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  1. Any Pictures Of White Stuff On The Broads?

    As I said in the second post on this thread, there wouldn't be much around the broads area was correct. Over many years when it comes from the southwest/west, it rarely comes down as snow. I remember a young Jim Bacon who was with the BBC weather centre in Norwich when they closed and he went on to set up Weatherquest at the UEA, saying that he had been here nearly two years before he realised that the weather in Norfolk didn't follow the national trend.
  2. Large Load

    Very large abnormal load going through Rackheath on it's way to Yarmouth.
  3. Any Pictures Of White Stuff On The Broads?

    Somehow I don't think there will be much in the way of laying snow on the broads, we are nearly outside the yellow warning area. More likely a mixture of rain sleet and snow.
  4. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Installing the missile system is he?
  5. Save The Dogs

  6. End For The Printed Agency Brochure.

    Long live the printed word! The day is not too far away when the internet will be overwhelmed by hackers and viruses.
  7. Ex Alpha Boats To Enter Bb Fleet?

    They brought about their own demise, as those in the know are aware. I shall say no more.
  8. Televisions For Boats

    Why the need for a telly on a boat? Surely going boating is to get away from it all.
  9. Free Heat..?

    What sort of aircon system is it? A lot of them are reverse cycle, so can heat to an extent as well as cool.
  10. Happy Anniversary Your Majesty

    I have just downloaded it but can't open it.
  11. Happy Anniversary Your Majesty

    Vaughan, I sincerely hope that you are still as irresponsible as you used to be.
  12. The Buck Is Back!

    I bet you have loads of beer on board, alright, you may have just drunk it in the nearest pub. It's a sort of internal takeaway.
  13. The Buck Is Back!

    Enterprise changed their name to EI as it stands for 'exit imminent'. If you fail - out If you do well they up the rents etc. - out If you do really well - they chuck you out.
  14. New £10 Notes

    I think that, unlike the old pound coin, most the old fivers and tenners have virtually disappeared already as the life of the notes was pretty short.
  15. Big Changes Ahead

    Are you sure you really know what you want on your boat Robin? It's strikes me that throughout this thread that you are going to spend more than you paid for the boat. Why do you need to spend a fortune upgrading your nav gear to cruise the Yare and the North sea.? I'm not decrying you Robin, it's just that it having worked in the industry based mainly around Oyster Marine, all these super dooper integrated systems came hand in hand with big integration problems. Keep it simple.

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