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  1. Concorde

    Driving back from Slough to Maidenhead one day I saw three Concordes all flying behind one another it was a remarkable sight. There is still one parked at the BA maintenance sheds at the end of the runway at Heathrow, I saw it Saturday morning from the first class cabin of the BA 777 I was flying in. I had just finished my full english breakfast with tea in a porcelain tea pot and cup. Was a lovely experience..
  2. Reporting Faults On Hire Boats

    I am afraid to say that some boatyards (I only actually know of one) actually did wait for something to break finally before fixing the issue. i.e. no engine oil or gear oil checks between hirers etc. Don't forget those lovely (sic) new fangled weed filters the new engines require. They were often not checked or emptied if checked. Quite a few times as a hirer I have ignored the advice to "not mess with them" and have emptied them and hey presto lovely engine temperature again. Havent hired for seven years now so maybe its all different. I certainly hope so. M
  3. Anti Fowl

    Coming from the losing side mate you can't have many ribs left...800 years of P taking...
  4. Anti Fowl

    He he Timmy, Just to take us completely off bottom coverings. I personally am off to San Diego (work) Saturday, back next Saturday, then Monday off to Vienna (Conference Speaking engagement) and back on Thursday, Friday off to the boat to float on Mals tarry bottom with Fiona, Boris, Monty (who will be 17 weeks old then) and Helena with Boyfriend who we have not actually met yet. There back on topic again... Tarry bottoms rule....And Pavlovs dogs drool......
  5. Anti Fowl

    Boris is our Anti Fowl, and Mals bottom is coated with Tar. Thick gloopy stuff that I leave the professionals to deal with. Every two or three years we take her out and scrape it off and power wash then re-apply, when I say we I mean I pay a man to do it...LOL I have seen the underside of the boat in a one time incident never to be repeated. Holding myself under the boat with my hand on Mals Tarry bottom and I can confirm that even two years old it's still horrible stuff. To go from coal tar to coaL tar soap takes a few chemical reactions (saponification for the technical) and is itself an horrible process involving sodium hydroxide and many bad smells. Practiced many times during ones studies into sciencey stuff. Coal tar soap (the pink smelly one) used to have sand or pummice added to it to make it abrasive too. My dad swore by it but it wrecks your hands. If I wreck my hands these days I just go rub the dog for five minutes and all is well again..no he doesnt smell like a dog, he's an Airedale. Gods own dog... Hi Timmy off piste ?? M
  6. Riyadhcrew

    Jeeez, you have all the luck, fantastic beaches, fantastic place, fantastic people, fantastic job, and now you get a volcano too. Lucky devil. (Tongue in cheek STAY SAFE)
  7. A Little Addition Behind!

    If anyone is interested it was in fact my Maternal Grandfather (H.V Andrew) with the then Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI Billingham) who pioneered the development and use of polymer based products way before a certain US based company managed without the fundamental research done by ICI, to miraculously engineer similar materials...All a matter of public record. My mum had plastic building bricks made by him at ICI in 1936. They were stolen in a house break in before the war .. This remains my only claim to vicarious fame ..lol If you don't count two episodes of "We Are The Champions" in the summer of 1974 with the Lovely Ron Pickering. We won (Beat Joseph Rowntree School) then lost in the final... Ahhh memories.
  8. Dog Poo Bags

    Excellent post smelly. The rise of the armchair warrior is currently unchecked although recent proposals and changes to legislation make "trolling" as abusive as face to face shouting of abuse. To me that's clearly a step too far. I better go hide now before the thought police come to take me away.
  9. A Little Addition Behind!

    Hi Timmsy Whimmsy, Malanka was officially 64 in May this year. There are things on her (I won't say in public forum) that are from the 1920's though as well. Still going strong. With reference to your lovely lecture on form and function (look see how I summarised that for you). I personally would only shoot rapids in a jet boat made of metal. The 40kts power boats you see criss crossing the sea in Thailand are metal too The little water taxis tend to be wooden. The really huge big, massive V8 powered boats are wooden also. All perfect in form and function. Thinking of form over function the Mary Rose is a good case in point. Form and function coming together in harmony is the designers dream. The Spitfire comes to mind, the eliptical wing designed to accomodate the machine guns actually embued the fighter with remarkable characteristics, both physically and in the aesthetic realm too. You about in October for that wine tasting ? Nobody called Timmy drinks beer. Nothing wrong with a good old stereotype or two... M
  10. A Little Addition Behind!

