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  1. His And Hers Boat Reviews?

    Sorry, I've done it again and logged on as Mr N. At this rate we'll be divorced by April! Sorry Howard
  2. His And Hers Boat Reviews?

    Of course Katiew! We came down in December last year, and it was Mr N's birthday on the Monday. We picked the boat up on the Saturday and moored up in Herbie Woods boatyard at Potter so that I could go and inspect the tat in Lartharms. Mr N went to the Falgate after he'd had one of the excellent burgers from the burger van. So, whilst I was tatting in Lartharms and he was in the pub, the Environment Agency raised the barrier at the entrance/exit to Herbie Woods boat yard, which meant that any boats that were in there, were in there til the following Monday. The EA do this if there is surge of salt water, which would kill the fresh water fish that normally use the boat yard for shelter and protection. So, this meant that we would have been locked in HW boatyard from the Saturday until the Monday. I was NOT pleased with this. How many times can you go round Lartharms in two and a half days? And there was just ONE pub. Knowing Mr N, he likes to sample two, three, four, sometimes five pubs. So, HW must have realised that we were there and phoned the boatyard that we hired from. This is where Daniel (from the boatyard we'd hired from) came into it as he came looking for us. In the meantime, I was so incensed with being told that we'd be locked in there for two and a bit days, I got on my mobile to the EH and told them what had happened. It all turned out well tho, as the EH lowered the barrier and we escaped
  3. Shed/boatshed/watershed

    The Castle was a great pub and to some extent this is providing a place for the locals to drink where dogs and wellies are welcome.
  4. Shed/boatshed/watershed

    Definitely open. Doing a brisk trade too. Only 2 beers on, Black Sheep and Ghost Ship, the latter on good form. I know some folks are not keen but at least it's providing an alternative to the King's Head and Hotel Wroxham. Sad to see the wall of beer gone
  5. Birthday Trip

    Ha ha! Well, if it promotes him, that's not a bad thing seeing as I'm the newbie on here and need to show some respect to the people who have been members for quite a while Well, that's Cromer done and dusted. Now off back to Norwich as the other 'alf wants to sample the beers at the Great British Winter Ales Festival. He'll be getting Whiskas for tea tomorrow, but please don't tell him
  6. Birthday Trip

    Wow, Mr deebee29, I've just clicked on your link. That would have been fantastic yesterday and this morning. The problem that we had was that there IS a windscreen wiper, but it only covers less than a quarter of the window. That's why I was dressed in totally non fashionable clothing trying my hardest to wipe the other bit of that window, the other window and the glass in the front door. Hi Grace xx Sorry logged in as Mr Nog by mistake - DOH!!!
  7. Our Hire at Acle are good as above They do a lot of school runs though, best to book early For us its's Wendy at Horning Cars everty time very friendly and reliable However for that trip you'd be best to ring Our Hire I would suggest but give them some notice If you ask Mark at Bridgecraft nicely and if he's not too busy he might pick you up Fantastic yard, nothing too much trouble
  8. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    I don't think you should but you can bet there will be a clause in very small print hidden away somewhere to the effect that the owner can alter the terms at any time to suit themselves it doesn't seem right to me, I'll certainly be sticking with Bridgecraft!!!
  9. Guess Who Just Got Wed?

    Congratulations from me and Mrs N too
  10. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    Another big thumbs up for the smaller yards then. They really do give a level of customer care that the big boys can't/won't
  11. Just In Case.....

    Polly I thought for a minute the great man had come back..... (cue wistful smiley)
  12. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    Exactly!! Remember these plonkers?
  13. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    I've been wondering that for a while. I think there is more to it. Perhaps we will never know!
  14. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    We've always spoken to Bridgecraft directly, they are always happy to take bookings from us. The way it works is that Hoseasons get their commission irrespective whether you go through them or book direct. I suspect Hoseasons go by the 'script' whereas if you speak to the owners direct you can invariably get a much more satisfactory response. Same with Swancraft, always dealt direct - another great family yard, sadly missed
  15. Dog Friendly Pubs

    Actually it's probably easier to list the pubs that don't allow dogs! As a tourist area the vast majority of pubs are savvy enough to allow dogs (at least in one area of the pub) and if a pub doesn't, take your custom elsewhere! The only pub I can think of that definitely doesn't is the Waters Edge. Serving food is not a legitimate reason to exclude dogs as long as they are not in the food preparation areas obviously. Strangely Wetherspoons don't allow dogs but screaming badly behaved kids are welcome!

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