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  1. Don't Pass The Buck!

    Weed cutter when through very recently, shouldn't take long to clear whats floating about.
  2. Don't Pass The Buck!

    Unless they have changed the signs again, then yes you can still moor, the signs that replaced the old BA signs were not clear, they have all the relevant info on them but in a way that only made sense to the person who designed the sign and with no regard to how much could be easily read from a boat. I must admit I am not fully up to speed with Thorpe Green affairs, I have not had a meeting with the town council for a few months now, but my understanding is that they were intending to keep the middle section of the green available for public mooring, I am not sure if they hope to charge for overnight in future or leave it free.
  3. Stern Tube (shaft log) woes

    Shaft well out of line and rubbing on stern tube.
  4. Norwich

    You can still moor at Thorpe River Green, as soon as the town council put up their new signs I had a moan to the town clerk as from the river your eyes are drawn to the largest most bold writing on the sign which reads No Mooring, read the sign fully and you will see you are still permitted to moor for 24hrs. I was told that the signs may well be changed.
  5. Don't Pass The Buck!

    Give me a shout and I will see you there.
  6. The Buck, Thorpe st Andrew. Still a traditional pub with character and charm, where you can pop in for a pint but it has to be said that there food has changed big time and is now not just good value but outstanding quality. Yes I am biased as I freinds at the Buck but check out this review. http://theburgermannorwich.blogspot.co.uk/2017/07/the-buck-on-green.html?m=1
  7. do you want names if people are not afloat? or just those coming by boat?
  8. I am not often the most sociable but 10 years is 10 years its a biggy, its also 10 years this December since I left employment and gave MBA Marine ago, I shall not book a berth as I doubt i can get on the water but I will hope to get down one eve with a few bangers and a beer (just the one, will be driving). be good to meet a face or two.
  9. Do you have a Freeman?
  10. Does Anyone Have Any Knowledge

    We are all assuming that the 300w heater is being asked to heat the tank from cold, but what if you have a standard inboard engine and calorifier set up, a large domestic bank of batteries but either dont have shore power or access to it. A few hours chuggin gives a tank of hot water, well insulated this lasts well but does cool, so does this immersion just kick in at times keeping the tank above 50degs and the benefit of a nice warm shower in the morning without running the engine? Someone buy one at let us know how you get on!
  11. Wayford Marine

    Why not post the website link to the boat(s) you are looking at and let people on here say if they think its worth a look, some of us may have seen or know the boat and can offer advice.
  12. Stand/plinth For Mudweight

    Thanks people for adding the ebay link to my ad, GRP mud weight plinth always available, I try to keep one in white one ready on the shelf. Sorry cant help with a stainless one.
  13. Survey Questions

    Dinner plate very bad indeed, I worked on a boat last year that had dinner plate sized blisters, give it a prod and you get a face full of water, remove the blister and after drying your face what is left was a creator but worse that a creator was backed by barely an 1/8th of glass left, and it was wet on the inside, GRP is porous due to water tracking up the centre of each glass strand like a straw, we face the surface with a water tight barrier being the gel but still a knock and a chip or just thin gel and water finds a way. Boat sinking is usually down to bilge pump failure, but how the water got in the boat can come from many places one of which can be leaching blisters if they're big enough.
  14. Survey Questions

    Would that be an old Norman boat in the link? it would have to have a nearly new outboard to be worth that sort of money. Old cooker, porta pottie and a bit tatty. Any tares in the canopy and how 'crispy' is the canopy material? Its double the money I would expect for a boat like this unless its in mint condition, and its not uncommon to find them in working order for £1500, the engine is the bulk value of a boat like this, if its a old 2 stroke i should give it a wide berth.
  15. Day Boating In A National Park

    Joint effort with Andy (Freedom) we took 6. I am quite pleased with the elbow room, that modification has made a big difference.

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