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  1. Breydon Water Closed To Hire Boats

    I've just seen a post on Twitter to say that Breydon Water is closed to hire craft today. Question is, if I hadn't chanced to look at Twitter would I have known? Just curious.
  2. Shock Closure Of The Buck At Thorpe

    Hi Mark, yes been in the Buck, that's true, let's keep fingers crossed!
  3. Shock Closure Of The Buck At Thorpe

    That's very interesting. Developers often use car parks to build houses etc. Problem is they often do seem to have deep pockets as a means to get what they want. They usually go to appeal too if they get knocked back first time. 250k sounds very reasonable but for some perverse reason pubcos seem to prefer selling to developers rather than private individuals or local groups. If the site could be developed for housing the rewards could be significant indeed. I'm also intrigued about the other pubs, it makes me wonder if a package deal has been done. Sorry to sound pessimistic but these pubcos make Al Capone seem like Andy Pandy (showing my age now) They don't care about public opinion and even less about their poor tenants.
  4. Shock Closure Of The Buck At Thorpe

    Enterprise will, no doubt, want to squeeze every last drop of blood out of it if they can. turning it over to management could be an option (not as profitable) but they are very keen (as all pubcos are) to deal with greedy property developers and sadly luxury flats or a care home cannot be ruled out. The site must be worth telephone numbers. Planning permission should be an obstacle of course but I wont hold my breath. Is it a listed building? An iconic pub in York is to be demolished and a care home built on the site. Make no mistake, these people are ruthless and don't give a jot about heritage or communities. The only thing they are interested in is profit. I do hope I am wrong. (should have probably gone in the steam section)
  5. Shock Closure Of The Buck At Thorpe

    Thanks for posting Mark. Such I shame, I really feel for them.
  6. New Inn Halloween Party

    Probably. Is this the Horning New Inn? Does seem a bit strange but if a pub can get the punters in, that sounds good to me. I'm spreading my birthday over 10 days in December
  7. Shock Closure Of The Buck At Thorpe

    The Caxton Club do let CAMRA members in as they are listed in the Good Beer Guide. Mrs N and I showed our membership cards a couple of times but they remember us so we haven't done for a while. We normally go in over lunchtime but did go in the concert room one evening when they had a band on. They seem fairly relaxed about it, possibly someone on the door was being a little zealous. The prices are very reasonable too, not a great deal of difference to Wetherspoons and the beer is absolutely top notch as Paul, the steward, really knows his stuff. They have quite a few awards on display above the bar.
  8. Shock Closure Of The Buck At Thorpe

    I'm not so familiar with Castle Carveries JM although I believe the Wherry Hotel is one? I'd guess they're all managed and on prime sites. Wetherspoons again go for prime sites with maximum footfall. Again they are all managed. They work on low margins and high turnover. They also buy beer in eye watering quantities, for example all their pubs sell Greene King products and Doombar etc. Therefore they contract to take thousands of barrels and get a very good deal. No doubt they do the same with the grub. The pubs that have the problems are the Ei, Punch, Marstons etc which are tenanted, have lower turnover, charged massive rents and have to pay around double for their beer compared to the free trade (and probably 3 times what Wetherspoons pay) I have been in the Kings Head although I much prefer the Caxton Club Wetherspoons have much to commend them but personally I find them a bit soulless places. I'd rather pay a bit more and drink in a more sociable atmosphere. Even though we are not local the steward in the Caxton Club knows me and Mrs N and looks after us very well. For me that's the difference. I know I'm in the minority though, sadly. As an aside look how well the Stanford Arms does. Its not a pubco pub. That I think is the nub of the problem.
  9. Big cuts and changes according to the EDP http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/crime/norfolk-police-scrap-pcsos-close-stations-and-front-desks-in-cuts-1-5243705 I hope Grace's favourite man in uniform will be OK!
  10. Menu From Early 1970’s

    It was indeed, I've just seen the same one on Twitter
  11. Menu From Early 1970’s

    Incredible. For the late sixties early seventies I reckon you can multiply by 20 at least for todays prices. That would still make beer 2 quid a pint though. perhaps beer has fared worst than most. I stated work in 1971 in a fairly junior role, I seem to think I started on about 12 quid a week. It was just around decimalisation and I seem to recall beer being about 12p. Certainly (as FTM commented)I remember drinking under age in 1970 in the local Tetley pub and mild was 1 shilling and 8 pence and Bitter was 2 shillings. Spirits, I think, were more expensive about 2/6
  12. Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    Thanks for the updates Griff. Bit perturbed about the 101 litres for Evening Light though. We've got Freedom (same Class) booked for Feb as per the norm but I'm sure we've never used anything like that. Did they have the heating on a lot do you know?
  13. Unusual Sign

    A picture would help but even better if you could give a rough location, postcode possibly? If we could get even a rough idea of the location it might help. But don't worry wouldn't dream of trying to compromise your security especially with recent goings on.
  14. Unusual Sign

    doesn't ring a bell but going way back there were numerous small breweries. I'd be interested to know where it is but obviously in the current climate I wouldn't expect you to post on the forum. Carol might well know.

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