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  1. Changes At Hoseasons?

    I booked with Hunters through airbnb in the summer and I've used them loads for city breaks. It seems like a good system. I don't think it would do Hoseasons any harm to modernise a bit. It could introduce a new raft of potential tourists to the broads... of the more tech savvy types that may not have heard of Hoseasons.
  2. Hire Boat Update.

    The amount of bog roll they give you on hire boat i wouldn't be surprised!
  3. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Don't suck it up. We live in a country that regulates energy and trade. And Robin knows his stuff. Don't let people walk over you so easily.... question everything check every fact and figure. There is always someone willing to take your money. Don't let them do it without a fight.
  4. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Blimey! That's a whack. Do you get a price per unit? As the marina are charging for electricity are they governed by ofgem? can you challenge their rate?
  5. The Chase

    Blimey! Surely that's official confirmation then! Bradley Walsh only deals in facts!
  6. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    When i withdrew some cash to pay for some building works I'd had done, the cashier asked what i wanted it for?! I asked why she wanted to know she said it was for anti money laundering rules. She said she had to put something in the box on her screen. I toyed with the idea of telling her is was for a surface to air missile system for the roof but thought better if it. I must admit I wouldn't know how to launder money anyway I've never got the hang of the washing machine but i wonder if anyone planning on laundering money would tell the bank cashier! (Sorry slightly off topic but I've typed it now) Keep up the good work Robin!
  7. A Gift From Hoseasons ( A Long Time Ago)

    ^oh dear. Error**
  8. A Gift From Hoseasons ( A Long Time Ago)

    Fantastic! The grammatical errors is great! You somehow associate slipping grammatical standards with the internet age of talentless celebrity....Just goes to show! ;)
  9. New Member Saying Hi!

    Welcome! Sounds great! Can't wait to hear about your adventures!
  10. Hello To All - Newbie To Nbn - And Wooden Ownership...

    Welcome! More Londoners ;) can't wait to see some pics!
  11. Dockless Bikes In Norwich!

    If you look at any city that has mass cycling you get a messy mass of bikes at key destinations. I hope British local councils and the public accept this if they want mass cycling! (I think mass cycling is a good thing)
  12. Dockless Bikes In Norwich!

    Amsterdam's hire bikes are relatively unsuccessful due to high private bike ownership. They have many hire shops that hire bikes for tourists. I think it's great that you get piles of un locked private bikes at station during the day and come evening they they are all gone and the systems mostly just works. It's similar in Copenhagen.
  13. We Need Some Serious Help !!

    I think the same could be said of many holiday destinations to be fair. Which i suppose is why many people choose to visit a few weeks a year rather than live there. I must admit the thought of a winter break afloat is appealing though!
  14. Thank You To London Lad

    Thanks Andrew. It was my pleasure.
  15. Dockless Bikes In Norwich!

    I know Joe the UK boss and as this is a disruptive technology i think they are quite nervous about early government intervention as there is little legislation for these types of schemes at the moment. There will be no outer limit on where the bikes can be taken. However app users are disincentivised by a points system. The green boundary (attached) is the outer limit for the points system.

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