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  1. Recycling

    That's unbelievable!!! I thought things were silly enough down here in Essex(no vans allowed.....ever!)but that takes the biscuit!
  2. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    Oh, well that is a shame, I had hoped to be able to solo hire a few different boat styles to try out the pros and cons of each before making any future purchase(Richos were in the frame). Kinda sucks for those who have no choice but to go solo(with or without kids) too! Back to the drawing board.........
  3. Where Did The Love Affair Begin?

    For me it all started on Malthouse Broad, aged about 2 or 3, I took a headfirst dive over the side of Dad's clinker dinghy and is one of my earliest memories, boats have just been in my life ever since..... Oh and the Arthur Ransome books really captured my imagination and no doubt did much to cement the love too...
  4. Independence Fuel Usage Sweepstake

    I don't think my own Yanmar(1GM10....Ahem) has had that amount of fuel through it in it's whole life! Well I was way out on my guess, nevermind....
  5. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    You can buy a years Toll without BSS provided you promise not to leave your mooring........or at least that's what I did when I first got my boat.....
  6. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    I'll keep this to a simple 'Nice one chaps' Thoroughly enjoyed following the adventure, would have loved to have been there!(well mostly anyway)
  7. Hello

    Hello and welcome from me
  8. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    It's lovely to watch one of these type threads live, I remember reading the 'B.A' to the Thames one(elsewhere of course) years after it all happened and wishing I had been able to follow it as it unfolded...... Hope it's a pleasant and straightforward journey, have fun folks!
  9. Ex Alpha Boats To Enter Bb Fleet?

    https://www.norfolkboatsales.co.uk/used-boats/alphacraft-42-blenheim-655.as Seems she is for sale as well?
  10. Independence Fuel Usage Sweepstake

    Parkeston Quay is known as Harwich International Port nowadays, Stena do still operate the ferry to the Hook but only traditional type RoRo(albeit new)not the HSS anymore. Other stuff operates out of there too but not 100% on details these days. The old quay actually in Harwich still operates too, Jags n Land Rovers, JCB n similar was going from there but not looked properly for a while.
  11. Independence Fuel Usage Sweepstake

    Pity Parkers Guide doesnt list the 535 Sunliner mpg figures........
  12. Independence Fuel Usage Sweepstake

    I'm going for 1'533 litres.........
  13. Winter Maintenance At Herbert Woods

    Ooooh that's interesting....in the cockpit of my (plastic) boat there is a drawer and on the bottom of it is written "Craigmore"......I suppose it could have been salvaged from an old woodie at some point perhaps?
  14. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Should you chaps for any reason find yourselves having to stop or take refuge in Harwich(or Shotley for that matter)during the trip round to Norfolk then please feel free to shout for any assistance you may require, I live locally so might be able to help in some way or another..

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