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  1. The Downside Of Being A Facebook Member

    If St Peter was sacked and I was now operating the pearly gates (I’m sure that would be my job) how would I know if they were reading messages about me ?
  2. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Good point FairTmddlin, anyway us mere mortals can track you on your sea trails ?
  3. What Would You Do ?

    I wonder where these could be buried ? Can you imagine finding this lot? ? Brinks Mat Robbery, Heathrow, In November 1983, a gang targeted a warehouse at Heathrow Airport, they found three tons of gold bullion worth £26m The 6,000 gold bars have never been recovered......... Now for a winters afternoon if your doing nothing, let your mind wander, (forgetting the legal aspect) what would you do if you found this ? for me, a house on the Broads, a collection of cars, a Galeon 500 fly sort the family out etc
  4. Positive News From The Boat Show

    I didn’t attend this years boat show, purely because I don’t agree with the new 5 day opening, it’s no where near enough time for traders and the public
  5. The Downside Of Being A Facebook Member

    That is another reason I’m not on Facebook, I don’t wish to find out as I get older everyone from school days has passed away and I’m the last one left !
  6. Is It Just Me? Broom Boats Videos

    It’s clear to me why Broom have done this, it’s because speed sells ! as a society we seem for some unexplained reason buy things on how fast they can go and how well they handle when in the real world we never do such extreme things cars have been sold to us this way since 1885 when Karl Benz started tinkering about Im not agreeing with what they have done, but can understand why
  7. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Wow, I’ve added it to my watched list, for no other reason than I’m a dreamer
  8. Norfolk'n Mustard

    Ha ha love the topic title, I’ll sit here with a cuppa and biscuits awaiting the ‘Easily Offended” searching the forum looking for words that they find offensive before its either removed or edited
  9. Reedham Today (4th Jan)

    UPDATE Urgent Boating News - The sunken vessel at Reedham has now been located alongside Reedham Quay. It has been marked with buoys and lights pending removal
  10. Reedham Today (4th Jan)

    Just seen this on Twitter, posted by BA Urgent Boating News - Underwater obstruction in Reedham Area. A small motor cruiser has sunk and broken free from its mooring in the Reedham area. Exact location is currently unknown but being investigated. Please exercise extreme caution when navigating in this area
  11. New Year Resolutions ?

    Lose weight, I’m 18 1/2 stone at 6ft 2 I’m often told I look ok but I’m sick of finding a nice shirt or similar and looking for the largest size they do only to hear “they don’t go that large” health is second reason
  12. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    I had tea and biscuits all ready for another long blog, no sooner had I lifted the cup than it had finished ! keep up the great videos, really feel part of it all.
  13. Shortest Day Today

    The days will get longer from today, it’s all about the light evenings for me summer is almost here, now where did I put that sun cream ?
  14. One Rule For Them?/

    Yes I’m offended only because I’m bored, like to find offence in everything if I look hard enough, and I don’t have a life

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