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  1. Hire Boat Update.

    What's wrong with the totally green large leaf and index finger? Works for the Scouts ...lol
  2. Stalham Wet Shed

    Ours reads somewhere in the region of £2.50...lol Ours only tops up the batteries for the bilge pump, we don't do tube heaters and radiators etc. mainly cos it's a pain in the bottaahhm to get from here to there in the winter. All exciting stuff like curtains and leccy things are removed, she is just a hull at the moment. Got some neat new canvases for the wheelhouse we can't wait to try out though. Inside privacy screens in the same colour and material as the canvases. Last Journey across Europe was last Sunday (yes in all that snow) and it took over 11 hrs to do 886km. Two idiots in RWD cars not knowing how to drive the things nearly took us out in Belgium. The perfect driving experience may well be so but in the snow it takes some skill which they obviously didn't have. As Griff would say "should have been born ooop north melad". Not to derail but watching these loons slip and slide up the slight inclines on the motorway was quite amusing until one of them looses it and flashes across from the on ramp going way too fast outside of a Finish rally and nearly takes us out with a sideswipe. Winter tyres and two tons of four wheel drive saved us. And I was born and learned to drive ooop north to boot. Anyone remember the winter of 1981/2 ... M62 closed hundreds of truckers stranded at the Birch services, 14 and 20 ft high snow drifts.... Our response, figure of eights in RWD cars in the snow filled local tennis club car park....Super fun............ Merry Christmas from Snowy Switzerland (Bernese Oberland) Martin and Fiona
  3. Simpsons Boat Services

    Griff is correct. Gavin is the new custodian of Zephyr with Cesar and Max the lab. His handle here is thasarummun and we look forward to seeing Zephyr out and about after some TLC from Phil and the boys. After the sale of the boatyard Phil stayed and is the General Manager there and silll doing a great job. Gavin will soon get used to everyone knowing what Zephyr is doing..LOL The price of fame ....he he... only kidding, although a shock at first it is incredibly nice that folks take such an interest and in a community like this one you're never far from a friendly bit of advice or even practical help. We consider everyone here to be friends we just haven't met yet. Martin / Fiona and Boris and Monty the airedales
  4. Ellie Smells!

    Tim Tim Tim, Chanel Bleu is a bit passe now mate, Christian Dior Sauvage is now the new "in"one. For the younger ladies Carolina Herrera Good Girl and for more mature tastes the new Chanel fragrance is nice too. Old Spice / Pacco Rabanne / Brut 33/ and anything by Lynx / Insignia just remind me of over anxious teenage years and applying talk where talk should not be applied.
  5. Boat Rescued

    Alcohol and hypothermia don't mix or rather they do all too frequently. For anyone who doesn't know what a pain of ten feels like should maybe try 15 ft of two inch gauze stuffed into a packed wound without the pre-requisite parafin lubricant so it all stuck. Said gauze is then pulled out of the gaping wound inch by firmly stuck inch by a nurse with tears dripping down her face onto the patient. Her (the nurse) pain was defo a vicarious ten. Mine I don't know or care as 150 mg pethidine and an indomethacin suppository placed in situe by said nurse half an hour beforehand was not touching it at all. I don't know what scale to apply all I know is I do not want ever to have that much discomfort ever again. Note to self: Go to the docs before it gets serious you loon.....Or as the doc said pre-admission you Bl**dy Idiot.
  6. Nighttime Navigation - Allowed? Opinions?

    Done the Ant in the dark, done the Bure in the dark, Ludham bridge with Guest Charlie Dolphin at the helm in the pitch black (no moonlight) was fun as it was cold we didn't take the lid down and had to spy the bridge clearance with me perched in the pulpit leaning over the rail to see it. We have two lights in the wheelhouse ceiling, one white light, one red light for night naving. I must say I don't use the red one when moving just in preparation as someone earlier said with the light on you can't see anything. Great night vision but can't actually see out. Last trip out in October we left Ranworth Staithe at 05:45 pitch black and headed back to Stalham to catch our onward journeys. Full crew that time so bridges not a worry with canopies etc. Was magical leaving at that time and slowly cruising along was very enjoyable. Sun came up half way up the Ant so it was magical to see that too. We quite often night nav to Salhouse or Ranworth to drop the mudweight as it doesn't matter what time we arrive, not to be done with dog on board but fun when no animals are with us. The twitchy boat curtains as we smoothly float past moored boats always makes me smile and yes before you pervs all ask I have seen things I would rather not have seen moving at night. My retinas have been burned by bottoms, boobs and other stuff I'd rather not remember. Having my night vision ruined by a pair of glaringly white orbs wobbling in the window is a mind picture I wish to forget. Not seen spanking either though Jenny thank god for that I say too. When we have been out for Halloweeen we have decorated the boat with lights, scary carved pumpkins and other spooky stuff and cruised up and down from Salhouse to Wroxham a few times that was fun too, loads of waving and happiness, spooky music is essential so folks can hear you coming and get the kids out to say hi. Just another way to enjoy the rivers and have shared fun really.
  7. Hopefully Malanka, Martin and Fiona, plus who knows. Saturday only. We would be up for a CinC Doug ....
  8. My Day

