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  1. Tolls - Speechless

    Yep I'm stopping here , I did live aboard on the canals on this boat but when I chose to relocate I decided that it wouldn't really fit in at 57 feet long and be difficult to find Mooring's hence I sold her even though she was only 5 yrs old .
  2. So You Want To Live Afloat?

    Na I'd not say that to anyone , short answer is yes I move around , iv only above PH bridge to do then iv covered it all really , that said I mostly stay south these days as o just can't do with the bun fight's over Mooring's in summer on the northern rivers life's too short for that . Story wise yep I've a few now , one thing I will say is every day is different , and as I love nature being right amongst it is to me an enormous blessing , one thing I've learned a lot about and that's how to set up for living afloat as its very much different to occasionally use especially in winter , i still come out to play ( work ) as a contract joiner now and again but the balance of work to life is very much more important to me these days . Other than that if you play by the rules then you tend to get left in peace here , but occasionally you get resistance sadly that's more from forums than BA , but not this forum I hasten to add . Me in a house ? Er I'd be kicking n screaming that's for sure .
  3. Tolls - Speechless

    Totally agree with that , o could go on the canals and pay double what I do here but iv 2000 miles of network and can moor on any bank for up to 14 days mostly because CRT own the banks where as BA dont .
  4. So You Want To Live Afloat?

    How did you guess , yep 12 yrs now 8 of them on Norfolk
  5. So You Want To Live Afloat?

    That probably because living afloat is complex , it shouldn't be but some folk make it harder than it should be .
  6. Tolls - Speechless

    Why would it they have said they can maintain existing services with a below inflation increase , and besides they have admitted to being in a better than expect position financially so why not give boater's a break for a change , if I remember correctly inflation last yr was a third of the same time this yr , mostly to do with rising costs that all have to endure boater's or not , but the fact is BA have gained and its high time that gave something back .
  7. Big Changes Ahead

    All I hope is I dont dream of spend near 11k on battery's
  8. Big Changes Ahead

    Forget the amount of batteries the cost must be amazing
  9. The Authority Oversteps The Mark?

    Both great and little broads at whitlingham have had a loss of life as had the gravel out at Thorpe marsh's , Thorpe marsh's are cordoned off now as I believe the little broad is a whitlingham although the canoe club do use it as where they are is I'm sure the only access point , the great broad is used for water sports via the outdoor centre and also open swimming , after the tragic drowning at Thorpe marsh's BA did an immediate check on the great broad most likely due to the public having access , and new signage was installed . Im not so sure that the great broad is only as deep as any other broad I have been told in the past it very deep in fact the fire brigade use it also for diving training , that said there have been far more tragedy's on the rivers between Norwich and Thorpe marsh's .
  10. Would You Buy An Edwina Burgee?

    Yes most defiantly yes
  11. The Authority Oversteps The Mark?

    Absolutely right Peter that is a lot of the problem , thing is its not BA land they do this on which makes it harder for BA to eradicate it , that said they would be interested in the tolls situation of that I'm very sure , even when I was in a marina the only thing that wasn't on my narrow boat was my motor cycle , I have always lived by the rule if it doesn't fit on your boat then you either don't need it or you shouldn't have it , using someone else's land is not an option hence since I have a wood burner my sailed dinghy gets used for carrying fire wood as I'm loathed to store it on land I don't have automatic right to use . Ill admit there are far too many of this type around and hence get others a bad name but by the same token it gets right up my nose that supposedly educated types can't see the huge difference in behaviour , BA rangers on the yare especially leave me alone as they know I don't take the Mick , incidentally those 2 boats were resposable for me not using the wild moorings at Thorpe marsh's any more as I got sick and tied of NWT having to visit the site because of what was happening up stream of where I was , I had whole I was there a very good relationship with NWT and never a problem cos I didn't stay there constantly as not sailing drives me mad , however when this lot that are currently there that's when problems arose and I decided to distance myself every single owner got letter's from NWT including the owner of those 2 boats yet I never got one in 2 yrs of using those moorings on and off . These types will ruin it for everyone if those that call the shots can't recognise the difference between them and other's that respect their surrounding's .
  12. The Authority Oversteps The Mark?

    Totally agree Peter I've never been able to understand why a hire boat that has different crews onboard for most of the yr is in anyway different to anyone living afloat especially those that cruise around to me it makes no sense at all , BA have admitted in the past there are not that many that actually live afloat and most abide by the rule's yet to some at BA and others there seams to be a problem with living afloat .
  13. 24hr Moorings To Become 48hr?

    Ah the biggest misconception of boating in winter " its cold " , it all depends on how set up for cold weather the boat is , yes insulation works as does double glazing but that's only half the story , but hwy iv only been doing life afloat for 12 yrs and in some cases that puts me in the beginner class , take Islander for example I think I'm correct but he and his wife have 17 yrs under their belts this yr and like me are more than happy afloat
  14. 24hr Moorings To Become 48hr?

    Fabulous thanks I have a great boat ie 6x domestic battery's , large alternator ,and battery management system , on a boat that's set up for living afloat and more than capable of sustaining standing alone without shore power for basically a week not a few days , as for the water hoses you will are far more likely to get disease in summer when water is heated In the hose , does make me wonder however as to how on earth that other navigation authorities such as CRT and EA manage to be capable of supplying water to those that are afloat in the winter months especially since Norfolk is mostly warmer than alot of other areas of the country , incidentally if anyone puts water in their boat tank without running of some first they deserve all they get its rule no 1 for heavens sake . As for not encouraging people to stay put for 2 days well some don't need encouragement if bramerton is anything to go by .
  15. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    Ha clearly you have obviously at some point either rung HMRC or any mobile network customer service

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