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  1. scaniaman

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    If a fitter did that bodge in my employ, he would be getting his p45, that`s really poor quality work. Sorry rant over, hope you enjoyed your bacon butties
  2. scaniaman

    Old Broads Boats

    Oooh, a Westward 38. John Williams design what a cracking boat they are.
  3. scaniaman

    Broom Scorpio

    Know you gone off the idea, but what about the Norman 18 not a live aboard just 2 side seats & all weather its 17` 8" one on e bay for 2K with trailer
  4. scaniaman

    Lads Week

    Would that be the Rascal dressed as friar tuck ?
  5. scaniaman

    New Addition To The Workshop

    See Greg virgoe on youtube he`s done a good mod with his cyclone
  6. scaniaman

    River Bure Dredging To Start 24th April

    Have you become Sir Humphrey Appleby? MM
  7. scaniaman

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Hi robin. your blue smoke is usually turbo seals,valve stem seals,valve guides or worn piston rings.Given that the engine is still fairly new its likely to be turbo seals letting a little oil through.If it clears up as the engine warms up it should be ok. Still sounds great though. paul
  8. scaniaman

    Beginners Guide To Boating.

    hi malc,if you look on richardsons hire site they have some good starter vlogs.Also plenty on you tube. paul.
  9. scaniaman

    Nanni Instrument Panel Backlighting

    Will probably be 286 in white or green, could also be 509t depends on voltage, 6,12 or 24, 509 are similar to 286 but are fitted with a holder that fits into printed circuits. you can get them on ebay. hope that makes sense. paul
  10. scaniaman

    Kenmure The Continuing Restoration

    More,more,more please. paul
  11. scaniaman

    Broad Ambition - TLC Time Again

    Beware when fitting the flexi panels.A gent on a youtube tried playing it as a wobble board before fitting it, he could not get it to work fully afterwards. see "cruising the cut" Love the boat and your thread Socrates.these boat are becoming important history now. Owners,like yourself, griff, and polly should be proud of yourselves. Paul.
  12. scaniaman

    Having The Right Tackle

    Think robins already got a bbq with fridge under on indies sundeck
  13. scaniaman

    New Member Aristotle

    I thought it was a Yorkshire philosopher/god renovating old woodies.but a big welcome aristotle I love restorations am sure it will be an instant hit on the forum
  14. scaniaman

    Countryfile Awards. Did The Broads Win?

    Oops,sorry Peter ive already downloaded it from the other thread just thought it might help others. Its certainly a good report though.The people writing the report are interesting,including representatives from the secretary of state and the Local government association.The recommendations summary looks tame,however given that its done in civil service speak, the last five items get to the points that you been raising, policy and actions being pushed through,members sidelined,local authorities left out of decision making and entire committees overridden. as you said "good stuff innit" The best was left for last though under the heading next steps it says Immediate next steps. That says to me take onboard the recommendations or else collect early retirement.Late nights in BA towers methinks. paul
  15. scaniaman

    Countryfile Awards. Did The Broads Win?

    Peter, perhaps you need to reproduce the "peer review" in this thread so that members will see what recommendations were made and, more importantly, who made them.Sorry I can't do it myself yet i'm still only using one finger. paul

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