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  1. Picnic Anyone?

    For just shy of £100K it should have at least a bow thruster . Had a look the other week at it and it is well finished, but it is essentially a day boat, I don't think I would want to pull out the bed into the saloon every night.
  2. Northern Vs Southern Broads

    I too like both sides, we moored in Thorpe for several years, then Wroxham and now Potter Heigham. Vaugham said: "What I have noticed most, after a 30 year absence, is that the north rivers are every bit as overcrowded now, if not more so, than they used to be in the 60s. Why should that be, I wonder, when there are now around 800 hire boats, instead of 3000 before? " Is this because there are more private boats? or have a missed something?

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