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  1. The Broads Is Not A National Park!

    You have to promote it TO the general public for it to be understood BY the general public
  2. Swing Bridges

  3. The Broads Is Not A National Park!

    Plus, I keep hearing all this squit about the Sandford principle leading to a demise of boating on the broads, there are a bloody sight more boats on Windamere than there were before the Lake district became a National Park.
  4. The Broads Is Not A National Park!

    Surely being an area associated with other outstanding parts of the best country in the world is a gem.
  5. Broads Hotel

    They quite often do while correct all the c**kups.
  6. Broads Hotel

    Foundry House which is on the same side of the main road is being extended out over he existing rear car park. There are no plans to extend the supermarket side of the main road
  7. I'm surprised that the letter writer really thought that the meetings were to take on board serious concerns, they were held purely to been seen as going through the "democratic" process. They are attempting to make as much traffic use the NDR as they can to justify the spiralling cost.
  8. The Broads Is Not A National Park!

    Talk about a merry go round.
  9. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    So, if the hire boat policy is applied to the roads, will this mean I won't be able to hire a car on my own?
  10. Related To You Peter?

  11. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    So the insurers are taking the view that an adult and a couple of children are a bigger risk that a boat load of stag or hen parties out of their tiny minds on booze or worse!!!!!
  12. Sundog formally known as Alice

    Yep, I was there, Saturday march 15th 1975.
  13. Vintage Day Boat From Hw

    I'm fairly sure that the fore end wouldn't have looked like that back in 1927.
  14. Another Newbie

    Unless you start praising the moderators. Welcome.
  15. Vintage Day Boat From Hw


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