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  1. Modern thin tent material is not very UV resistant and very quickly becomes brittle enough to put your fingers through it easily, as I once found out much my embarrassment at a camping centres outdoor display.
  2. some very good advice given, best bit is check your meter to make sure it is set to DC and test it on a known source. If it still reads the same then meter is duff. Systematically go through the boat starting at the battery, if the readings are reversed at the battery and the battery terminals are on the right way, then I am baffled. if starting point reads ok, from the battery work along every circuit in turn to eliminate the crossover if there is one. A favourite is where circuits are split via terminal blocks, it is not uncommon to find wires swapped over here. You didnt say where you took the original measurement from, that may help as if it was a 12v outlet, they are very easy to get wrong, I have done it myself by reversing the spade connectors on the back of them. 12v incandescent lighting will work on any polarity but led and flourescent lights are polarity sensitive. Motors will run in reverse and electronic equipment will fry. hth trev
  3. Just amazing. I have mentioned on this forum before somewhere about the 1979 fireman strike when I was in a RN green goddess crew in Edinburgh. The traumas these wonderful people witness day in day out is enough to drive you to the brink of sanity. I have long maintained that they deserve far more in the way of respect and salary than they get, I think what they do is awesome having experienced it myself albeit for a short time. The emergency services - I proudly salute you and bless you all!!! There was nothing political about the original post... just absolute fact and it should firmly remain here for all to read. Trev
  4. Thanks Vaughan seems I have got you there lol. So little on the internet about them hence the request here. Ray - Yes Aston were a good yard my brother would not hire from anyone else. I believe most of their more modern fleet were seamaster hulls and mouldings fitted out by themselves in their distinctive way. I wasn't aware of the prior connection, I did a fair bit of time at priors shipyard in lowestoft when I worked for cam shipping in Grimsby, priors did a few conversions from trawlers to North sea standby vessels owned by cam. Small world........
  5. Hello again. As promised from the conniseur thread, I would dearly love to know all about the above Boatyard. Aston was my first ever venture on the broads and ( I believe ) we were the last ones to hire Emerald from Newsons before she was sold. Somewhere at home I still have the wooden nameplate off her transom. The yard manager at the time Richard I think he was called, an ex SPG man, or so rumour has it, was a good friend of my father in law who captained a ship out of lowrstoft and knew a lot of the oulton crowd via the Commodore and the 147 snooker club if I recall correctly. Anyone who can shed any ditties, history or general tale, I will be forever grateful. Thanks in advance Vaughan lol... Trev.
  6. This history is absolutely fascinating, I love it. Am starting a new thread on the life, times and history of two Boatyard that have a special significance to me........would love to learn more about them, one of them being a very old name. Trev.
  7. Love wild mooring and watching the boats go by. Love the kids and adults alike pointing at the boat name and laughing and waving. Love waking up in the morning swinging round the mudweight on a broad with the sun reflecting off the water on the cabin deckhead. Love watching a sailie as it tacks gracefully past us. Don't love day boats for a number of reasons. Going back home and pump outs...............
  8. Good boats Normans, I had a 23 years ago and they are quite well laid up and built.
  9. What do the two blonde's bring? one very memorable night...............................................................
  10. If you have an inboard engine then it is best to fit a proper calorifier heated from the engines cooling system. If you have an outboard naturally you can't heat water from it and this is where one of these would seem logical. Trouble is an outboard has a very low output charging system and would not give enough current to operate one. If you had 3 x 100 watts solar panels then it would be different but 3 panels take up a lot of space. I think these gadgets are more designed as a dummy load for wind turbines to prevent alternator damage when turning fast but on a light load. We used to have a similar thing at sea for putting a 300 amp dummy load on the generator if it was running at light load, particularly if the engine was a two stroke diesel. Trev
  11. Thank goodness for that........he is back in harness, really didn't like the PC timbo, entertainment value restored. Good on yer Tim. Trev
  12. so in answer to a few points on here....... 1. who is worst when going into a chandlers, I seem to have this problem that I am unable to go into one without coming out with something...... 2. La'thams..........guilty as hell !! 3. Timbo - best and greatest idiot that I have the pleasure to know, long may you continue to be that person. 4. MM - a passing aknowledgement as per no. 3 5. Griff for prime minister....... 6. I thought flaming was a posh way of barbecueing......... 7. Been stuck behind a blond in high heels doing makeup in mirror, trouble is she was driving a 44 ton artic and using the wing mirror.. 8. timbo for deputy PM 9. MM for home secretary coat firmly on and running...................................................................................................................
  13. Samsung J5 here. Only had it about 6 months but pleased with it. Had 3 Windows phones prior to that (Nokia Lumia) but found them very limiting and frustrating, the Samsung is far better.
  14. I love a good mystery Bill. If you want to either post the circumstances or pm me, this is something I would love to try to get to the bottom of. I have one theory but need a bit more info and evidence before I make an idiot of myself. Trev
  15. good luck Robin, hope you get the coveted licence very soon. Trev