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    2019 London Boatshow "on Hold".

    Thanks for the warm welcome Charlie, good to be on board! As a mod and from Clacton I half expected your avatar to be a jet ski with a lambretta 2stroke under the hatch but the ac cruiser looks far more inviting for a bank holiday rally, happy cruising.
  2. Turnoar

    2019 London Boatshow "on Hold".

    The days of arr yer gorn to the boot shew borr seem to have slipped into the back waters as there are simply so many shows these days as Wallace said about bank holidays it’s a job to decide. London, Southampton, Horning, Brundall... Düsseldorf? And that’s before you digress to model boat shows, regional shows (which county shall we go to this year?). With competing interests the days of yacht club waiting lists seem distant, it can be a job to beg members to maintain the status quo in terms of duties and diy maintenance against the backdrop of falling income. The exhibitionists are voting with the weigh of their anchors!
  3. Turnoar

    Photo Questions

    The gentleman on the right of the group in front of the PB could be Stanley Nudd who those older than me may remember from Herbert Woods. How smart they all look, Jaguar took some publicity photos there for project Utah which I happened across on aronline.co.uk. What I can be certain on is that my great uncle Alfred Amis and aunty Gwen (nee Turner) were running the pub at the time, the second stint for Gwen as my great grandparents, James and Eliza Turner ran it for a spell when she and her brother James were children. I wonder if they had a plate of egg and tomato sandwiches waiting on the bar when they went back inside to recharge their glasses?
  4. Took a drive from the Penultimate roundabout at the east end and drove all the way west on my way to ringland. Saw a couple of cars which had left the navigation and ploughed into the bank, seemed to be soft aground. The soke dykes although shallow are a little bit unnerving in the current inclement conditions with snow and ice making the bounds of the lanes extremely murky. Love the view of the planes especially at the museum. Struggle to see how cyclists will cross at the nearby roundabout once it’s up to expected traffic volumes, I’d be worried about getting stuck in the central reservation without water or a jam sandwich. The surface is noticeably smoother toward Thorpe Marriott but the roundabouts all seem to have had their share of the off roaders! Nice view of the fir plantation at felthorpe. My how Norwich has been and continues to be growing.
  5. Turnoar

    Best Route To Sea

    Hypothetically the hundred stream through somerton and if this easterly carries on long enough the sea and broads may well meet again here in my lifetime, I see reports of more sand cliff being taken from Hemsby this afternoon. Joking aside I think rnsyc would sway me to take the longer inland passage and make another day of it, I’ve only been out of Yarmouth on dybles fishing trip boat but Lowestoft on the combing of brown boats and the bar is nearer when you get back to the quay at rnsyc!
  6. Turnoar

    A Norfolk Keel?

    I recall seeing the keel under the poly tunnel down king street about 1988. Did anything develop eg building a model or replica?

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