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  1. Delilah

    Relive The Fifties At Hemsby

    Ohhhh, Sir Wyndham... So do I! I had a word with Phil at the Bridge, Acle, a while go, when the best "prize" was a plastic red chicken...
  2. Delilah

    Relive The Fifties At Hemsby

    Bad photograph, but a bit like this
  3. Delilah

    Relive The Fifties At Hemsby

    A bit like Mablethorpe.... I've been there twice, and there are amusement arcades that that take old pennies. Not sure what you would call the machines tho? They're the ones that have metal balls that roll round? The next time I went there was a Morris Dancing Festival
  4. Delilah

    Bye Bye

    .....and he told me again....."It's time to play the music, It's time to light the lights.....it's time to meet the Muppets on the Muppet Show tonight" I rest my case D..xxx
  5. Delilah

    Bye Bye

    Hmm...not sure how, exactly, to respond to this, Kermit... D...xxx
  6. Delilah

    Bye Bye

    How about these, Grace...then you don't have to choose either way.... D..xxx
  7. Delilah

    Bye Bye

    Grace, my love...how about these babies? Cooool, don't you think? Xx is the JF in the cage at the back? Sorry guys, this isn't what the thread was about, I'm trying to lighten things up...Apologies D xxx
  8. Delilah

    Bye Bye

    Right, I'm leaving to start a Shoe Forum, with Grace...... D..xx
  9. Delilah

    Bye Bye

    You would never....would you? Not me? D..xx
  10. Delilah

    Bye Bye

    "it's time to face the music, JF..... it's time to light the lights...... D..xx
  11. Delilah

    Bye Bye

    Can I put my take on things? I'm very new to this forum thing, having never been on one...not even a Shoe or a Nail Polish one...in my life. However, I've listened to NN and now joined, so I'm a virtual newbie and have found that this, if someone asked me, is a really good place to start...and be...just for the experience Just my thoughts...Dxx
  12. Delilah

    New Member Saying Hello

    Hi A very warm welcome from me too! D xx
  13. Delilah

    Here At Last

    He's said THAT word, NN...... GRACE! Sort him out, please xx
  14. Delilah

    Are You, Like Me, A Fat Pig?

    Let me and Grace take you on a shopping trip, JF, you'd love it. Just think how many shoe shops there are, how many department stores, clothes shops? And that's just for starters!
  15. My mum came from a fairly big family. She was the eldest of nine siblings and was the first to get married. She wanted to carry on working, so up to school age my nana looked after me, so I had what I thought at the time were big brothers and sisters. It was great! My nana introduced me to George Formby, Old Mother Riley and my absolute favourites, Fred and Ginger and the music of Cole Porter, Irving Berlin and George Gershwin. IMHO, you cannot top some of the songs those guys wrote and even now, listening to them on the radio it takes me back to that time....

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