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  1. JamesLV

    Silverline Wisper

    Barnes and Faircraft from memory usually want £35/week, for us we wouldn’t go away (unless flying) without our lad, and £35 is about half the price of kennels, so double bonus really.
  2. JamesLV

    Car Is Packed...

    A lovely spot in the afternoon!
  3. JamesLV

    Diesel Emissions.

    I could be (and fairly likely am) wrong but I thought all the big ocean going boats (container ships, ferries etc) had to be fitted with ‘scrubbers’ these days to bring the emissions down? This was, I believe, one of the main reasons Brittany Ferries was decommissioning some of their older fleet (which they’re now not)
  4. JamesLV

    A Bite To Eat

    I had to add all the ‘non-plates’ as living just outside Brighton more or less anything goes...
  5. JamesLV

    A Bite To Eat

    I tend to favour the theory; does it come on a plate (also plank/slate/insert other non disposable culinary substrate here) if yes then it’s not fast food, this does get blurry though when you get a burger, or fish and chips at a pub, but no rule is infallible...
  6. JamesLV

    A Bite To Eat

    Big fan of the Bridge at Acle, nothing out of this world, but just decent pub grub, decent portions, sensible pricing and a great welcome, we will be making a point of stopping there in October, also rated the Lion @ Thurne, so will be heading there too, and hopefully the white horse @ Neatishead this year as the tide times are slightly more favourable for Omega and Ludham Bridge...
  7. JamesLV

    Lads Week

    Griff, you’ll have to let us know your itenary nearer the time and we’ll try and coincide somewhere along the way, presume you’ll be heading South? We’ll be staying North, but sure our paths will cross.
  8. JamesLV

    Lads Week

    Exactly what I was hoping, we’re up on Omega again 6th-13th, so will hopefully see you about!
  9. JamesLV

    Lads Week

    Did a quick search, but didn’t see it, when is ‘lads week’ this year?
  10. JamesLV

    Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

    That and it’s ‘sister’ boat the titanic have been up for sale sale for a fair while, can’t possibly think why...
  11. JamesLV

    Trixie (Rascal's Fleet)

  12. JamesLV

    To Survey Or Not

    Can’t speak for a boat, as I’ve never brought one, but in terms of houses, never had a survey done, didn’t see the point, House had been there for 200 years in that instance, hadn’t fallen down, and I have a useful network of friends who cover most of the trades, so should something untoward come to the surface, I’ll make the most of what I have and deal with it. I guess it’s similar to Robin’s situation where he knows what he’s looking at, and has a network of friends who can help him if it goes wrong. Also, small matter of the fact it’s his money, and therefore his choice. The building surveyors I know have so many get-out clauses in their contracts, they can walk away from pretty much anything anyway.
  13. JamesLV

    Trixie (Rascal's Fleet)

    So technically that’s now 4 boats, 1 more and you’ll be half the size of Broads Boating Co!
  14. JamesLV

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    I'm sure this has probably been thoroughly investigated, but I wonder whether the controllers are out of sync with each other and need recalibrating/resetting. I know this happens on car electric windows from time to time (not an entirely different set-up really) as they have up/down (forwd/aft) and you can have multiple switches operating the same motor (think drivers side control, operating pass side, and rear windows). Just a thought, as I say I'm sure it's been investigated already. I had to reset the windows on one of my cars the other day, and it struck me it was a similar sort of issue.
  15. JamesLV

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    I need to catch up, still only half way through part II, the printing Industry having been at a stand still more or less since November has gone mental this last couple of weeks (at least for us, sadly not others as we lose yet another few from the landscape). Like the name of the rib, my grandmother was always known as Peggy, despite being called Marguerite Ellen, never knew why...

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