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  1. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    I said to Robin I’ll try and get down and see you all and say hello if you overnight at Brighton as I’m only 20 mins/half hour away
  2. i took the measurements off a previous hard copy of the NBN calendar I was supplied, so layout is verbatim that layout, as I’ve learnt from many years of working in the design industry one cannot please all the people, all the time, sorry it hasn’t hit the mark for you.
  3. Which Boat Is This Please?

    Aqua Light? https://www.herbertwoods.co.uk/boating-holidays/our-boats/aqua-light.html
  4. Which explains perfectly why I'm divorced!
  5. Hopefully everyone will be happy with what they see! Thanks for allowing us to do the job
  6. The Ship - South Walsham

    Less road walking though I’d say
  7. The Ship - South Walsham

    Went here when we were up in October, great pub and very friendly staff!
  8. Changes At Hoseasons?

    I think this is the thing with the 'agencies' such as Hoseasons etc, they have access to marketing knowledge, budget and clout that an independent yard might not have. Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click advertising are quite tricky things to master if you don't know what you're doing, and can be very costly if you get them wrong. Granted with Hoseasons you are sharing the marketplace with several other yards, but the market itself is much more visible, ergo larger. Beds On Board was something I was going to mention as well, a great idea, but the uptake has been pretty small, so it's actually quite tricky to find one where you want one.
  9. Still In Shorts

    When I worked in a motor bike shop whilst at uni we used to get a lot of 16-17 year olds coming in, never wore gloves. I’d say to them “why don’t you run down the road, then fall over and put your hands out?” They’d always reply “because it would hurt” to which I’d make the comment “if it hurts at 6mph, what do you think it will do at 30mph? Now, go and buy some gloves...”
  10. Changes At Hoseasons?

    I believe the reason it’s called Air BnB is because it originated as a way for aircrew and cabin crew to ‘house swap’ on layovers
  11. Wd40 As A Wood Preserver

    I’m a big fan of GT85, smells much nicer!
  12. They are due on press this week, last week of the month is silly busy for us, as we print a lot of local magazines (the A5 things you get through your door) so they are on this week, after which they’ll be winging their way to JA, then onwards. It’s been a pleasure to be involved with.
  13. Still In Shorts

    Definitely part postman
  14. New Member

    Hello and welcome, such a great variety of folk on here I’m sure you’ll find your niche!
  15. The Chase

    Also, technically they’re wind pumps aren’t they? Not wind MILLS?

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