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  1. Running Engines Are Not The Only Pest!

    2hat we ate actually talking about is bad owner's rather than dogs misbehaving , mines only 2 n trust me he learns new things every day , if he's out of line then I pull him up on it that's not abuse its basically training , anyone who had had a did know full well the push boundary's to get to become alpha be they dogs or bitchs they all do it , responsible owners keep that in check and that's exactly what is wrong with the experiences that have been put forward on this thread be it boat or house , dogs suffer from anguish being left alone , some are better than others , I wouldn't complain about dogs on s car with the windows down as if I see one with the windows up and the dog is suffering then before i ring anyone the window is gone , that said no one has a right to let their dogs disturb others especially in the early hrs. occasionally it happens but once should be enough for a responsible dog owner .
  2. Running Engines Are Not The Only Pest!

    That's exactly how it goes , crazy dogs but really easy to get along with and really quiet but invaded their space when they don't know you n then they make noise
  3. Running Engines Are Not The Only Pest!

    Well as a dog owner a phrase I don't particularly like as to me they are family , Shadow I'd a head strong 2 yr old husky / shepherd cross , he might whine a little ( minute or 2 ) when I leave him onboard but that's it , on less someone gets onboard and I don't mean walks past , he will know someone is passing but not bark or indeed any sound , its as much about which breed as the training but you can train a normally vocal breed to not to be so vocal if u know what I mean . up side is he's a brilliant guard dog , extremely quiet but enter his space ie the boat n well its taking a chance , that said he's more likely to lick u than anything else
  4. To Moor Or Not To Moor?

    It could be the same group I don't know , they weren't rude to me except for perhaps the probably youngest member who spelt out the BA signage one letter at a time so grandad here could understand it ! They were very insistent though that they had the right and done it for yrs , after I left a friend came past them and they were aparantly double moored , refusing to move when a ranger asks you to is not on although I doubt waving the big blue book in their faces would make any difference. I want to point out though its not an anti sailing thing I would have done the same if they were powered vessels and its not for me to police the rivers , I'll try and point out thing to people in case they arnt aware but that said there seams to be an elements that think they can do just as they like , slightly off topic but on Sunday a group of medium size cabin yachts and a couple of motor vessels went up the yare past carrow yacht club and quite a bit further up to the fields behind , anyone who knows the area will know that its very narrow and particularly shallow area but they all knew best , fin keels , spring tides , over grown with broken tree stumps in the water , what could possibly go wrong !!
  5. To Moor Or Not To Moor?

    The Mooring's regulo is referring to have no signs what so ever , there used to be signs on the trees re 2 hr limit but have been removed , above and below that stretch BA no mooring signs exist and do to this day so why can some think they can do as they please when others will get told not to , the answer is simple all this happened at 4 pm BA are away with the fairy's at that time hence they won't know , incidentally 4 other yachts which I'm presuming were in the same group since they clearly knew the ones outside the pub all went to the yacht station why ? If the commodore says the can then they all can !!
  6. To Moor Or Not To Moor?

    Talking of mooring where you feel like it opposite the water front in Norwich has no mooring signs all down it , that said a bunch of sailys think they can , I did state that it's no mooring only to be told their commodore said they could and they have done it for yrs , turns out their club house and I did ask where it was is the last pub they were in ! , now before anyone says I'm picking on sailing boats I would have done the same had it been motor cruisers and I did suggest that if it was good enough for them then its good enough for all , that said further down stream are 2 hire craft both on no mooring signs both sides of the river , obviously its a free for all nowadays but that said BA could free up mooring space on this stretch simply by removing the no mooring signs although you wouldn't catch me over night mooring there I'd prefer the CCTV of the yacht station as much as some knock it its far safer than down river
  7. To Moor Or Not To Moor?

    Ah sorry , yes that is a BA mooring and yes there was a boat there its gone now left yesterday morning , BA knew about it though . No idea what it was used for but its very heavily constructed , the last to use it was city boats for their tour boats , and yes it has no mooring signs on it but when whitlingham is full someone will use it , I get the impression that BA are OK with that over night but any longer (as per that particular boat )then not so much .
  8. To Moor Or Not To Moor?

    Agreed with its getting silly on the yare these days , I'm a bit bemused on how you saw the signage on the floating pontoon at whitlingham as it's on the decking and wouldn't be visible with a boat there , that said it actually belongs to the outdoor centre and I have moored there in the past ( but very rarely ) with full permission from the said centre , as far as I know I'm the only one who has bothered to ask as the centre uses it quite often in summer , folk moor there all the time these days they ignore no mooring signs as they do In the city too and lots of other places , then again how often do you see folk moored side on in a stern on location and my favourite ( not ) leaving big gaps between boats and then all moving up to make space for their friends and I'm thinking bramerton in that case ! .
  9. Broad Ambition - The Model

    Ah come on be brave
  10. Broads Authority Posts

    Until BA are accountable to an official body all of this will continue and its high time they were accountable , how on earth can BA be judge and jury its totally wrong you cannot simply change things to suit yourself but seemingly BA think they can , high time someone took them in hand , aren't quangos a division of central government or have I got that wrong ? If they are then high time the government made them put their house in order and more importantly made them accountable to the people that financially support them ie toll payer's .
  11. What Outboard Do You Recommend?

    Had a little look around and a surprise or 2 as well like for instance the shop that wants £600 for a 2006 yam 4 stroke when nearest n dearest in wroxham are selling a 3.5 HP mercury 4 stroke brand new with 5 yr warranty for £620 and the 2.5 HP for £ 580 both pretty light at 17kg , S/H 2 strokes look around the £350-400 mark
  12. What Outboard Do You Recommend?

    I recon your looking at a 4 stroke In that case , I think you can still buy 2 strokes but only certain ones that pass stringent tests , evinrude have avalable a range of larger size outboards that are 2 stroke but no smaller ones , S/H ones that are good are hard to find but they are out there . I best keep quiet on seagulls I might upset someone but let's say me and seagulls don't get on at all , but that said a Seabee outboard makes a seagull sound like a whisper
  13. What Outboard Do You Recommend?

    Mm , 2 stroke or 4 ? , for me its a 2 stroke simply cos they are light and run at a reasonable speed don't use that much fuel , ie a 3.3 HP mercury on a mirror dinghy pushing a 27 foot elysian ( don't ask ! ) from church fen brundall to whitlingham Norwich 1.5 liters total used , most small sub 4 HP out board's don't have reverse and only an integral tank of approx 1 litre , that said a 4 HP Yamaha I had moved a 8 foot inflatable at blue book speeds ! And very good on fuel just a lot more weight to lift , really it depends on how often you Intend using it which is why I plumb for a 2 stroke 3 gallons lasts all yr .
  14. Broad Ambition - The Model

    Ha n to think he's naked too , still were tough from up north so no worry's as long as he doesn't turn round

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