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  1. There is one of those Sandersons boats moored up at Wayford, not sure which class exactly but it has the unusual foredeck arrangement, looks in tidy shape too.
  2. Broadland Grebe

    Vauxhall.....now owned by the french.....
  3. The Admiral's Little Ship?

    Ooo I like a good tale...
  4. Any Pictures Of White Stuff On The Broads?

    This was Ranworth today, I got up as far as Wayford via Wroxham(in the car) but only had rain all the time. Until, that is, I got to Long Stratton on the way home whereupon it snowed pretty much all the way back to Essex.
  5. Broadland Grebe

    Nowt wrong with the new power plant in my opinion, boats are like houses they get upgraded over time as needed. Now if you had slapped an outboard on the transom....
  6. Broadland Grebe

    More please! I love these resto threads! I greatly admire anyone who takes on a woodie, it doesn't matter if you are an expert or a novice as without someone to love them they will return to nature by themselves. I like to think that one day I too might join the ranks of the mad and naive.....
  7. There was a Ripplecraft for sale on Gumtree recently, looked like it would need a brave new owner....
  8. Save The Dogs

  9. Wd40 As A Wood Preserver

    I believe WD1-39 were the mixtures that didn't work....
  10. Wd40 As A Wood Preserver

    I did once use some WD40 to give the plywood panelling on my "tip run" trailer some protection the last time I gave it a bit of a revamp(I was at work and it was all that came readily to hand), it seemed pretty good initially but soon dried out again....
  11. In our family the "Bathtubs" are known as "Busboats", never actually been out on the river in one but nosed around a couple in NYA a few years back and to be honest I would quite like to try one just to see what its like. I quite fancy trying a tall flybridge job as well though..
  12. New Member

    Hello and welcome from me too
  13. That certainly looks like Acle to me, as Griff says, taken with the Bridge Inn behind the camera. I'm always happy to be proven wrong though...:) The boat(again according to Craigs database) is a 1970 incarnation originally called Star Victor 1 but listed as a Star Supreme design, later known as Supreme Gem at Richardsons...
  14. According to Craigs database she is one of 'B.A's sisters.......
  15. Freebies @ British Gas

    I have a Heatmiser smartstat which is similar to the Hive ones but doesnt do lights or anything, cost £100 quid from ebay, fitted it meself(well, with a bit of help from my Dad), job done. I never know when I'll be home so its lovely to be able to get the place warmed up via smartphone before I get there. No fees or anything, just needs a broadband connection.

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