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  1. Sunrise/ Sunset

    We have them around here, as ornaments since the county council decided to turn them off over night. Due to cutbacks the pavements are not fixed and are very uneven in places. The verges are overgrown and impeding the foot path making a night time walk back from the station very hazardous, and just to top it all, the drivers all seem to think they now need to use full beam in built up areas due to the street lights being turned off, meaning your night vision is totally shot.
  2. Ba's Latest Dredging Trial Cut Short!!

    Riverman, Do you know how it ended up where it did? It didn't look like an easy recovery. You're right about the dredging. At one point they were taking spoil from dredging the New Cut to somewhere upstream of The Chet. Those kind of distances mean most of the dredging budget is going on diesel transiting waste to spoil sites.
  3. Channel 4 Tonight's Canals Program Is On The Broads

    Just spotted that Tim and Pru are back on our screens tomorrow night Ch4 8pm. Two part series filmed in North West Portugal.
  4. The Need For Speed

    Google maps must be the most popular site in The City of London then!!
  5. National Park? Does It Matter?

    For those people who have been a member of or following a forum for a long time, it can be tiresome to see the same topics raised time and again, but it must be remembered that people who are new to the forum won't have seen those old discussions. Yes they can go and use the search facility and read all the old threads, but how many of those threads have digressed time and time again or just plainly descended into a slanging match? I think it would take a week of searching and reading for someone new to the subject to catch up on the various discussions about Thorpe Island. Which to be fair, over the course of the various discussions new nuggets of information did come to light each time buried amongst all the wheat and chafe.
  6. The Need For Speed

    I felt the need to respond to you straight away Alan, but now you'll have to wait for my reply
  7. The Need For Speed

    The amount of boats speeding around the Broads these days does seem to be on the increase, but is it any wonder when people are finding it harder to slow down in life generally? This story from my local paper is just beyond belief! Give people a fast walking lane in the shopping centre so they can get their shopping done faster and have more time to spend in the food and entertainment section. Really!!!! Get me off this treadmill now http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/15688331.Fast_lane_introduced_at_Lakeside_for_speedy_shoppers_this_Christmas/
  8. National Park? Does It Matter?

    and I thought Firework night was at the start of November!!
  9. Good News Or Not?

    Looks like Brooms is staying put at riverside, meanwhile they have submitted plans which have been recommended for approval for 155 homes and a supermarket on land they purchased to relocate the boat building business. I guess it is good news that Brooms are staying where they are, but will the extra income from the development of the land near the A47 be used to invest in the riverside business, or will they take the money and run? Selling or leaving Brooms to stagnate? I guess the massive expansion of Brundall may not be all good news for the locals either. Looks like the local council may have been a little too slow off the mark in securing the land for recreational use. If planning permission is granted then a compulsory purchase order seems unlikely. http://www.edp24.co.uk/edp-property/brundall-boat-building-firm-s-new-supermarket-and-homes-proposal-recommended-for-approval-1-5295800
  10. Community Speed Watch

    I wonder what percentage of those pedestrians would have been over the limit to be behind the wheel of a car?
  11. Community Speed Watch

    My car does 0 to 60 in 4.6 seconds. 99% of my overtakes are completed with the pedal no where near the floor. The Ford system appeals in that it helps you to keep your eye on the road and not constantly on the dashboard speedo. I remember when learning to drive, my father telling me, you need to drive for the other cars around you. Advice that has always stuck with me.
  12. Community Speed Watch

    I believe some of the new Fords have that system, but fear not, they have thought of everything. If you try to exceed the set speed limit it will starve the engine of fuel to slow you down, rather than braking. If you really need to speed and over ride the system for any reason, a quick stab on the accelerator disables the system for a while. I can see a situation where you are overtaking someone and they decide to suddenly speed up leaving you stranded alongside them and suddenly reaching the speed limiter, but at least you can still complete the overtake even if forced to speed and disable the system.
  13. Community Speed Watch

    Sorry have to disagree there. If a child runs out in front of you giving you no time to react then whether you "can handle the speed" or not becomes irrelevant. The speed you were doing before you hit the child is the only thing that matters. Also consider the car that suddenly pulls out in front of you, or suddenly swerves over your side of the road, makes no difference whether you "can handle the speed" the resulting impact will be the sum of your combined speeds. Speed does kill, doing the correct speed is less likely to kill.
  14. Ba's Latest Dredging Trial Cut Short!!

    Yep sorry hands up guys, I did think this was the light hearted forum, you know where you can poke the occasional bit of fun. I did forget the cardinal rules that only certain people are allowed to bash the BA and then the rest of you all stand up in defence of the BA Since the BA do hardly any dredging, let alone trial new ideas, I did think you would guess it was a bit tongue in cheek Still the real fact is that there is very much a big digger (who ever owns it) in the river and a hazard to navigation. Doesn't look like an easy rescue, and I guess that is the real news here. Thought that at least would have been of interest to some of you, or at least to those of us who are still out and about on the rivers at this time of year. Hopefully it's removed by the time the rest of you de-winterise. Quite surprised to see quite a few hire boats still out and about on the Northerns. Probably saw around 20 or so over the last few days.
  15. Ba's Latest Dredging Trial Cut Short!!

    Not sure to be fair. It was being held by a tug with Ipswich on the back. Was on The Bure upstream of the mouth of The Ant just before the first bend. Couldn't see any sign of a barge under the digger, but I'm assuming there must be judging by the way one set of tracks are nearly out of the water.

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