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  1. Well That Was A Rough Night

    But no knickers
  2. 24hr Moorings To Become 48hr?

    The EDP article actually covers two different subjects and I think there has been some confusion? 1. The promotion of Winter boating and more hardy privateers using their boats in Winter, as well as some hire boats being hired in the Winter and 2. The possible increase of mooring time from 24hrs to 48hrs on The Southern Broads. Unless I have misread it, this proposal is not season dependant? Personally I think the increase in mooring time from 24hrs to 48hrs is a bad idea all round. In the Summer time the problems are obvious. Somerleyton and Bramerton can get very busy and full and with decent pubs near to both of these you would get many people choosing to exercise the 48hr option, to the detriment of others who would like to use the mooring. I can also see groups that like to get together such as The NBN, or The Seamaster club, or the scouts etc etc monopolising such moorings for 48hrs rather than seeking paid options such as The WRC, the yacht stations and Salhouse as they do now. Whilst the moorings are generally quieter in Winter and it would perhaps make sense in the Winter, I still see draw backs. The majority of boats are not set up to be stationary for more than 24hrs. Most have problems with even a few hours before they feel the need to run engines, generators or plug in, let alone doubling that time period. The Winter period places greater opposing demands on a boats systems. Shorter daylight hours, means more lighting, heating etc used from batteries that generally speaking perform less well in a colder environment. If I hired a boat in Winter I would still want to cruise, otherwise I might as well rent a warm waterside property. Most hardy private boaters as mentioned above will not have the systems in place to keep everything topped up for 48hrs without needing to plug in or make noise. That leaves us with one group of boaters who are hardy, normally prepared for the coldness of Winter and may have made alterations that enable them to spend longer periods without running their engines. I'm off course thinking of liveaboards and continual cruisers, who are likely to have wood burning stoves, wind generators and perhaps upgraded battery, or electrical systems. Whilst not all of this group overstay on moorings, a fair number already do. Will moving the goal post from 24hr to 48hr change this? or just encourage people to try and stay for 72hrs? Give an inch and many people will take a yard. Whilst I appreciate that the canals often have moorings with longer stay periods, there is generally a lot more mooring space full stop. Until the BA provide a lot more free mooring space I would really resist the move to longer mooring periods. Perhaps the BA should work with the private sector and persuade them to provide more mooring space and fill a market for short to mid stay mooring. Most marinas provide annual moorings and some locations will provide 24hr moorings, pubs, Wroxham hotel, Barnes, Brundall Bay have a couple of 24hr moorings etc. I'm thinking of places such as Percy's Island, or Woodbastwick which are privately run, but still effectively 24hr moorings. Perhaps leeway for the owners to be able to charge for a 3 or 4 day period, or by the week? I can think of places down South that are piled and have private no mooring signs, near Langley Dyke for instance, upstream from The Beauchamp Arms. Perhaps encourage these land owners to provide a few more posts and safety equipment and allow multiple day or weekly lets?
  3. 24hr Moorings To Become 48hr?

    Aaarh the solitude, the peacefulness, the remoteness. I had another boating thirst this week! This year I have moored at North Cove and done the walk to The Swan at Barnby and also again North Cove and the walk to The Three Horseshoes North Cove, but this week just gone I have done The Dutch Tea Gardens to The Wherry Oulton Broad which is a good walk, but going back to the boat and finding you are still the only boat on the mooring is just magical. Moved on the next day to The Locks Geldeston to again be the only boat for the night. Mid October, Indian Summer and two nights a mooring to myself. Look what they missed.
  4. Aerial View Of Ferry Side Of Horning Moorings

    Maurice, you are right, I feel that as a forum "collective" we all give time to create the "forum" The moderators, the owners, the people who read the threads, and the people who respond to the threads. Without any one of those it would be a much poorer forum. There is nothing worse than giving time to respond to a thread only to see it pre-emptively moderated and closed down. That is not moderation. Vaughan has it spot on with his current thread. No one should feel that they are unable to participate in the forum, or want to participate in the forum, (Gracie, Addicted Carole) especially, you are the ones that need to keep the rest of us on track. Keep posting, and welcome back to Vaughan
  5. Aerial View Of Ferry Side Of Horning Moorings

