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  1. Hire Boat Update.

    Lets start putting the heads back up at the head end, attach a dump through throne on the bowthruster tunnel, bombs away, thrust to port and discharge turbert puree to starboard whist keeping two cheeks firmly to the seat for the high speed botty wash!
  2. I took my first hurrah down this new eradication of our countryside, I drove the new section from Aylsham road to Taverham. I felt a bit dirty using it but the old road was no longer accessible to use. Fairly safe to assume all the old roads rather than being ripped up and returned to nature will slowly all get new housing built around them. Does it show i'm not a fan!
  3. Handy Information Tab

    Toby is a top bloke, I often give him referrals he has helped me out a number of times.
  4. Handy Information Tab

    Possibly Brian Greenwood, Toby Cox bought his business when Brian retired.
  5. Handy Information Tab

    Trevor Preece, all things window, refurbs, leaks, and new 07850250811 Toby Cox, Mobile with Workshop in Stalham, Gearbox/outdrive specialist, engines outboards and diesel heater service/repair 07788598789 Ignition Marine http://www.ignitionmarine.co.uk/ MBA Marine, Jack of all master of none! http://www.mbamarine.co.uk/ 07810547779 or 01263834742 Not sure what numbers and websites are valid for Jon, it may still be all as it was before with Wayford marine services just without the big ol' boot yud! That's a start.
  6. Handy Information Tab

    There are also loads or yards missing, Phoenix, Whispering reeds, maycraft, Cox's did you have Sutton Staithe on there?
  7. Handy Information Tab

    Hi guys, Just a thought and not for solely unselfish reasons. The handy info tab has a section for boatyards North and South but it would also be nice if there was a section either in boatyards or kept as a separate entity for all the mobile people and there are quite a few of us, some I know and some I don't. Maybe this section exists and I missed it. Myself. Toby Cox Wayford marine services (aka Mr Heward) Ignition marine Trevor preece (windows) Alex (I forget his surname, sparky in Brundall) Also: Boat transport- GMR, Abbey, Jon Heward, Ian stuart, Tony Tugboat Canopy makers. You guys pooling experiences can put more names together than I.
  8. The Buck Is Back!

    I am very happy to see the place re-open but it's bittersweet, My friends lost their jobs with a weeks notice, a great team were torn apart and have sort employment elsewhere. Good luck to the new management, the past is not your doing and I wish you success.
  9. Until the oil covered float switch fails, pesky things dont like oil. The water sensor switches also do not like a dirty bilge (who does?!!), when covered in oil/bilge slime the sensor is unable to detect the dry bilge and continues to run the pump.
  10. The filter makes an automatic bilge pump that is potentially able to discharge oil BSS compliant. It's great in theory and i have fitted them to satisfy the requirement, however depending on just how oily/grimey the bilge the filter can soon be blocked making the auto pump useless. I have seen a bilge pump fail due to running for a unknown period of time with the batteries sustained with a battery charger, thankfully only a failed pump and not a sunk boat. I shall not name and shame but I have also found (twice) empty filter bodies in the pipeline, looks like a filter but does not block up so fast!
  11. Winterising Engines

    With the cost of repairing volvo penta, I should wrap them in numerous layers of bubble wrap and some cotton wool for good measure.
  12. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    As someone who struggles with the written word and can't read a book without yawning after one page, I have no problem with the Americanisation of English, there is so much that to myself makes no sense with English, you cannot learn it by rules as for every rule there is many an exception. Why do we insist on putting a 'U' in the word colour when color works just fine? Why do we need so many spellings for 'there' when it's the context of the sentence that defines its meaning one spelling would have done for all. Sorry I know i'm a heathen.
  13. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    I have a gripe. It's become the Norm on forums, live text commentary and comments pages to abbreviate all names down to initials, this may save the poster time when typing but I then spend an age trying to translate this code, it is really annoying at times where there are multiple people/organisations with matching initials, does my head in, is it so hard to write the full name? Guilty I do use BA for Broads Authority, oh hang on did I meen Broad Ambition?
  14. So You Want To Live Afloat?

    I have worked on many a liveaboard boat, permanently static and constant cruisers, the basic set up is not hard, insulation is not hard but not cheap and time consuming, some stuff loft insulation everywhere, I cannot recommend this, retaining a ventilated space between the hull and cabin sides helps keep the living space warm and stops damp building and rotting the timbers, foil covered bubble insulation is superb for pinning across battens and bearers with your lining panels on top. Ability to pump out the black water tank is crucial, those that cruise can go to a pump out and those that are static need the means to pump out/porta potty cassette empty. From my side of the fence my biggest gripe is 'stuff' some liveaboards like a lot of stuff in a very small space, then they phone and ask you to fix something or add something, then I find a one hour job takes half a day but it's hard to charge half a day's money for a one hour job, I really like most of my customers and some are good friends but I am still waiting to find one that has cleared fully the space I need to work in.
  15. Shock Closure Of The Buck At Thorpe

    Howard, if you know the site you will know there is a row of buildings behind the Bucks garden all with river view. A developer would find it difficult to get enough properties on the site to make it work. The Griffin however been closed for some time with a large site I suggest is a block of flats coming sometime soon.

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