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  1. Who’s Dropped What In The Broads ?

    Ahh so it’s not a silt build up causing the high water at spring tides, it’s all your stuff !! Lol
  2. Who’s Dropped What In The Broads ?

    Click on my profile “about me” very similar thing happened to me
  3. My thread “car in the Bure since 1991” after a few commented has got me thinking.... what things have people dropped in the rivers and broads ? what have you heard that’s been dropped or even thrown in ? and has anyone ever managed to recover anything ?
  4. New £10 Notes

    No matter how good the technology goes into making the new notes, there will always be someone somewhere who can copy it thats not just bank notes these days anything can be copied, I rarely buy from eBay now.
  5. Car In The Bure Since 1991

    Out of interest, do you need permission to place someone’s ashes on the Broads ? and if so, who
  6. Big Changes Ahead

    That’s weird, at 12.30 on that day I thought of you Robin and your adventure, wondering how it was all going the very time you was aboard and making this video ! Suggestions for tender names, the obvious being “day” How about “Shelia” that way she’s with you if she likes it or not or if your a fan of Donna Summer ‘State of” after her 1982 hit song putting my hand up as crew, I don’t know much other than can handle the sea after being a deep sea fisherman many moons ago Good luck in this fantastic adventure, roll on the next video instalment
  7. Big Changes Ahead

    I’m not on Facebook
  8. Car In The Bure Since 1991

    I don’t know, I used that as a heading purely to start a topic, no truth at all in it, I would imagine it went in the water not long after being stolen
  9. Big Changes Ahead

    I’ve been checking this forum more today than I ever have hoping to see “the tour of independence” video blog
  10. Car In The Bure Since 1991

    It’s Norfolk we are talking about, to drive round in a stolen car since 1991 ?!?! Really
  11. Car In The Bure Since 1991

    Just seen this on Twitter from Broads beat Great result from last week's joint exploratory dive on River Bure #Acle - Vehicle found submerged on riverbed from Sonar scan was stolen back in 1991! Enquiries continue... @NorfolkPolice @BroadsAuth #SolebayDiving ?⚓ makes you wonder what else we go over while boating !!
  12. Big Changes Ahead

    I would imagine it’s a common thing to stick things down on a sea going boat, have owned River/canal boats before and nothing ever stuck down on them, no need to I suppose
  13. Old Fella Falls In At Ludham

    Glad to see all ended well, i would like to add when I first saw this topic I almost spat my tea out “old fella” means something very different down my way
  14. Wot No Christmas ?

    I feel I should point out that my original post was not racist in any way, it was purely intended to start a chat, it appears to have been taken wrong, this is because we all have views on what is racism and when the line is crossed. I feel the word racism is used far to often these days for things that are clearly anything but if I have offended anyone, I apologise
  15. Films Of Yesteryear

    Hi all Thought I’d share this on here as others may be interested in my find I’ve recently discovered on Sky channel 343 a channel called Talking Pictures i love it, full of old films from days gone by my sky + (other recording devices are available) is very quickly filling with black and white classics

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