    Without any prompting, or persuasion from anyone else? I'm sorry if my comment upset you Gracie, that wasn't the intention. I have already said to John HA that he can remove that previous comment if he wants. and please fell free to remove this one as well. There is a big difference between pre-emptive moderation, and moderating a thread that is going off course or breaking the terms of service. A forum with pre-emptive moderation is not really an open debate forum and has the real danger of becoming a sterile place.
  6. Aerial View Of Ferry Side Of Horning Moorings

    Because it seems that the members here cannot be trusted to have a proper conversation on a thread, therefore it is necessary at times to pre-emptively lock a thread before some one decides to step out of line. Perhaps all the threads could be locked and then their would be no need for moderation at all?
  7. Aerial View Of Ferry Side Of Horning Moorings

    Everyone has had their chance to air their views on this subject. Perhaps it can be locked now!!!
  8. Aerial View Of Ferry Side Of Horning Moorings

    Interesting piece in the press recently about someone reported for flying a drone near crowds. http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/15594782.Man_reported_for_unlicensed_use_of_drone_to_capture_images_of_steam_train/?ref=mrb&lp=20
  9. Breydon Water Closed To Hire Boats

    I asked the question directly of the BA some time back about who makes the decision to close Breydon Water and got a response from Lucy Burchnall. They only close Breydon to all boats if there is an immediate hazard to vessels or persons, or an obstruction, other than that they may close it to hire boats if there is an adverse swell, poor visibility or strong wind. If they close it to hire boats then they also advise private boats to exercise extra caution. The decision to close Breydon is made by the local rangers on the spot at the time, which would therefore imply that even if the Spirit of Breydon was in Thorpe, there were rangers on Breydon, There is normally two BA craft stationed at Goodchild. One of the old style lunches and S.O.B. I did ask what qualifications were held by anyone making the decision to close Breydon, but that part of the question wasn't answered. It does however mean that depending upon who is on patrol at the time, the decision to close Breydon may not be consistent as it is purely a judgement made by the team on the day. When Breydon is closed there is normally a launch patrolling the top end of Breydon or moored on the NRA jetty and the staff at the yacht station look out for boats coming down the Bure. It is worth pointing out that generally speaking the wind across Breydon tends to blow along the length of Breydon making for some interesting waves at times, but nothing too challenging for the average Broads boat. However I have been on Breydon at mid tide when it was quite full of water and there was a very strong cross wind directly onto the Portside of the boat. When full of water Breydon is also quite wide in places and the wind was picking up some decent waves that meant the swell was hitting the beam of the boat causing it to roll quite severely. Despite having a 12ft beam, it was still very uncomfortable and we countered it by effectively tacking across Breydon to ensure the swell was either hitting the bow, or the stern. (See mobo's can tack when needed) On that occasion we were just out for a play on Breydon and were not actually planning on crossing South to North, but was planning to head under the bridge do a turn and come back again. As we didn't need to be there and it was uncomfortable we turned back after about a third of the way across. The one and only time that I have been on Breydon and felt it wasn't worth continuing.
  10. It's Doing My Noodle In..

    As were their boats most of the time
  11. Beccles - High Tide

    I may be wrong, but I don't think they raised the level of the moorings to prevent flooding? I believe that they replaced the one way valves that allow rain water to drain from the grass area into the river. The previous ones had failed and as the water rose so it back filled the drain until a pond started to appear in the grass which is shaped like a shallow saucer and lower than the quay heading. The quay heading was also replaced and the concrete walkway renewed, but as I understand it, none of this was designed to prevent an overtopping flooding incident like what has just happened. I believe the replacement of the valves has been successful and prevented the drains back filling and flooding the grass. To prevent the type of flooding seen in those pictures you need either a flood barrier at Great Yarmouth, or flood plains along the river. The flood alleviation project seems to have removed a lot of the flood plains and with no where to go the water is backing up higher into places like Beccles. I wonder if the flood prediction models predicted that? Common sense might have?
  12. It's Doing My Noodle In..

    It is, or was Marina Keys, who remembers Line Azzurro? I believe it is owned by Great Yarmouth Council and was recently for sale but had no takers. The old clubhouse did get sold / leased and is now used as offices. The moorings have for some time had notices warning of shallow water at low tide. I believe there is a public right of way along there so security and the rise and fall of tide would make it not too good for long term private moorings unless pontoons and a secure gate onto them could be installed. Even then security wouldn't be too good from the river.

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