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  1. Londonlad1985

    Groupon Warning.

    In the interests of transparency following the phone call, the pub has been back in touch and advised that I can use the Groupon but not book a table. However we've now made other plans. I'll persue Groupon for the refund.
  2. Londonlad1985

    Groupon Warning.

    I totally see your point and the pub's I just wish they'd advertised it as such. I wouldn't have booked it. I only visit the area a few times a year. It would have saved us £70 (8 meals at 50% discount)
  3. Londonlad1985

    Groupon Warning.

    It's a discount scheme that relies on many people making a booking which enables the vendor to offer a discount when purchased in advance. We'd bought 8 2course meals at half price.
  4. Londonlad1985

    Groupon Warning.

    I endorsed a pub a few weeks ago and recommended the Groupon in a thread. However just had a bit of a surprise phone call saying my booking and Groupon will not be accepted. I had booked the table for this Friday and mentioned the Groupon on the booking when I called for this about 3 weeks ago. My booking was accepted. I booked for 2 parties with 2 Groupon (separate boats and parties and groupons booked by different people...we will be cruising together). I was telephoned this afternoon to say the Groupon is not valid on bank holiday weekends and I'd have to move my booking. This is not in the small print. The only restrictions mentioned are Christmas and New Year. So this is a word to the wise if you have the Groupon and it looks like they will be busy and not need your custom then they might Welch on the deal. This is a poor show from the pub and my very favourable trip advisor review from My last visit has been read 6000 times. The next review may not be as gushing.
  5. Londonlad1985

    Howdy Everyone

  6. Londonlad1985

    Spring Gathering May 2018 - Names here, please

    Have a brill time everyone!
  7. Londonlad1985

    Hello I’m New Here.....

  8. Londonlad1985

    Diesel Emissions.

    I think the marine industry will have to catch up. If the science can be believed diesel emmisions are extremely toxic. My windows get coated in a black soot every month. I assume as there are few coal fires around this comes from the internal combustion engines on the A13 300m away. I seriously believe in years to come the busy main roads that run through large cities now will be seen in the same light as the disease and death spreading open sewers from the 17th and 18th century.
  9. Londonlad1985

    Herringfleet Moorings

    Why are the Broad Authority putting up signs like that anyway? Surely it's not their responsibility to mark private land as such.
  10. Londonlad1985

    One For Privateers.

    Looks like great fun!
  11. Londonlad1985

    My Day

    Day 2 of the RYA course done. Helmed a crewed Bosun round some buoys, scattered a kids birthday party of windsurfers and even managed a Norfolk Broads connection...the sail on mine today was made by Jeckells. Now I've got to find the time to keep it up!
  12. Londonlad1985

    Restoration Of Judith

    New phone and fat fingers!
  13. Londonlad1985

    My Day

    Rag and stick you say?? let's see what all the fuss is about!! I've just returned from day 1 of the RYA level 1 start sailing course. Thoroughly enjoyable day pootling around Millwall Dock on an ancient Bosun. I can highly recommend the Docklands Sailing & Watersports Centre friendly staff and a good facilities. Day 2 tomorrow! 3 rivers race next!
  14. Londonlad1985

    Restoration Of Judith

    Another restoration thread to follow! Better than Challenege or Quest or what ever the TV channel is called now.
  15. Londonlad1985

    Diy Sos (forum Style)

    Looks productive so far! I hope you're relaxing tonight. "all work and no play" and all that!

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