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  1. socrates

    Restoration Of Judith

    Same here, you are more than welcome to look at Broadland Grebe. Those of us who have embarked on a restoration project will share your pain and pleasure.
  2. socrates

    Planning Alert Oulton Broad

    To the FA Cup?
  3. socrates

    Planning Alert Oulton Broad

    Maybe he pays?
  4. socrates

    Planning Alert Oulton Broad

    Could it be possible that he owns the land? Also, could it be possible that he has permission from the landowner? Some people are very quick to make a judgment without knowing the facts. Judging without knowing the facts is tantamount to prejudice. Clearly, this person is doing no harm to anyone. However, there are people who seem to find pleasure taking it upon themselves to make judgements about people who live a lifestyle different to their own. If someone is breaking the Law, it is up to the appropriate authorities to deal with it. The attitude of some people toward those who live aboard their boats on the Broads is shameful and reminds me of the unfortunate attitude we see toward travellers and Roma people.
  5. socrates

    Broadland Grebe

    We are certainly considering coming to Beccles wooden boat show for one day this year. Still got a fair bit to do on the inside in order to make BG acceptable to the purists. We are happy that the Judith M crew talked us into this adventure, we share your pain.
  6. socrates

    Broadland Grebe

    The old sliding roof sides were taken off and we carefully removed the windows, in order that the sides may be used as a basic template. The complexities of the job in hand required a high degree of skill in order that the new roof will actually work. Such as job has to be left to someone who knows what they are doing, with the cost of African mahogany, and time constraints for getting back in the water there was no room for error. Throughout the process it is a case of measure three times and cut once. The clearances involved are millimetres to ensure that the wheels run along the runners and the roof fits the front screen perfectly. Two brains are better than one when it comes to doing the sums, but cutting and fixing is left to Ricardo (who I hope will add some of the more technical descriptions) Basically, the sides were made up using the old sides as a pattern. A rough shape was biscuit jointed, glued using epoxy and clamped together over night on a flat bench. Once we had the rough shape, the correct angles and cut outs were accurately draw on taking measurements from the old sides and the boat front screen. Only when we were both certain that everything was perfect did Ricardo set about cutting the final shape.( See pictures for details) The sides were then sanded using 80 grit on a random orbital sander, and then checked against the boat in order to mark the exact place to fit the wheels. With the wheel holes cut out, the sides were sanded and prepared for varnishing with a final sand using 120 grit. Meanwhile, the wheels were removed from their housing, this was probably the first time in ages they had been greased. They were totally refurbished and greased in preparation for fitting when the sides have been varnished. As with much of the things on BG, the wheels of the sliding roof had been badly (never) maintained and neglected by previous owners. The result was that two wheels had seized and become badly worn. Little wonder that task of sliding the roof required two people and not an insignificant amount of force. Along with the wheels, the roof struts were also refurbished for re-fitting. The sides were then given a coat of 50% varnish and 50% white spirit using a Purdy brush. I know some people may disagree with our method of varnishing, but it is what we are doing. The ratio of varnish to white spirit will be increased to 80/20 for the next coat and then straight varnish for the next 4-6 coats with a light sand in between coats. The final coat being applied once the sides are fitted to the boat and the windows are in. It is certain that we will not make our launch date of 15th May, so we have now put this back to 28th May. There is still much to do and not a lot of time to do it in.
  7. socrates

    Broadland Grebe

    I was being polite as usual. Yes, Janet certainly needs a lot more work and will be a splendid example of a classic Broads boat when completed.
  8. socrates

    Broadland Grebe

    For those who are observant, you will notice that the boat next to us is also being restored. This particular boat is Janet 6 and she is a some way off completion.
  9. socrates

    Fleet Dyke Video From Lord Paul

    Back in the day we found Sea Dart was a fairly effective method to deal with hostile aircraft. Whilst they no doubt serve some purpose, I find drones irritating and intrusive when flown over my boat. This happened several times at Somerleyton last summer. It seems a fair number of people are using them on the Broads.
  10. socrates

    Broadland Grebe

    This is just a quick up-date on the latest work on BG. Going back a few years there was a TV programme hosted by a rather eccentric and recently departed engineer by the name of Heinz Wolf, it was called the Great Egg Race. Well, I feel like I am now in one of those programmes trying to pull everything together in order to get BG on the water and cruising by 19th May. We now have one cabin side on, ready for varnishing and the deck is just about ready fro a scrim coat and painting. The Port side was removed to reveal two rotten frames which we did not know about. Anyone with a wooden boat will know that feeling. With help, these were replaced and a further two frames temporarily repaired in order that we can progress. Another job added to the list for next year. Ricardo did his magic with the hatches and finished the job with a rather fetching quadrant. Primed and undercoated, the hatches are now ready for top coat. The hull was also given two cats of undercoat and is ready for the white top-coat. Ricardo and I removed the old cabin sides in a few pieces as possible but due to our old friend rot, damp had crept up into the roof for a god 6 inches. We peeled back the roof covering in order to dry the wood out and noticed that at some point someone had covered this part of the roof with rather nasty plywood. Following a lengthy discussion, it was decided to let the roof dry out and aim to use fibreglass to make good the rotten areas. We measured the windows and ordered rubber seals for all the windows on the boat. The new rubber was locally sourced and very reasonably priced from Walker Rubber in Norwich. I had to return home to work, but have managed to get another week off next week in order to continue the refurbishment of the sliding roof and Port cabin sides. Unfortunately, I will now not be attending a certain Champions League semi-final! (Ticket sold to a friend) Ricardo has planed and cut the wood in preparation for making up the new sliding roof sides so there is some light at the end of that tunnel. It really feels like we are against the clock now with a load of painting and varnishing still to be done and just two weeks in which to do it. The first picture shows the new beam and carling fitted to the Port side. This was treated with Cupinol and then painted with Damboline. The other pictures show the extent of the rot in the sliding roof and the sides of the roof removed. If anyone is around Somerleyton next week, you are more than welcome to come and have a look at what is going on. Best to PM first. I will post further progress net week. In the meantime, enjoy your sunny days on the River!
  11. socrates

    Breaking The Rules

    I look forward to regular updates on the maintenance, refurbishment and modification of your new vessel. Take it we are having a play with it on the River tomorrow?
  12. socrates


    So it was for no other reason than to show off. Thanks for the clarification.
  13. socrates


    Does that mean it had to be done? I was asking why someone had to go through the Wroxham Bridge backwards. What conditions would make it necessary to go through Wroxham Bridge backwards? I am interested to know.
  14. socrates


    Didn't know you could take your boat through PH without a pilot. Could have saved £10 each way. Don't understand why someone would have to go through Wroxham Bridge backwards. Live and learn.
  15. socrates


    Yes, that is his name.

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