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    Broads and boats, birds (in particular an African Grey parrot named Phoebe who comes boating with us), nature, art and planes for some reason. If it flies I am interested.

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  1. I've Seen Albino Polar Bears And Swans But.....

    I'd heard something similar - that the white birds are trained and semi-tame - not to be shot, used by the gamekeeper to get the released birds to come to some feeding areas and therefore keeping them local. It would explain why there is a penalty for shooting them as the gamekeeper would have to start the whole process over.
  2. Great Canal Journeys

    Yes that was the one.
  3. Great Canal Journeys

    My boat was on that programme too - nearly spat my tea out!
  4. Britain Afloat

    I've yet to see the programme so I don't know if you are referring to a different punt, but the Norfolk Sailing Punt does indeed have a centreboard.
  5. Britain Afloat

    They are showing the whole series starting tonight on BBC 2 at 8pm
  6. The Ingham Swan

    That's great news.
  7. The Ingham Swan

    I was so sad to see this. One of my favourite places to eat for a special occasion. Very sad for the family next door too.
  8. Danger Concern Over Weed On Hickling

    Maybe I just got lucky! I accept it is a bad year for it, but I've seen it worse, and you do get these odd years where it goes mental.
  9. Danger Concern Over Weed On Hickling

    I can remember visiting Hickling to dinghy sail in the 1980's and being really shocked by the amount of weed (I normally sailed on Barton Broad) everywhere and in the channel - it was far worse than it has been this year, although it has been bad this season, I assumed due to the weather we have had this year. The channel is clear though, maybe the odd margin area has it, but it is pretty much clear for navigation. We did mudweight out of the channel for a while last weekend and the entire Hunter fleet was sailing all around, it was weedy but not choked.
  10. Dog Rescued

    Impressive rescue though!
  11. Canoe Portage Outside Of The Navigation Area.

    As I happen to own a kayak I think this is a good thing. MM I suspect the BA canoe toll would apply due to the BA monitary input even if it is out of the normal navigation area, but it does need clarification. I know it is a growing sport and changes are happening but it is great exercise and fantastic to be at duck level. I manage not to antagonise anglers too ...
  12. We own an ex-Richardson's 1967 Bermuda (had various names but its last incarnation was 'Corfu') and it is still going strong. The GRP is fine. I know it is a bathtub but it is very user friendly bathtub, and it was what we could afford at the time. Plus we can fit a large parrot cage in it which was an essential requirement!
  13. Job Opportunity

    I did that job in 1988! Saturday mornings only.
  14. Normal For Norfolk

    Well I would say it was SNEFS. Something I encountered written on client forms back in the 1990's at a company I won't mention. It was either NFN or SNEFS (sub normal even for Suffolk!!)
  15. Beavers On The Broads

    Not quite the Broads, but I have a friend who has seen a beaver twice near Lakenheath where she lives. Not the kind of one most of you are hoping to see though unfortunately. I'll get her to report it.

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