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  1. The Broads In The 1950's

    I look forward to seeing it, its lovely to see the original Broads and boats and how some things have changed... yet some almost remain the same.
  2. Armchair Boatbuilding!

    I could help you out with that one!!
  3. The Broads In The 1950's

    Absolutely fascinating footage, where on earth did you find it? Love the family set of bobble hats
  4. Wind Overnight Warning Upgrade

    They're big chunks of reeds! Hope everyone is safe
  5. Coming Out Of St Katherine's Dock

    Stunning to see the old boats riding the waves on the Thames - thankyou do I spy a few fenders dangling in the water... except the blue ones
  6. Broads Authority Posts

    Interesting to see if this results in any changes-- likely?
  7. There Are Four Season In A Year

    Many thanks to you all, looks like we'll need some more bedding/ hot water bottles and i'll tell Simon to keep his mouth shut and try not to breath
  8. Memories

    Oops!! Apparently I can't count, maths was never my strong point! my better half ( very tongue in cheek) informs me it's nearer 22 years - well time flies when you're having fun.
  9. Memories

    Right first time! We used to be moored just under the bridge
  10. There Are Four Season In A Year

    We're looking forward to being on the boat out of season - we may need a few pointers
  11. There Are Four Season In A Year

    Mmmm coffee and onions --- yet to try that! But there's always a first time
  12. Memories

    And my big brother
  13. Memories

    My Navy boys - Dad
  14. Memories

    My love of water and boats comes from my dad and brother who were both Navy boys, though in very different eras. Dad during the war and my brother signed up in the late 60's ( he was a lot older than me!) Sadly they are both no longer with us but it's thanks to them that we finally managed to buy a boat of our own and having hired for 14 years The Broads was the only place we wanted to be.
  15. Memories

    No!! That would be cheating!

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