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  1. Big Changes Ahead

    Definitely been some sort of leakage on the fitting as there is some corrosion on the base of the 'swirl pot' (sorry for the wrong terminology, it's what it looks like to someone like me who is used to 'tweaked' cars)
  2. Big Changes Ahead

    In reality, what's an extra 100 hours, an extra 2 weeks of cruising? I really wouldn't stress about it, those engines will go on for years and years, especially if they've been well looked after, I would presume (and I may be entirely wrong here) that you can take some sort of third party cover out to protect yourself in the event of a major expense, much like you do when you buy a used car privately or for that matter from a dealer?
  3. Big Changes Ahead

    Exciting times Robin! I'll be expecting a feature length Captains Blog comparable in length to Lord of the Rings if all goes ahead
  4. Pretty Looking Woodie On The Bb Webcam

    I think I'm safe on the next trip, got Brinks Omega booked, however after that hiring may be less of a problem if plans come together!
  5. Day Boats In London

    Whilst responsible, can't help thinking that is going to put folk off. whilst in Tuscany a few years back we went on a day boat trip with some friends on Lake Trasimeno, granted we had a guy helming for us, but they honestly couldn't have poured any more wine and prosecco down our necks, I don't know where they kept it all, glass was never less than half full for a good 4 hour trip.
  6. Forum Logo And Flags

  7. Mtb 102

    Oh trust me, I'd absolutely love to go out on her. She's amazing even with the current Cummins(?) motors, I was just reminiscing how awesome she would have sounded at full chat (wasn't that about 40 knots?) with the original petrol/avgas motors!
  8. Mtb 102

    RTTL2757 at RAF Hendon has always interested me, a 'crash' boat powered by two 1700hp RR Sea Griffons (a kind of marinised Merlin) built by Vospers, which would have been an amazing bit of kit... fuel bills must have been apocalyptic though
  9. Mtb 102

    It's a proper bit of kit isn't it! Would've loved to have heard it on the original engines though!
  10. Pretty Looking Woodie On The Bb Webcam

    Trying to do anything inside a Brinks Sonata is virtually impossible. It was my first broads boating experience, being 6'3", there was two of us, plus a dog for a week, in hindsight it wasn't the most inspired choice of boats. I don't think I ever actually got inside the heads, certainly never managed a shower, used public facilities with swimming shorts, which got some strange looks, even from fellow boaties... still clearly enjoyed it though as I've been back ever since!
  11. Pretty Looking Woodie On The Bb Webcam

    I think I saw the steamboat at Stalham staithe, trying to moor up/turn around in a Brinks Sonata on my first Broads trip!
  12. Nice looking boat, Presuming a launch or day oat given the size, I seem to recall having seen something similar in one of the wet sheds heading Horning direction from Wroxham?
  13. Rip For A Wonderful Lady

    Sorry to hear this, as a relative newbie, I've never met you, but my thoughts are with you, and I'll raise one to Frances this afternoon after work. J
  14. Big Changes Ahead

    Ems and I looked a 90' static barge in Devon a few years back moored off the back of Chivenor air base (I call it an airbase as that's what it was when I lived just up the road, aged 0 - 4yrs) but unfortunately couldn't secure the funds at the time, I think we will end up on a houseboat at some point, we both love boats, both love Devon, and for my work, it doesn't really matter where I am as I just need an internet connection. Ems is an office manager/planner so she could also work anywhere within reason. The idea of no rent (or at least minimal moorings) no mortgage, potentially no council tax and being able to hop into a butty boat to nip up the river to Tesco really appeals! Best of luck Robin, if you want it to work out enough, it usually does!
  15. Wind Overnight Warning Upgrade

    Ah, maybe, she just mentioned she was in in East Sussex in an earlier post, hence my confusion!

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