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  1. Martin we too are overnighting on Malthouse so see you there.
  2. springsong

    Petite Magnum

    You are quite correct Howard, Springsong my old Windboat was destroyed in the fire that levelled the yard. It was so fierce that a 38' steel cruiser on the slip was buckled by the heat. http://www.broads.org.uk/wiki/index.php5?title=Boat_Details&BoatId=2506&BoatHistory=3189
  3. springsong

    Rnli Online Shop

    A good while ago my daughter went for a job at RNLI Pool;e . She was astounded by the salaries these people were earning and hasn't contributed since. It seems that head office are living off the backs of the volunteers.
  4. springsong

    Proms On The Pier

    Morning all This maybe of interest to some of you. You of course don't have to go by car you can always drop the weight and listen to the music over the water. In the past it has been a good evenings entertainment. I have never tried to post a PDF so I hope this works. Proms on the Pier NBYC1 (1).pdf
  5. springsong

    Go Western Light...

    Robin there used to be a sign on the corner of the house with the balcony, just past the Rising sun. It went something like this. No hire craft beyond this point. It was not official or at least did not look so, may be put up by a resident of the house.
  6. springsong

    Horning Boat Show

    Q it was quite possibly you who very kindly helped me over the pontoon bridge to the club, I was in a wheel chair but you helped me walk over the bridge, if not you thank whoever it was please very kind and helpful. I saw Alan but no one else ap[art from Boaters i n passing..
  7. springsong

    Morning Flight 1990

    I used somewhere have that particular issue of MB&Y heaven knows where it is now.
  8. springsong

    Boats Far From Home

    We used B&Q oak floor in our galley. Taken whilst being fitted, still looks good today.
  9. Back in the day Norwich Brewery delivered to the Berney Arms by boat, or lighter to be more exact; as did Steward and Paterson, or who ever the brewery was that delivered to the Pub pre the lovely Norwich Brewery.
  10. springsong

    Where's Timbo?

    Gt well Timbo Your boat needs you, I still expect you at Beccles.
  11. springsong

    And Our Survey Says

    Fit a Mini sump plugs with its little magnet.
  12. springsong


    That was my thought too Vaughan.
  13. springsong

    More Orbs

    I have a couple of car models that I keep on CD's that give coloured reflections. Just a thought.
  14. springsong

    Old Broads Boats

    I thought you would have got that by now. Dawn Craft of Wroxham possibly Crimson Dawn ? I think.
  15. springsong

    Calling All You Gin Soaks!

    Oh Chris I do so agree, Plymouth Pink yum. A favourite before the Vodka got to me.

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