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  1. Ricardo

    No Greasy Spoon At Acle? Broads Briefing.

    Eh ? I said the beccles swim doesn't contribute to the nav budget , I'm pretty sure all my ducks are in a row on this one .
  2. Ricardo

    No Greasy Spoon At Acle? Broads Briefing.

    Clearly a case of double standards , how many work boats are left on public moorings for longer that 24 hrs the one at somerleyton that was working at herring fleet was there 3 days in the last bank holiday same with the reed cutter at beccles on a demasting mooring , one rule for them another for us boaters , there's the case of the swim in beccles too when BA gave up public moorings for those that don't actually contribute to the navigation budget , the 3 rivers race is a event that surely helps tourism in certain areas something BA are pushing to promote n the feel this is a total slap in the face for the even n shameful of BA for the sake of one day
  3. Ricardo

    Bow Thrusters

    Yea see your point Ray n sure didn't want to come over as derogatory etc , I can see the point of them
  4. Ricardo

    Bow Thrusters

    Never had one not even on a 57' narrow boat n they don't turn easy , didn't have one on a powles 33 nor on my current boat , sure they make life easier but its a lot of cash for not much resale value n the wind and the tide are free . Horses for courses I guess , some love em I consider it cheating n don't want one , that probably comes from seeing way too many people over using them when a little more knowledge n skill would achieve exactly the same effect .
  5. Ricardo

    Inflatable With Electric Motor

    Nope not a regulation as far as I'm aware but sure. Is common sense , that said lots of outboards won't start until a tab is I'm place in the kill switch , thing is that doesn't need to be connected to anyone in the boat for it to work , iv seen lots of outboards with kill cord's basically attached to the engine , remember a 4 HP outboard with a plastic prop will cause anyone who gets in it's way serious injuries .
  6. Ricardo

    Inflatable With Electric Motor

    Totally agree as I stated n 500w is near enough 3/4 HP n more than enough to hurt anyone , a kill cord stops be it electric or petrol outboard instantly .
  7. Ricardo

    Inflatable With Electric Motor

    Its not difficult to retro fit a kill cord to an electric outboard. At the end of the day all you are doing is exactly what happens on a IC powered boat and killing the power , extremely easy to do and well worth the effort , an electric outboard ( small ones ) might not have the torque to seriously hurt someone in the water but the boat will get away from you , getting it back is a pain ,my is experience mirror dinghy , windy day , tossed overboard , n swimming after unoccupied boat , all around bargate broad n no I wasn't laughing
  8. Ricardo

    Overnight Mooring Close To Beccles

    £8 per night as of 2 weeks ago , no worry's sure there are BA Mooring's but are they available ? Last time I looked room for a silly 45 ' boat or 2x common boats thanks to BA not removing a certain boat in time for the holiday period . ,
  9. For all those finding themselves running a little late tomorrow there's always channel 4 + 1 , enjoy
  10. Ricardo

    Planning Alert Oulton Broad

    So based on that do they own the area immediately behind BA Church fen moorings ? As that goes right up to the broad and the end of the parish council moorings our in a few yrs back is only 40/50 yards away from this boat , do you know where this boat used to moor ?
  11. Ricardo

    Planning Alert Oulton Broad

    Are you sure I certainly aren't , wouldn't surprise me to know that the parish council own it .
  12. Ricardo

    Planning Alert Oulton Broad

    Not entirely sure brundall garden's actually own that land it possibly is under the control of the parish council as are the moorings above the BA ones , either way he's not making mess or creating havoc and up till today has been there for a number of yrs with no one batting an eyelid .
  13. Ricardo

    Planning Alert Oulton Broad

    A heck of a lot more than most trust me , thing is I don't shout about it hence you don't know .
  14. Ricardo

    Planning Alert Oulton Broad

    Oh be serious how much experience have yiu got of the canal network ? Me I've traveled the entire system in England an as a person living afloat n it gets right up my nose when all those that live on water get Tared with the same brush , end to end what a load of rubbish n no control is laughable to be honest CRT have far more powers than BA an use them .
  15. Ricardo

    Planning Alert Oulton Broad

    Don't worry about it I was only setting the record straight via personal knowledge , I didn't mean to upset or annoy you

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