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  1. Oyster Marine

    Windboats used to build for Oyster as did Landamores, Oyster bought out Landamores as a builder and binned off windboats. Gunfleet is the interesting one, started by Richard Matthews a few years after he sold Oyster Should add Landamores still trade from there old site in Hoveton and are slowly growing again.
  2. Oyster Marine

    They're nothing to do with Oyster
  3. Oyster Marine

    It's a sad time for those who have just lost their jobs, I had friends working there that were still there from when when I was a Landamore boy building Oysters, one of my best friend's is currently in a state of shock, he was their a few years before me, I was there for 8.5 years and have been gone 10, he has lost the only job he has ever known. In my time before Oyster became masters of their own downfall, Landamore's purchased a lot locally including the largest part, the bare shells were fabricated at Bridgeland moulders then transported about 3 miles for fit out. Oyster must have been Bridgeland's biggest customer I hope Bridgeies will be ok.
  4. Structural Concerns ,yes Or No

    I have done a couple of Hamptons and even one in the side of an old mediterranean, if you can access underneath to fully clean up, prep and bond in then its easy, if you have to fair it out on the outside to bond in the joins it will take more sanding and finishing, either way it will be worth it. Structurally no problem as long as you bond it all back in properly. just make sure the gas pipe is not clipped up along where you cut!
  5. Diesel Bug

    I have been considering training and buying the equipment to add a mobile tank cleaning service to the list of things MBA Marine can do. Trouble is there are filtration systems and there are the dogs dooda's of filtration, polishing and tank cleaning equipment. If I am to do it I want the dogs dooda's set up, but right now I sunk everything into dayboats (money and all spare time), Im looking quite a few thousand pound of investment.
  6. Will It Be A Bumper Year?

    Easter being early just means I have less time to get boats ready for it! I had all winter, where has time gone!!
  7. Wherries

    As a wise senior boat builder once said to me "Let your eye be your guide" and that's what i say to this day every time i can't find a tape measure!
  8. Hire Craft Moorings At Horning

    Did the BA not start implementing two visitor births in the terms when granting permission for large developments? Or did i dream it? i'm none too sure!
  9. Financail

    I am not certain, but I thought that a boat just needed to be up for sale displaying a for sale sign and not necessarily with a broker to avoid a toll whilst for sale. Personally i do not have a trade plate, I have borrowed some at times to move untolled boats, however I cannot sit all high and mighty, I have moved one or two without a toll in the past.
  10. Raise Your Glass

    Happy new year to one and all. I would like to take the opportunity to not only wish you a happy healthy new year but also to say thank you to all those who have supported MBA Marine over not just 2017 but for the 9 before, yes this new year takes me past the big milestone of 10 years self employed. 2017 has been mentally one of the most draining but I feel up for the challenge of 2018. Bring it on, now raise those glasses, have a good'un peeps.
  11. Heater

    Gas propex is cheaper but does eat gas. Diesel water circulating systems are on of the best but Chaaaaching! Most opt for blown air diesel heaters, still very expensive but one of the better options, however starting from scratch you will find the ducting/insulation crazy expensive.
  12. The Broads Or France?

    It is so easy to take things the wrong way, and it's also very difficult to know if one is taking things the wrong way or if you have it the right way. I have fallen foul of this myself although I did not raise it as an issue I found the need to distance from posting much a year or two back as with some regularity when I posted something I was getting a reply from one member, usually offering their viewpoint differing from mine. Did we just have clashing personalities? had i offended this person leading them to find an argument with anything I had to say? or was I just being paranoid? I dunno. The member in my case does not seem to post on here now although I do still see their avatar on FB pages. As with real life the cyber world can be hard for all to socialise together in harmony. I would however say that phrases like 'play nicely people' (not used in this thread) are likely to do as much to calm people's tempers as a liverpudlian with a full scouse accent saying 'calm it down, calm it down'!
  13. One For Vaughan

    There be a boat that has had a lifetime's worth of work for a long lifetime, just look at the equipment and hoses in the engine bay, inc what looked like an Onan generator all I would say under 20yrs old, the condition if those internal timers all look like new, and the man power at their disposal combined with the facilities (lifting gantry ect) this is stuff off dreams, clean tidy and light working environment I am truly envious. Nice boat.
  14. Fridge Advice

    except an invoice from me!!
  15. Lady Linda

    Hopefully nothing serious and worth checking out. But also worth a reminder that there are many boats sitting at odd angles this time of year, full of fuel and empty of water and whatever the owner has removed for winter can leave boats looking a bit lopsided, also keel v's no keel, no keel planing hulls out of trim can look very odd.

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