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  1. Favourite Whisky

    J&B is my fav blended as well, closely followed by Crown Royal (Canadian) I'm with you on Glenmorangie for the malts although I favour their Port casked one the best
  2. Moored Up Ready To Leave Ludham Boat Yard

    Silly boy......I already have one but its flown elsewhere on Riverlight......No room at the bow
  3. Damage To Bathing Platform

    Off up to the boat as soon as I finish work tonight. Got a job do in Caister tomorrow and will be taking the boat up to George at Ludham Bridge as well to get a quote. Fingers crossed it will be an easy enough fix for him .
  4. Lovely End To The Day Yesterday

    I'll see what I can do
  5. Lovely End To The Day Yesterday

    Any particular requirements ?
  6. Lovely End To The Day Yesterday

    Thanks Jenny, will be up to the boat Tuesday so I have put my order in for nice weather
  7. Damage To Bathing Platform

    Have spoken to George at Ludham and sent him a photo of the damage. Just waiting to hear back from him and hopefully get it sorted soon. Thanks for all your help Guys and Gals and will let you know how we get on .
  8. Damage To Bathing Platform

    Hi Alan, Side and Stern Sir. CC9J6713 by Jeff Cranwell, on Flickr We now have two old tyres hanging off the quay on the stern . So hopefully will stop this happening and I will make a spring rope as suggested, that should stop any further incidents. All part of the rich experience of boat ownership I guess
  9. Damage To Bathing Platform

    I wish I had thought of that before the damage occurred
  10. Damage To Bathing Platform

    Cheers for all your advice peeps. The boat is only six years old but it has only been moored at its present location since January and the damage has only occurred since then. The original crazing happened when we had the extremely high spring tides a few months back which obviously weakened it. We found it broken when we arrived at the boat on Saturday night so I do want to get this sorted ASAP before any further issues. I'll contact George during the week and hope the boat will be okay as I'm not in position to get up there immediately .
  11. Totally agree, Was there last August CC9J8620 by Jeff Cranwell, on Flickr
  12. Theres always one clever clog.......Never know how you could have guessed
  13. Hi Guys and Gals, Got to our boat at the weekend to find the damage in the picture to our bathing platform. This had already got some star crazing to it where the fenders had rowed up onto the platform when moored up and thus the boat bashed into the quay heading at our mooring. I have since put fenders (rubber tyres) on the quay but obviously didn't work and the resulting damage is shown. Going to try and work out a better way of mooring/tying up so it doesn't happen again but in the meantime does anyone know someone who could repair/make good the damage fairly local to Acle ? I was thinking it maybe a good idea if the protrusion was cut away and made the same as the rest of the platform and a piece of rubbing strake let in so it was uniform the whole way across the bathing platform. FullSizeRender by Jeff Cranwell, on Flickr

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