatches until at our next destination. Very dangerous stuff and carried in bulk at 2000 tonnes, very likely to spontaneously combust due to the oily nature and the sheer pressure at the bottom due to the weight and density of it.
  11. Self Checkouts - Call An Assistant

    Ahh but you could scoop someone's eye out with them. And from quite a distance judging by the length ...... The nanny state is just amazing isn't it?
  12. Eberspacher Help

    Before doing anything check your battery voltage. Low voltage causes shutdown and a green flashing light as I found to my cost in the winter when aboard and had forgot to switch battery charger on- doh! Hth Cheers Trev
  13. Balls Or Knobs Then!

    Nice one Charlie cracking job. Looks the poodles privates now fitted. Thanks again and well worth the cash, highly recommend anyone to buy one. Cheers Trev
  14. Balls Or Knobs Then!

    Rag disposed of, I set fire to it!
  15. Balls Or Knobs Then!

    21.00 hours. Royal Navy time and the RN had provided the basis of some of our finest traditions that our great country follows. 9pm is what you get on a digital watch, 21.00 - ships chronometer - GMT invented in Greenwich for the RN and followed by the rest of the world. Rule Britannia

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