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  1. Still a bargain!
  2. Fifteen quid! You got a really good deal there. Good luck to you mate!
  3. I can't see how that would change the polarity. Best of luck mate, let us al know how you get on. I take it that you tested the voltage at the battery terminals. If it is ok there then follow the wiring through. You should have a main fuse and then on to a distribution box as in house wiring. Test the input there and see what happens. Check if all outgoing circuits give the correct reading.
  4. If you had a short a sub fuse or the main fuse would have blown, provided you have the proper fuses in place. Otherwise, no idea. Has anybody other than you been working on your electrics?
  5. I have just cooked some Roys' "Top Quality Pork Sausages" £6.25 per kilo and £1.25 per pack of four. I am a bit of a connoisseur of a decent banger and was quite impressed by the flavour, quality and spicing of this product. There was very little fat exuded into the pan from the sausages and the texture was great.
  6. Helen: Its not so much that I am worried about being bitten by the little blighters as I rarely get bitten by mozzies, it is more that they wake me up at night when they attack my ears. The horse flies are a different matter but they do not like being swiped with a towel, however, they do not get into my cabin at night.
  7. Dunno about hot but I had hailstones as big as peas in Wroxham this morning. I was having a post breakfast nap and when it woke me I thought somebody was throwing stones at the boat.
  8. Mozzies are one of my pet hates on the Broads. Why do the bu****s head for your ears? I have lost count of the times I have been awoken from a lovely sleep by these little blighters landing on my ears in the middle of the night. I daren't use insect spray in my cabin as it tends to affect my chest so I have to go on a mozzie hunt with a torch and a handful of towel to squash the little blighters. Otherwise the Broads is ok.
  9. My condolences to the dead and injured people and their families. The thing is that the idiot that perpetrated this attack did not hit the people who were responsible for all the other attacks. He maimed and possibly killed perfectly innocent people. His actions have diverted police recourses away from looking for the real perpetrators of the atrocities. In effect he has helped IS.
  10. Called in there yesterday and the beer was great, the service was great. Keep it up Rick! Thingy.
  11. Deep thankymost for the warnylode. Thingy.
  12. OMG! We are back on the subject of sheep! You lot really do worry me, especially as I like to wear a white fleecy jacket occasionally. Could be dangerous around closing time.
  13. I wonder what an insurance company would make of a claim caused by to a beaver chewing a hole in a woodie?
  14. Wives: I bear no responsibility for any comments on this thread regarding women. I think I may be in trouble here. Help!
  15. That is quite understandable. After all, and I could stand to be corrected by anybody who knows better, No other pubs away from rivers have showers. Keep your eye on the ball Rick, a shower does not make much money and that is what you are in business for. See you soon. Thingy.