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  1. PastorsDayOff

    I Want A Sign

    If they can’t read the numbers on the speed limit signs or the digits on their rev counters, what makes you think that they will be able to read your sign?
  2. PastorsDayOff

    Diesel Emissions.

    As a fully converted dieselhesd when it comes to cars (with a working DPF) I find all this, of course, highly annoying, and potentially expensive. That said, I am seriously watching the advancement of motor and battery technology, looking to the day when we can ditch the old technologies for something better. My hope would be that by the time the green lobby get their claws into the boating world, that technologies will be such that going electric becomes a convenient option. For me however, the practical technologies are not so far away. Having a sail boat makes me less reliant upon an engine. A small 500cc Volvo is all I have at the moment. But I have been watching a number of YouTube blogs of people with much larger sailboats, removing the engines, and replacing them with electric motors. Not needing to use them so much, they have found that solar alone has been enough to keep the batteries topped up. Free wind, free electricity, no emissions. Guess what I will be doing when my engine needs replacing?
  3. PastorsDayOff

    Petite Magnum

    You’re probably right. I didn’t actually take much note of the name. I just assumed that there weren’t too many around.
  4. PastorsDayOff

    Petite Magnum

    Saw it moored up at Stalham on Friday.
  5. PastorsDayOff

    Bye Bye

    Always happy to introduce people to sailing.
  6. PastorsDayOff

    Bye Bye

    John. Offer of a sail still open. Cliff
  7. PastorsDayOff

    To Travel Hopefully Is A Better Thing Than To Ar

    I hate driving, though I have to do it, and I don’t much like airports, so I choose not to fly. Boating in all its forms is relaxing and my preferred method of travel. That said; I have found a difference between the way we used hire boats (always motor) and the way we use our own boat (sail). When we hired, it was all about getting the most out of the boat, rather than the destination; though we loved the destinations; and I think that this was because we always knew that we had to give it back at the end of the week. Now owning a boat, it’s still largely about the journey, but we don’t feel that we have to push ourselves so much, which actually makes the journey even more enjoyable, as it is even more relaxing; we sail, and we stop where and when we want. Best of both! This might change however if we do take the boat out to sea; then it will become more about the destination, just to feel that we have arrived safely.
  8. PastorsDayOff

    Brundall Boat Show 19th May

    I will be there with Mrs (PastorsDayOff). Got to do something to celebrate her birthday, and it gets us away from the big TV event that’s supposed to be happening. Looking forward to it.
  9. PastorsDayOff

    Waveney Sailability

    It would be wrong for people to think that disability would stop people from being able to sail. One of the men who taught me to sail had a false leg (no parrot before anyone asks). Although neither my wife and I require wheelchairs, both of us have physical disabilities, and yet together we are able to sail. And I’ve seen these adapted boats, and they are very good.
  10. PastorsDayOff

    Sailing On The Up?

    People buy boats for different reasons. The good thing about the hire industry on the Broads is that you can hire boats of almost all kinds and have a go. Certainly when we were looking at buying, we looked at Broadland cruisers, twin engined sea goers, as well as sail. For us, we wanted something that we could eventually take out to sea and do a bit of coastal hopping with, and we simply didn’t have the deep enough pockets for the twin screw gas guzzler. Regarding the young children. All the children we have taken out on our boat have thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and they have all wanted to have a go. In truth, I regret not learning to sail when I was a lot younger.
  11. PastorsDayOff

    Sailing On The Up?

    Ok! You can prove any point with pictures. i meant the kind of sailing as being advertised on the website; though, with a bit more energy, this can certainly be done single handed.
  12. PastorsDayOff

    Sailing On The Up?

    I don’t know what a lot younger would look like, and I am certainly not asking. I find myself no longer saying ‘you are only as old as you feel’ as I feel myself a lot older than I am. But sailing requires a crew, unlike motoring, that on the most part only requires a helmsman (no insult intended). A good crew compliments each other and works together, some with greater energy and physical ability than others. For me, this is part of the pleasure, an experience to be shared. With the right crew around you, you may still find that sailing is possible, and a lot of fun!
  13. PastorsDayOff

    Sailing On The Up?

    Yeh, it’s a real buzzkill! But the offer is made, and you are welcome to call it in when you are next around. I am hoping to be out sailing tomorrow. I would have also been out today, but my ME bested me.
  14. PastorsDayOff

    Sailing On The Up?

    For those who live locally, I am always happy to give them the experience of sailing. Otherwise, try hiring one of the boats available for hire through the website. Instruction can be given, and then just have a go. If I can do it, anyone can. If you live locally, message me; I’ll take you sailing.
  15. PastorsDayOff

    Sailing On The Up?

    I jumped right in the deep end after a 30 year break from sailing, and most of that offshore. Looked at many boats to buy on the Broads, motor and sail, and getting back into sailing appealed to me. Didn’t take any refresher courses, but it really was like riding a bike; the knowledge came back. For me there is nothing better than enjoying the peace of the Broads under sail with the engine switched off. I recommend people give it a try.

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