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  1. Philosophical

    So You Can Go Swimming!

    As I have written before a risk assessment does not automatically conclude with a "Pass or fail" It is the responsibility of those so empowered to review the risks and preventative measures detailed therein and decide if the event/task etc. is an acceptable safety risk. It is however usually followed by a signature or signatures of those agreeing that safety risk is acceptable. Does anyone know who signed off on the risk assessment?
  2. Philosophical

    Groupon Warning.

    No such thing as a free lunch eh?
  3. Philosophical

    So You Can Go Swimming!

    Earplugs, another excellent point that has been dismissed as insignificant and ignored.
  4. Philosophical

    Groupon Warning.

    Agree 100%
  5. Philosophical

    So You Can Go Swimming!

    Wow! BA has certainly taken on a responsibility there then.
  6. Philosophical

    So You Can Go Swimming!

    So I guess the outstanding questions are? Do they need permission from the BA? If so: Do they have permission BA?
  7. Philosophical

    So You Can Go Swimming!

    1 hour ago, rightsaidfred said: Have the BA confirmed that this event has been officially given the go ahead, I have not seen anything in the Navigation committee reports or elsewhere to say it has been discussed or approved. Do we know the answer to this question?
  8. Philosophical

    Wanted.aquafibre 38

    What do they say "Bung on another thousand" Look what I can buy for a lot less if not for a boat: 525 BHP
  9. Philosophical

    Groupon Warning.

    Might be interesting from a legal point of view; my recollection of contract law is that there would have to be an offer and and acceptance of a deal that included the benefits of the Groupon offer, and clearly people arriving at a restaurant believe that the contact has already been made with those terms. My thoughts are that the voucher is only binding when there has been direct contact between the customer and vendor on that particular deal and both have agreed to the terms.
  10. OMG a mutant species!!! One more mutation and we'll be into "Directus Debitas"
  11. Philosophical

    So You Can Go Swimming!

    To go back to some earlier comments suggesting that this thread had a died a death through lack of interest; maybe the event has in fact died a death through lack of interest?
  12. A particularly nasty plant has already invaded the NDR, the Trafficus Koni, as is well documented, unlike most plants the preferred habitat of this this particular species is the hard carriageway where it has already managed to block off one lane to traffic for a few miles. As we know from other roads a prime example being the M25 that once this species has a hold it cannot be eradicated and all too often lead to speed restrictions being put in place. Speed restrictions have be avoided at all costs as they are the perfect environment for another nasty plant the Trafficus Kameris, which has a particularly nasty flash indicating that the contents of your wallet are about to become devoured.
  13. Philosophical

    No Greasy Spoon At Acle? Broads Briefing.

    Correct, the unjoined dots would have led to a statement that boats in the 3 rivers race do contribute in addition to all the tourism benefits..
  14. Philosophical

    No Greasy Spoon At Acle? Broads Briefing.

    Sorry Ricardo you didn't quite join all the dots; the Beccles swim event does not contribute to the navigation budget, whereas each of the boats in the 3 rivers race will have paid a Broads toll.

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