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    Broads and boats, birds and in particular an African Grey parrot named Phoebe, nature, art and planes for some reason. If it flies I am interested.

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  1. That's lovely to see. I used to do teach dyke dipping to school children on field trips I would have love to have been able to show them something like this.
  2. I hear enough of that from the other half, he's from Essex! And he got away with this over the weekend. They did not escape luckily for him otherwise it would have been maggot in black bean sauce for dinner.
  3. I hate that moment after dinner, when you think, I know I will sit on the stern and stare at the moonshadow and listen to the bittern boom and all will be well with the world. So you sit on the stern and then you hear the whine in your ear and you slap it before the little blighter bites you. And then your leg itches so you slap that. And then you hear that whine again, but this time it's a drone and you look up and the twilight sky is now black with swarms of mossies. And then you look behind you and the white boat you just lent back on is covered with doofus little black flies which are now stuck due to the evening dew and you've managed to smear them all over you. And then you hear that whine again and you think sod the bittern and go back inside! I love pretty much everything else...
  4. Peter, I found a load of happy red ones snuggled in my lettuce one day and decided enough was enough. I do not share my food!!! Husband now has one of those 12/240v coolboxes specially for his maggots.
  5. Well we run a business together so what's his is mine But he is not allowed his maggots in my fridge.....
  6. When insuring the husband's new fishing dinghy I told the insurers we had the police cover on the outboard and the broker told me they had never had a claim for a stolen outboard with one of those covers on. I don't know how true that is, but that is what he told me. There is an order form - I have attached it. outboard_engine_cover_order_form_2015-1.pdf
  7. Bawburgh Lakes on the Wensum at Colney (I think they are called Bawburgh Fisheries now) have some nice carp and cracking tench and bream too.
  8. Totally counts Timbo, with a bit of epoxy and some marine ply I'm sure we can float it.
  9. Thank you for a lovely atmospheric holiday blog and beautiful photos. I can just hear those bitterns. A good reminder of how beautiful the southern broads are.
  10. Thanks for the nice welcome everyone It is a real boat Wonderwall, it is a 34' plastic bathtub with an inboard diesel thingamajig. I have a kayak, hubby has two fishing dinghies (greedy) and I used to have a laser sailing dinghy but a hand injury means I can't sail anymore. So I think that passes your floaty vessel criteria
  11. New here, but not to the broads though. I've stayed away from forums for some time but I thought I would dip a virtual toe back in the water. I live near Ranworth with my husband, have a boat at Hickling and love boats of all kinds but at the moment kayaking is my favourite thing to do. Born in Norfolk I was first dropped into a lugsail dinghy at 18 months in one of those giant orange lifejackets and I did not like it at all according to my parents. Things changed pretty quickly and 45 odd years later I am still messing about in and on and out of boats and feel ill if I am away from the water for too long. Anyway that is enough about me, hello everyone!