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  1. Took my 3 year old grandson down to Barton Turf today and introduced him to some of the wildlife and an hour or two of fishing, We then had a little walk before we left which gave me a chance to drop the camera into the water. I was not expecting to see anything at all due to the river Ants murky water, but was quite surprised what actually passed the camera when I downloaded. Here Watch
  2. What a swan looks like to a fish. View Here
  3. I spoke to a chap who lives by the river Bure who applied to the EA for a license to trap these pests, but he was denied due to the fact he may trap the native species. But I can't see the two surviving together ? Surely if these Red Clawed are present the White clawed have long gone ? As for trapping I could pick many of these out with a litter picker and might do that when I feel more peckish.
  4. I spoke to a chap a very knowledgeable angler and former bailiff on one of the major fishing rivers in Southern England and he reckons over time there will be a noticeable decline in the Roach stocks where these Crayfish dominate and looking at the videos and my own fishing expeditions at the mill I would say that it looks like this is already happening.
  5. I am only using a camera that cost about £30 the placing is mostly guesswork and what little I can see from above. I could connect to an app on phone, but I guess it wouldn't help as I can't see the screen to make a phone call half the time let alone anything else. Some of things I see when I download the video surprise me as much as anyone else. I am making a small addition soon and that is a tiny light that fits in waterproof housing next to camera. This should improve the vision and I may have a little go when it's dark to see what is happening if anything.
  6. They reckon these are really tasty and big business out of the Thames in London, but these were recorded in the river Bure at Horstead recently. On the Menu
  7. I have another video for you watch again taken on the river Bure at Horstead Mill on 17 June 2017, it's not of the greatest quality but It is interesting and gives us fisherman or wildlife enthusiasts a further insight into just what goes on below in those murky depths. Please forgive the music as I just couldn't resist. Watch Here
  8. Thanks for the welcome, I have a few more videos I will post in the near future.
  9. Hello chaps I have been doing a bit of videoing using one of those little waterproof cameras and the results have been interesting to say the least. I have never been able to pass a river without looking into it, well this taking it one step further. I have pretty much left it as it is and yes it's amateurish, but then again that is exactly what I am. Location is river Bure at Horstead Mill and was videoed last week. Watch Here
  10. Yes there is a charge and it states it on the signs when entering the broad from the River.