    Hi Steve, docs think it could be as a result of pneumonia which I have had three times . Once really badly with lungs filled with fluid 80%. Not good and it damages the lungs, had gluteraldehyde too ( tegodore) and exposure to asbestos when I was a child . So everything crossed it’s just calcified lumps. M
  9. Flipping Larch!

    It's me again getting technical. Technically the controlling factor in tree growth is water availability not temperature per se. In hot climes if no water da tree no growin.... In cooler places da tree growed at max for temp if lot water ...lol Dats why dem treenometers for temps is BS ooops. They made big assumption lots of da water..... and we all know that's standard every year isnt it....Oh dear facts getting in the way again.... never mind ...lol
  10. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    Once had to do that with a Fiesta XR2 the fiesta unit was a fortune. Went to the factors supplying ford garage and the transit unit was cheap as chips . Guess which one I bought M
  11. How Square Is Square?

    Round our way that's called a tea tray..LOL
  12. How Square Is Square?

    Tim me old mucka don't forget five cuts is five slices the thickness of the blade to be subtracted from the length. Otherwise your last bit will be short..LOL And oh high panjandrum and font of wisdom... This aint America hunny its maths.......... Let's leave "bustin some moves" and that's a "ballin" car and stop "flossing" to our cousins across the water please. FYI Flossing does not refer to teeth... Drives me nuts ...lol Going there in another 15 then 36 days... grrr. The department of no sense of humour knows me by name in San Diego.... M
  13. That Dredging Question?

    "The other reason is simply hydraulic. The principle of hydraulics is that you can't compress water. A volume of water will always be the same volume, wherever you shift it to" Unfortunately this whilst totally true is not totally accurate. Almost but not quite the full banana. Water has a density coefficient which changes with temperature and salinity. So water of one temperature profile of a particular salinity will have one density whilst water of a different temperature and salinity will have another. This profile is the reason that life exists on our planet pure and simple. Water is at peak density at 4 degrees centigrade, all water of the same salinity of different temperature profiles will be less dense. Thus complete mixing which is where the compressability issue sits is not 100% in play. Water of different salinity and temperature is stratified not fully mixed at all so allowing diffent layers to flow over and arround or under water of higher or lower density. That's how submarines hide using thermoclines in the oceans. (sonar will not penetrate between layers too well) Sorry to be a pedant. M
  14. 43 Years

    Super. Silver next for us...
  15. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    Big BMW Big AUDI big VOLVO drivers who pull out in front of you forcing you to break then travel 60 m up the road to turn either left or right... Grrr. People who forget that the answer to every situation on the road is not always to BREAK..... Unrestrained children in cars Badly packed cars going on holiday (we play spot the badly packed volvo..) Speeders on residential streets. Anyone without a sense of humour The fact I can't float on my boat 300 days a year yet... (note the yet) Folks who forget that communication is not just words and that some of us are trained to read the other 93 %. (met some with Boris and Monty at the Holiday Inn Express, their body language, facial expressions and tone of voice to me although "spoken" at their 6 yr old little girl was a study in prejudice. If you don't like dogs don't communicate that to your children and don't pick a dog friendly hotel....) Imagine the scenario. Boris and Monty surrounded by one vet, two other adults and four children all cuddling them with tails a go go. Three other dogs within 10 feet all getting along swimmingly and all calmly sat being cuddled petted and otherwise being doggies. Angry (with whom) aggressive (why) father comes into reception and loudly shouts "come away" to their little six year old princess, (she hadn't actually moved from his side one cm as she was hiding behind his legs) chocolate all over her face, filthy dress, socks half down and teddy clutched protectively to her chest. The pastoral little scene descended into chaos as the kids jumped back, the adults backed off and Boris and Monty stood up. Other dogs barked (they were very small) and the rest joined in (even a service dog gave one small woofle). The one who didn't move was the vet. The stare he gave the father was epic... Made me smile. One wonders at whom was the little demonstration aimed.... I hoped it was me as I didn't care....Boris standing up is quite a sight.

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