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  1. The Broads Is Not A National Park!

    Well said , high time someone pointed that out .
  2. Swing Bridges

    I don't think you'll find BA fighting Railtrack as they want them onside , there are a lot of folk moored on rail track land and BA want them moving , hence since BA can't do anything they ask nicely for Railtrack to do it for them and they do especially on the main river side of Thorpe island , when Jenner's was closed off a lot moored there again and some still are , BA did ask Railtrack to get involved again and they did but nothing has happened yet . So there's one plausible reason why BA don't push around Railtrack too much .
  3. Bridge Indicator Maintenance

    I've asked in the past for a ranger to clean the ones at Thorpe on the low railway bridges it got done ( once ) to my knowledge after several times of asking and then they replaced the ones at trowse and put one of the old ones that wasn't there before 3 ft from the bridge , why iv no idea its not readable and gives you no chance of stopping before hitting the bridge if your too tall , all the ones I see regularly are filthy and a there is s suitable brush on the launch , surely as they are patrolling its not difficult to keep them clean , on the faster flowing parts of the system its going yo be a little harder to do and need 2 rangers yo be safely done but its essential maintenance that currently not happening and most can't be read in the daytime ever mind any other time . Totally agree that BA need to address this issue and out of season is the perfect time .
  4. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Victron are very good iv had a voctron inverter n good unit , that said mastervolt also have a system you can add to as you with , the biggest advantage of the inverter you mentioned is the fact it can accept 2 ac inputs more or less all the others only accept 1 input , that said I still stand by the fact if anything happens to either inverter or charger both units are lost while repairs take place hence why most folk use 2 separate components . Best not voice my opinion of flexible solar panels on less they have suddenly got a heck of a lot better recently but as for getting rid of fake brass socket that gets my vote
  5. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    No one gets barred for talking sense surely
  6. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    All marine inverters are quite sophisticated bits of kit Robin ask anyone who's had one repaired as its often cheaper to replace it . There is one thing you could possibly explain to me though , that's why rip out a charger that's working fine and would do with the new battery's just to gain an inverter where a separate inverter would do the job , thing is combining the 2 if one goes wrong and needs repair you lose both items for how ever long it is to get it sorted , just a thought .
  7. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    I don't believe I said he had but he has changed from lithium originally to AGM ( Monday ) to gell today , so I see no harm in mentioning it actually .
  8. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    That was exactly my point in my earlier post while referring to fast charging as its something overlooked when changing battery types as ever single marine charger I've ever seen has settings for gell , lead acid , open lead acid , and AGM battery's and its important to get that setting correct that said never seen one with a lithium setting so advice would need to be sort there I guess , standard alternators don't tend to give a full charge to the battery's but more like 80-90% thats where battery management systems take over by pulsing higher voltage which keeps the plates clean of sulphur just as smart chargers do hence the need for setting up correctly , boat electrics as really a huge subject and there's a lot of information out there from some extremely knowledgeable people some of whom I discussed things with when building my first living aboard boat , it must work iv recharged with a short 1 hr cruise this afternoon from 10 hrs of lights ,+ inverter usage last night + the fridge all day long
  9. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Exactly iv seen it twice n once at very close quarters and I hope not to again its frightening n its not the bang its the acid that scares you + cleaning up is bad news too , probably why battery's are so high on the agenda regarding BSS , a lot of regulations to follow in that instance , for good reason .
  10. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Exactly iv seen it twice n once at very close quarters and I hope not to again its frightening n its not the bang its the acid that scares you + cleaning up is bad news too , probably why battery's are so high on the agenda regarding BSS , a lot of regulations to follow in that instance , for good reason .
  11. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Hang on a minute your buying gell battery's not lithium ones , so rather an unfair comparison really , and its not just mixing battery types that's a bad idea but also capacities in the same bank of battery's . I'm not denying that cells have a place or any other type but they all have there limitations . Battery's are often in difficult to get to areas hence gell and any maintenance free battery is a good idea , but the boat owner has to accept that you can't charge them as fast as lead acid or indeed as fast as AGM battery's , lithium battery's you can charge fast as anyone in the construction industry knows now a days. Horses for courses really but no one type of battery is superior to any other in all areas which was my point . BTW your existing battery's sound to me like they are very much past there best and although this might sound like advice its purely what I would do , and that's replace them asap as the last thing you need is an internal short as that's potentially an explosion n trust me you don't want to be anywhere near that having seen one happen .
  12. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    It largely depends on the charge rate you want lead acid can stand being charged at far higher amps than gell battery's hence the reason to adjust the chargers settings before installation and yve same goes for any battery management equipment . Cost wise not really shocked my entire battery bank would cost roughly the same to replace ie 2x £528 . What will make your eyes water is picking them up they are seriously heavy .
  13. Flying Bathtub

    Yep and I believe the British model flying association have a hand in it too as they have 3 grades of tests of a pilots ability luckily iv all 3 so safe to fly at a public display etc as well as be an examiner, there are some seriously large models about do it no surprise they are basically governed as a microlight as much smaller models have resulted in fatal injury's .
  14. Flying Bathtub

    Which is also governed by the civil aviation authority

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