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  1. Running Engines Are Not The Only Pest!

    There are some people who appear to positively enjoy hearing their pesky little doggies barking. I have owned a dog and trained it myself and it is not difficult to train your dog not to bark incessantly and unnecessarily. I bet that if I ran up and down a quayside shouting my head off I would be quickly be shut up by other boaters. These incessantly barking dogs are nuts and so are their owners.
  2. Running Engines Are Not The Only Pest!

    That's why I always choose wild moorings for overnight or long stay moorings. I just use the 24hr moorings for shopping or pub visits. Its great with no pesky neighbours.
  3. It's All Richo's Fault!

    Also note that The Times used those dreaded words "National Park", how dare they?
  4. What Outboard Do You Recommend?

    Also we have www.saving-old-seagulls.co.uk. I have dealt with this company and they provide excellent service
  5. A Laugh And A Tear.

    The Navy Lark. Priceless!
  6. A Laugh And A Tear.

    Never mind Polly, we still have this forum which is almost as good as The Goons.
  7. Once Again, Don't Bash The Bishop!

    Oh dear. typo again. I really meant "did". thanks MM.
  8. Please Delete Me

    Ah! That is where I got lost, I only read your thread after the original post was deleted. Will you lot please stop confusing me! I was beginning to think I was losing it more than I thought I was (if that makes sense). I think I need a drink!
  9. Once Again, Don't Bash The Bishop!

    I am sure you would be forgiven if you bid bash His Holiness.
  10. Please Delete Me

    I have a feeling that I have lost the plot here. Is anybody else confused? Am I missing something?
  11. Google Earth

    I am almost afraid to use Google Earth. It regularly makes my computer crash and re boot. Does anybody else have this problem?
  12. Otters Spotted

    Otters are fast becoming a regular sight on the Broads. I was speaking to somebody in the Kings Head a while ago and they told me that they saw one bounding along the moorings on the path outside in broad daylight and with people around. On my last trip there were two of them in the reeds knocking the stuffing out of each other, probably a territorial thing. In fact I almost always see one in the morning in a rather nice place where I like mooring (not telling where otherwise everybody will go there).
  13. Tomatoes

    Either train them up long canes or string, pick out all the side shoots and let them go as high as five trusses and then pick out the growing shoot at the top to stop growth. This year I tried another method. I let the plants branch once and trained each shoot up a separate string but I still limited each plant to five trusses. Give them a good feed once a week once the first truss has formed. There is no need to use Tomorite fertiliser, I use Aldi's or Wilkinsons tomato feed which is just as good and much cheaper. I have had a bumper crop from my seven plants this year. Pull off any yellowing leaves with a sharp downward pull and get them away from the plants and trim off any bits of fungus infected plants. I do not use pesticides or fungicides on my tomatoes so a bit of fungus can occur. If you do get a bumper crop tomatoes freeze well and you could try making tomato jam, you would never realise that the jam was made from tomatoes. [Edit] Since tomatoes like an acidic soil I have used ericaceous compost for the last two years with very good results. Happy growing and eating!
  14. Dog Pub Bans Large All Male Crews And Stag Parties.

    Thanks HA.
  15. Dog Pub Bans Large All Male Crews And Stag Parties.

    Perhaps pubs and posters can put on this thread which pubs have banned unruly parties. Then the boatyards can let the unruly element of their customers where they will not be welcome.

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