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  1. Any Pictures Of White Stuff On The Broads?

    Bit like that here in Beccles Grace White stuff coming down but not settling (yet)
  2. Any Pictures Of White Stuff On The Broads?

    It does seem that the Broads must be one of the few areas to have escaped Reedham, St Olaves, nothing apart from plenty of rain!!!
  3. Any Pictures Of White Stuff On The Broads?

    That's interesting. No snow at St Olaves, just freezing rain. Mind you if it had fallen as snow it would be quite thick by now. I think it gets warmer tomorrow.
  4. Any Pictures Of White Stuff On The Broads?

    I've got loads from 2010 Snow was forcast for today but it's just raining (in Reedham at least)
  5. Flood Warning For Riverside Properties On The Yare

    We did! Levels are higher than I've seen in s while
  6. Flood Warning For Riverside Properties On The Yare

    It's high in Potter too. Just about topping the moorings. We've gone in Herby Woods yard.
  7. Moorings Extended Over The Festivities?

    You do get a few boats out in December, the honey pot moorings, basically Horning and Ranworth get used a bit particularly around the electric posts. JA's advice is sound, it is best to get some cruising in to charge batteries.,
  8. First Day Of Advent

    Mrs Nog has this hidden away  I wonder what would happen if it fell overboard accidently ..................
  9. First Day Of Advent

    For any new members who haven't seen this before, check out Carol's superb version of this Christmas classic. Blows away Kylie's version
  10. First Day Of Advent

  11. Ex Alpha Boats To Enter Bb Fleet?

    Bridgecraft have acquired another ex Alphacraft, I think that might be the one.
  12. I think it's definitely Acle but looks to me like outside the shop with the old Anchorcraft in the background (ie not the Bridge Inn). Happy to be proven wrong of course. Bit of a topic drift........... Now where's that spare 23 grand I had tucked under the mattress..........
  13. Pub At Thurne

    Some information about what's on at the Lion over the festive period. Looks good Apologies for the quality, nicked from social media
  14. Rental Mooring Needed On River Yare

    .....or you could have a word with Paul at Swancraft (Brundall) . One of our sponsors, ad at the side here with contact number. Good facilities.
  15. Good News Or Not?

    “This, the applicants argue, would result in positive economic benefits for the village by securing existing employment.” That's very interesting. Presumably the economic benefits cited would be the boat building business although I don't suppose it would be legally binding. The cynic in me thinks they might take the profits but let's wait and see! I bet it doesn't include any affordable housing. Isn't there some mechanism where councils can attach conditions, for example including play facilities in the scheme? Be interesting to see how it pans out. If officers have recommended approval I don't think it's a given that it will get passed.

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