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  1. Televisions For Boats

    Same for me. I use my boat as a base when I'm working up in Norfolk so I wish to be able to use it as a home from home when I'm on board but not actually boating
  2. Televisions For Boats

    27" LG was as big as we could fit in our boat Untitled by Jeff Cranwell, on Flickr
  3. Newbie Boat Owners

    We had a Viking 20 (which we loved) but like you wanted more space and also bought a 27' to replace her. In our case it was a Shetland 27i and the extra space makes a real difference........Enjoy your new boat
  4. Damage To Bathing Platform

    Agreed, I also think it looks much neater. The funny thing is that the Shetland 29 is like this so have no idea why the 27 isn't !!
  5. Damage To Bathing Platform

    Many Thanks, Ros and I are are well chuffed. Hope to be back up and out on the water at the weekend
  6. Big Changes Ahead

    Great video Robin, It's going to be a wonderful adventure for you I'm sure of that
  7. Damage To Bathing Platform

    Cheers Mark. George has done a top job, lovely bloke to deal with and highly recommend him
  8. Damage To Bathing Platform

    Got the boat back today and George has done a great job. Very pleased and was nice to get back on the water..............until the weather turned IMG_7230 by Jeff Cranwell, on Flickr
  9. Damage To Bathing Platform

    I haven’t seen it yet but George has levelled the platform off and a new rubbing strake has been put the whole way across . Will know more soon.
  10. Damage To Bathing Platform

    Update time, Picking the boat up tomorrow from George, getting boat withdrawal symptoms so can't wait Weather forecast doesn't look great but it will be good to get back afloat whatever the weather is doing! I'll post pictures up of the repaired bathing platform once we get Riverlight back.
  11. Favourite Whisky

    J&B is my fav blended as well, closely followed by Crown Royal (Canadian) I'm with you on Glenmorangie for the malts although I favour their Port casked one the best
  12. Moored Up Ready To Leave Ludham Boat Yard

    Silly boy......I already have one but its flown elsewhere on Riverlight......No room at the bow
  13. Damage To Bathing Platform

    Off up to the boat as soon as I finish work tonight. Got a job do in Caister tomorrow and will be taking the boat up to George at Ludham Bridge as well to get a quote. Fingers crossed it will be an easy enough fix for him .

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