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  1. Menu From Early 1970’s

    It is strange how often as we try to further ourselves we end up with less. At 19yrs old having been at Landamores just six months I got my first Mortgage and bought a house, I rented my 2 spare rooms as well as worked full time, life was simple and I had few worries. Now I have so much more in some ways but with it no money and little social life. We people need to reassess our priorities i think.
  2. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    Sorry I cannot join in, if I vent all my pent up steam in this little room then you good people will not see the light of day for some time!!! Breathe, smile and carry on. :)
  3. What's Wrong With This Sign?

    Children should not be allowed in pubs is not a rule i could ever accept. Only ever been told children are not welcome once and that was this year, we were told we could use the courtyard, as a family we about turned and left. Not all children are loud badly behaved monsters, mine most certainly are not. Nobody is required to mind their language around my brood, they know all the words but know not to use them, they will sit with adults, be behaved and enjoy their evening, I will stand for nothing less and they know it. Once in a play area they can be and do what kids do. Educate manners and etiquette, not segregate so they never learn any.
  4. 12v Multi Wire Battery Connectors

    The battery connector gets a big no from me. Like Vaughan says the only wires i like to see at the battery are the main battery cables, I personally like to isolate the positive line, on the permanent live side of the battery isolator i will run a feed for bilge pump and at times the memory feed line for a stereo (both with a form of protection), then the distribution feed off the switched side of the switch to feed distribution board and or starter motor. All negs terminate at a neg bus bar or common post then the main battery neg back to battery. Lastly very few boats have it but its really good practice to have a heavy duty master fuse close to the batteries in the Positive to isolator line. Not saying all other installation methods are wrong as there are a few ways to get a safe result but the above is my preference.
  5. Building New Cruisers

    If anyone has a spare £50k under the mattress that they're itching to spend, I will happily set to making the MBA 21' picnic boat (sheerline 21 in its former life) the moulds sit there but I cannot afford to gear up, staff up and produce one.
  6. Using A Boat With No Bss

    I would be pretty sure it will invalidate your insurance, any excuse not to pay out tends to be the way they work. Dont be let down, Tim Waters is super reliable Alan May also comes recommended. If you need anything putting right for BSS it does not have to cost the earth, depending on the boat's location I will always help.
  7. Don't Pass The Buck!

    Weed cutter when through very recently, shouldn't take long to clear whats floating about.
  8. Don't Pass The Buck!

    Unless they have changed the signs again, then yes you can still moor, the signs that replaced the old BA signs were not clear, they have all the relevant info on them but in a way that only made sense to the person who designed the sign and with no regard to how much could be easily read from a boat. I must admit I am not fully up to speed with Thorpe Green affairs, I have not had a meeting with the town council for a few months now, but my understanding is that they were intending to keep the middle section of the green available for public mooring, I am not sure if they hope to charge for overnight in future or leave it free.
  9. Stern Tube (shaft log) woes

    Shaft well out of line and rubbing on stern tube.
  10. Norwich

    You can still moor at Thorpe River Green, as soon as the town council put up their new signs I had a moan to the town clerk as from the river your eyes are drawn to the largest most bold writing on the sign which reads No Mooring, read the sign fully and you will see you are still permitted to moor for 24hrs. I was told that the signs may well be changed.
  11. Don't Pass The Buck!

    Give me a shout and I will see you there.
  12. The Buck, Thorpe st Andrew. Still a traditional pub with character and charm, where you can pop in for a pint but it has to be said that there food has changed big time and is now not just good value but outstanding quality. Yes I am biased as I freinds at the Buck but check out this review. http://theburgermannorwich.blogspot.co.uk/2017/07/the-buck-on-green.html?m=1
  13. do you want names if people are not afloat? or just those coming by boat?
  14. I am not often the most sociable but 10 years is 10 years its a biggy, its also 10 years this December since I left employment and gave MBA Marine ago, I shall not book a berth as I doubt i can get on the water but I will hope to get down one eve with a few bangers and a beer (just the one, will be driving). be good to meet a face or two.
  15. Do you have a Freeman?

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