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  1. Smells

    I liked the smell of Swarfega. Dad was always tinkering around on a saturday with car engines and then washing his hands in the kitchen sink. I seem to remember a stripey tin but could be wrong
  2. Smells

    Boiling gammon ham using mum's recipe of herbs and spices. Always reminds me of Sunday lunches as a kid. Its so lovely to replicate that in my home now :) Weird one - clipped box hedging which reminds me of my grandma. She died when I was five but its a very vivid memory/smell as I walked up the path to stay with her.
  3. The Best And The Worst

    I dont remember a bad boat on the Broads but I did love the Connoisseur. That will always be a favourite. The worst was a barge on a canal somewhere. I remember us being stuck in the middle of nowhere waiting to be rescued. Dad in the end got it up and running again , knowing him, most likely using a wire coat hanger and black insulation tape (always two vital bits of kit where ever we went according to him) . We've got a roll of black tape on our boat :)
  4. First Night On The Broads

    Ive always thought i was around a year old when i was first on a boat but talking to my parents today, I was apparently only three months old on my first Broads holiday in 1969. I was bathed in the sink. I must win the prize for youngest first trip ;)
  5. Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Handy for the low bridges :)
  6. Rascal's Fleet

    We didnt have a survey done. Part of the deal was the boat being lifted for an a mechanical overhaul , anodes etc as well as loads of other checks and antifouling. After viewing another boat which I was convinced would be 'the one', I personally wouldnt buy one unseen though. It smelt horrible, it was darker inside than I was expecting, it was musty and felt really , really creepy. Maybe Im weird but it really bothered me being in it and couldnt wait to leave. The one we have now just felt right. Cosy, welcoming and smelt nice!
  7. Calling All Musicians!

    What will the name of the band be?
  8. More Balls

    They are stunning!
  9. Calling All Musicians!

    It was either the triangle or tamborine lol
  10. Calling All Musicians!

    Im sure I could play the triangle
  11. Weekend On Broom Captain

    Lovely write up and pics. Beautiful boat too :)
  12. Nbn Quiz Night

    Yes, my tofu canapes will be very popular Im sure
  13. I Am Now Officially On Holiday

    Have a fantastic time. Please post pics!
  14. Nbn Quiz Night

    but the fact i can award Grendel the tofu that i know he so dearly wanted .......
  15. Nbn Quiz Night

    thank you Grendel. Ill award you an extra point and a box of tofu I have to say, it really is quite hard setting questions, trying to make sure the info is accurate and trying to get a balance of easyish and more taxing questions . If i get to do it again i will use two screens. My son's bedroom is like mission control he has so many screens

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