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    Boating, the broads, fishing, good food, good friends
  1. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Very sound advice if I may say so Robin, softly softly catchy monkey ?
  2. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    And it's great making them really grovel when you've 'accidentally' let them see the wad you've got in the wallet
  3. Autumn's Here

    I'll swap you

    Top work jbx5, I hope the little fella gets reunited soon
  5. Customer Satisfaction Surveys

    It's funny but you only get them when the advisor has solved your problem, hmmmmmm
  6. Hello From New Member

    Welcome, no a bad lot on here if I say so myself
  7. Big Changes Ahead

    Living the dream Robin estate agents and brokers, lower than a snakes belly, keep your wits
  8. Rip For A Wonderful Lady

    R I P Frances what a wonderful forum this is
  9. One Less Pub.

    Bang on the money Robin, if pubs on the broads are not going to allow dogs they have no future, this proves the point perfectly.
  10. New Member - "hello!"

    Welcome Chris, I must say I agree re robins blogs, the passion says it all about one of the best places on earth
  11. Is It Me?

    Yes Helen I should've made that clear, we were on the northern broads in potter. I appreciate the kids holidays might Buck things up but we normally have the beginning of July and it's usually a lot busier. stll it didn't spoil our week
  12. Is It Me?

    Hi guys just back from a weeks holiday on our beloved Norfolk broads, we were surprised how quiet it was this year! anyone else?
  13. When Mrs B L does a fry up on a boat she always has a wet tea towel on hand.
  14. Summer In England

    Ah, summer in England it doesn't get any better, especially when mr and Mrs beds lad are in potter heigham boating, fishing, drinking and generally having a rather chilled out time. roll on Saturday wooooohoooooo

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