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  1. Camping Chairs

    No no no straw can't hold refined beverages one needs glass otherwise it drips everywhere.....Who'd a thunk it a straw cup...
  2. Dear All Phil is still there, still doing his usual fantastic job with great service, smile and a generosity of spirit. I am really pleased Malanka is still in good hands. Great to see the location back to its original ownership too. Malanka will be there this coming Saturday morning. She will be receiving some more TLC from Phil before we head out later. Great post lovely to celebrate good news and hopefully the start of a great success story. Now all they need are some bigger boats to really cap it off. Come on you know you want to....Can't beat the marketing power of a Chocolate box location opposite the Museum of the Broads and Vulcan too steaming up the view. I'm such an old romantic....... M
  3. Boats For Sale

    They are beautiful boats and superbly kept. I would not recommend either of them as starter boats though unless you have deep velvet lined pockets, or Doug and Timbo's talent with a saw. The prices are really good but then for woodies that's usually the case. The sting is the toal cost over 5 years of ownership (cost in time and or money), which if you're lucky would be the rough equivalent of a more highly priced GRP design. If you're not so lucky (white Heron / Snowgoose) Both of which were superbly kept boats with a slight, unknown at the time, sting in the tail. There are other things to consider too, mooring location and the type of cruising you wish to do and so on. Whatever they are beautiful boats and I hope they both get new custodians as mad about wooden boats as we are.
  4. Wroxham Bridge

    We always sound the horn and last week it was a jolly good job too. We came through from the upstream side to absolute mahem. Day boats x3 jostling for position, pilot equiped hire boat backing away from the quay (he heard the horn and kept going backwards), another hire boat starting to moor at the quay, hireboat exiting NBD and the trip boat turning into NBD. Was a lot of fun. The horn also alerts the Ghouls and nay sayers who inhabit the riverbank in the hope of a collision or slight oopsie. I like to disappoint them. One thing I would say is never go in so quickly that you can't back out if you need to, better to back out than crash. Our horn always freaks out the dog which in itself is quite amusing but not with so many boats about. We have a routine, "grab Boris " beeep /honk "ok let him go"...LOL Beep and Honk sound so inadequate I must admit to being jealous of Charlie's Horn...Oh err missus.
  5. Camping Chairs

    Yes. Good idea. If windy you can sit in the lee of the boat and be warm cosy and sunbathe. Useful for fishing too but most of all they have a little pocket in the arm for holding beer wine or other cool fermented or distilled beverages. What's not to like.
  6. Bird Flu To Hit Broads?

    A friend from Uni who studied the same course as me oh so many years ago actually works for the monitoring station / program for migratory birds in the UK and they sample bird poop collected from all over the country and test it for many different diseases. Flu being just one of many they monitor. You could say it's a bit of a s**t job actually. If you think about it its quite a responsible job and a really good idea. One thing I do know though the pay is not great... M
  7. 2017 Beccles Wooden Broads Cruiser Show

    do you have big feet and so big slippers too??
  8. Bird Flu To Hit Broads?

    Sorry but so what. Not going to panic about one bird with H5N8 especially since it's a bird and guess what they get BIRD FLU. H5N1 is a different story but that is the link they made saying the virus. Well yes of course all bird flu types are H5 something. Sensationalist claptrap for the Masses. Ok I exaggerate it is the EDP after all. Nothing to see here move along please .
  9. 2017 Beccles Wooden Broads Cruiser Show

    When the heavens opened later in the day ?
  10. 2017 Beccles Wooden Broads Cruiser Show

    OK Fiona and I just have to plan when we get darn saaarf and where we spend Thursday evening. Loads to choose from. Will keep you lot updated. Its fun this stuff. Reminds me of a certain CinC with a big grey boat...lol
  11. 2017 Beccles Wooden Broads Cruiser Show

    Charlie, Doug et al. We will be already in the saaarf before Friday but plan to meander up to Beccles on Friday. If you would like some company we can process up the river to Beccles together, we can hang about downstream till you tell us you're cummin. (we have walkie talkie thingies) No dog, no kids, no dinghy, just Fiona and me! woo hoo. Let us know and we will see what we can do. Martin.
  12. Never Ending Story

    you're welcome. I'm pleased you tried it. That's a most lovely spot when the sun is out. Have spent many hours there thinking about nothing. M
  13. Never Ending Story

    Ok so after two glorious weeks we are back at Stalham not anticipating with any enthusiasm the 12 hrs behind the wheel tomorrow. But we have some very encouraging news. Phil helped me measure ( water tanks almost empty) the air draft after all the new wood had been fitted. Last time we did this after some planking it had a good effect on the airdraft. So plumb line in hand and totally flat water we measured. Six feet six and a half inches at the tip of the pulpit rail and six feet six at the wider part with the vents on the cockpit roof ( roof down) which is such good news I just had to tell you all. I had a hint after doing wroxham bridge at six eight and having bags of room. So Potter will hold no fears for me now. I just have to get Fiona to let me. M
  14. Never Ending Story

    Ahhhhh I see . Should have got that trrrible for a Northern lad M
  15. Never Ending Story

    Grendel mate ??? What ? Put the bottle down xx

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