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  1. Day Boats In London

    How long would I need to hire to complete all areas on their website map ?
  2. Pretty Looking Woodie On The Bb Webcam

    James, do as I do, I'm 6ft 2' and regularly when on the Broads visit other boat yard and try other boats for size, all the yards are very welcoming a quick step aboard only takes a few minutes and can make or break a holiday choosing the right craft
  3. Big Changes Ahead

    So the London Rascal is possibly moving from London to Norwich and buying a boat may I make some suggestions on a new NBN forum name... Norwich Rascal Floating Rascal The London to Norwich Rascal And my personal favourite The Norwich Floater good luck Robin in your new venture, I'm not jealous at all !
  4. Coming Out Of St Katherine's Dock

    The third one out is my favourite
  5. Found it on twitter and thought I'd share it here Enjoy
  6. Got you PM I'll post tomorrow
  7. Competition over, I've closed it 30 minutes early due to the high demand
  8. You win as your the only one asking, have PM you
  9. Hello all, I have won two tickets to the Southampton Boat Show but am unable to attend, they include Preview Day all those interested please reply to this post I think the fairest way is for me to drop all names in a hat (searches for a hat) and draw the winner at 10pm this evening good luck to all
  10. Ooooops...... Why Try It ....

    I for one have always treated boats I've hired like they are my own, and taken great care leaving it as we find it, even to the point of returning one once at Herbert Woods and while loading the car we over heard a cleaner ask her supervision has this one already been cleaned. We felt very proud of that
  11. Going Under Potter Heigham Bridge

    Watched this after the laughing cavalier, shows the beauty of Wroxham
  12. Going Under Potter Heigham Bridge

    Nice video, but I found the cameraman's constant laughter very annoying
  13. Was anyone fortunate enough to visit the Classic Boat Festival held over the weekend in Saint Katherine Dock London ? If so, please post pictures, I unfortunately had already made plans before discovering the date it was on
  14. Just seen this on the webcam
  15. Hunters Wood Anemone - Static

    Can you please put the link on here, I've typed in google airbnb or airb&b and all I can see is America ! bit far to go just for a night !

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