    Methinks some doth protest too much. All materials have their advantages. I'm just waiting for the renewable tree huggers to notice that you can't have polymer resins without fossil fuels.... oops slight disadvantage there. M
  11. Dog Poo Bags

  12. Essex

    But Timmy you look so suspicious in your baggy, faded, green corduroy trousers, five day stubble, check jacket with leather elbows, pale pink shirt sleeves sticking out the sleeve ends, pocket protector(I just know you have one), scruffy hair and professorial look. a more disreputable looking human being doesn't exist outside of shady horror movies. The only give away would be if they looked at your feet and saw those expensive shoes. Instantly YEP... no doubt about it .... drug dealer....LOL A mate always gets on the phone whenever stopped in foreign parts in his car, he says " its ok I'm just calling the embassy". Many times he has been asked to just move along. Anyone else like my word picture of Timmy in his heyday? Timmy do you get the feeling that the Department store story could end up being a BAD IDEA? Ginger Beer anyone....
  13. Essex

    I was born in Rochdale Lancashire: lived in: Rochdale Lancs (19yrs) Coventry (2 yrs) Wolverhampton (2 yrs) Manchester (2 yrs) Maidenhead (3 yrs) Thame Oxfordshire (5 yrs) Maldon Essex (7 yrs) Züllighoven Wachtberg Germany (5 yrs) Lasne Brussels Belgium (7yrs) Muri Bei Bern Switzerland (3 yrs) Got two Essex boys and one Oxfordshire girl. All work or educational moves, some of them not voluntarybut still loved every minute of it. Fiona's is similar before we married and of course identical after that, apart from she lived in Belgium for an additional 9 months to facilitate the middle one finishing his IB. So as you can see from the many posts Andrew we are a diverse bunch. Happy Birthday. We drive 2600 km every round trip to the boat. Takes about 13 hrs one way. M
  14. Signing Out...off 'tramping'!

    I perfected the double declutch downshift many years ago just to annoy traffic policemen and their speed guns. They would point it at me as I approached sounding like a screeming banshee only to see 30mph guv writ large on their LED screens. Happy days. Years later I perfected the drive a foreign car malarky. Belgian was good but German plates are the business, everyone that is looking (not everyone in Essex as we all know) can see the car behind, German plates were guaranteed to clear a path for zee crazy German guy....aka me. Even the boys in blue thought it was too much trouble to stop a German car (way too much paperwork) as an unmarked one past me at about 82 ish mph and a matrix sign popped up in the rear window with SPEED LIMIT 70.... I flashed my xenons and reset the cruise to UK normal rather then German or French normal. "Millie" the sexy lady from Coventry is a different kettle of fish and I actually enjoy driving her slowly (relatively). I am also well aware that traffic cops sometimes just want to have a look and stop you. The customs folks do this as well. "do you have anything you shouldnt in der boot of der car " they said. "Have you seen the size of the boot in this car" I answered. "Yes but you could still have der contraband alcohols in zere", only if I'm smuggling miniatures I thought to myself, but responded with , "no I don't but you're welcome to look if you wish". "No it's OK they said", then suddenly "is zis your car" they asked. "Yes" I replied. "OK then you can go" said the tall handsome one. "I wonder what they would have done if you had said no " said Fiona. "No idea it's a bit random I must say", I replied with thoughts of cavity searches and mirrors flooding my mind. Tim try four border crossings every trip and roaming French Motorbike Duoanes everywhere. For some reason they seem to believe people smuggle things OUT of Switzerland. Incredible.... Cuckoo clocks anyone.???
  15. Dog Poo Bags

    Little Timmy not "huge" big manly Timbo. Or does little Timmy mean something different to you. he he Amazing what you see casually through the windows of boats you know little Tim.. M

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