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  1. Stalham Wet Shed

    I suppose it depends on how long the OP intends on staying in the wet shed
  2. Anyone Fancy A Little Project.......

    Not much of a size difference there then Colin . Yea its a lot of boat for the money but could be a lot of problem's too , I'll bet is sounds superb under power with twin Detroit diesels , sure would hack a lot of folk of mooring that at bramerton but so much fun being the biggest thing there
  3. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Robin that pipe you found behind the little doors In the bed structure that seams to go from the bottom oif the water tank to the top , it looks a clear pipe to me but I'm struggling to see it properly but if it is clear you might just have stumbled across the level guage for the water tank , like you point out its similar to a balance pipe except vertical and if both valves are open the level in the pipe will correspond with the tank level , other than that I can't see any reason for the pipe being there , there will be a valve on the outlet to the pump no doubt at all and should be at the tank or very close to it . Fuel wise that could be diesel bug being hazy n all but its as you know treatable , engine wise oil filters n impeller changes defiantly before heading out and as yiu quite rightly point out pump and alternator belts too they age harden stuck in the same place which is why they should be removed and stored in a dark place when the boat is winterised same with the impellers , gen set service is as you say very important for both power and heat while at sea and belt n braces have spare impellers , belts and filters with you and knowledge of how to bleed the fuel lines after changing a filter if its not an electric lift pump which I'd be very surprised if it isn't in that case you just crank it till it goes . See there you go I can spend your cash for ya , but seriously its better to have spares + if you've got them it makes ordering others easy from the parts numbers .
  4. Boundary Farm Replacement Moorings

    Exactly ,,,, as always use the right tool for the job , the problem is the catalogue is open and certain people can't see beyond the shiny shiny new tool , ask those doing the work to begin with what's req it will be a far different answer to the guys in the office , chainsaw use is not dangerous in anyway but chainsaw miss use is completely dangerous . Maybe BA will buy a helicopter too to drop the excavator into position on the river bank because it can't get there any other way ! , Enter the team with the chainsaws !
  5. Boundary Farm Replacement Moorings

    The tree cutting equipment it was referring to was the hydraulic shears which to me because they are hydraulic would fit on the new excavator as an attachment , how effective they are is very uncertain as the excavator has to be able to get access safely , to me its bonkers that type of equipment is for mass forest management not a few trees for who h a good chainsaw has worked perfectly well for a very long time , will it make the authority more efficient at tree management ? To be honest I very much doubt it in fact I can see it slowing the process down and huge problem's with access , my vote is a waste of resource's and wholly unnecessary . More surprising is the mass plantation of trees at whitlingham of late , probably as many as have been cut down over the last few yrs
  6. Boundary Farm Replacement Moorings

    Its ridiculous that the rubbish situation hasn't been resolved the broads ate a place of beauty not landfill all party's need to get there act together and quickly throughout the broads . As for BA coffers well om sorry but they must have some spare they always find it for other things ! + there's a reserve form the extra income from the hire fleet that they didn't expect or calculate for , the 3% rise is supposed to be for better facilities , so instead of buying lots of tree cutting stuff how about get the fundamentals right first .
  7. Lifeboat & Santa Rescues Dog

    Great to see a happy Christmas story with 2 happy endings , well done life boat team
  8. Broadland Grebe

    Actually broadland lapwing has a Nanni in it , and while I stick with my BMC 1.5 I know it or spares will not last for ever + beer room is highly important . I remember grebe when her pervious owner's had her n yep she sure did hiss n sound like and look like she was steam powered . Having worked extensively in the past on lapwing iv a huge amount of affection for ripple craft boats . I always either blame team dog or team pigeon if thing go slightly wrong , I mean how could it possibly be my fault .
  9. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Maybe the keyring version is to serve as to remind him to clip the full size blue fender to the key ring before he leave's the boat ? That way the keys are safe and there's no danger of forgetting them on a bar or such like + everyone knows who you are bit like a big name badge really
  10. Salhouse Cafe Dispute.

    Shame they concentrated on mostly the staring aspect of the case to me its much deeper than that , interesting though that since this when national the complainant's trip advisor ratings etc have dropped so clearly there's some backing for the accused .
  11. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Yes yes yes and that's from some one who 10 yrs back took a marina to court for over charging so I'm well versed in the law regarding electricity re sale and nothing has changed law wise from then to now , however when I came to renew my mooring suddenly it was unavailable and I got the standard agreement 28 days to leave , all that for standing my ground . The situation with BA was completely different no one had anything to lose by questioning them , and yes they were proved to be wrong in their charge's which resulted in benefits for all and unbeknown to most I guess on here it was not as reported in another place the actions of one person that changed things no matter how much credit they took at the time !!!
  12. Broad Ambition - The Model

    What didn't Griff send you a chart to tick off every procedure ? Shame on you Griff shame on you , still an extra coat is no problem at all
  13. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    To be honest since Robin needs the marina's blessed for him to get the contractor on site to sort out his boats fuel issues then making an enemy out of the marina is a seriously bad move , had he no need them to give their blessing to said contractor then I would have said defiantly go and challenge them re the bill for electricity but that not the case here if he does they they are quite within their rights to not allow outside contractors onboard his vessel a d then he has serious problem's .the last thing in the world i would personally promote is people not investigating their rights but in this case even my head strong self can see that could well be a very foolish thing to do .
  14. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Marina's have always been more expensive than say electric posts provided by BA or CRT etc , even at BA rate's after the major overhaul last yr which there was a lot of muttering about its still £45 ish , obviously one has the right to demand to see exactly what the marina pays per unit , however that's one very good way of getting the wrong side of them which could mean they refuse to let outside contractor's work on your boat and since that's quite obviously required right now its probably best to just suck it up as are American friend's say .
  15. Nighttime Navigation - Allowed? Opinions?

    Yea happy house warming John

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