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  1. About the average price for a pint and a fancy sandwich in some of the Broads eateries
  2. Ps does anyone know the rough age group of the people onboard the boats?
  3. The increase in technology means that people are more aware of drunken antics. They've always happened it's just that you hear about it more these days so people assume my generation are all p***heads junkies and general snowflakes
  4. There were around 20-30 students (16 year old) jumping in at the fen mooring on Friday as it was their last day at school but none had boats. Maybe the hire boats saw them and thought " that's a good idea" but adults didn't have as much common sense as the kids did.
  5. I love seeing all the different boats cruising past but very much dislike the size that some of the boats have become. IMHO 50ft plus shouldnt be on the Broads Branden
  6. Did you notice any black spots on the fish you were catching? Down at Brundall every other fish I caught today was covered in them. I took a quick snap to put on here.
  7. Ain't that the truth, I sometimes wish I had a sailing boat as it seems everytime I plan to take the boat out for a cruise it's always too bloody windy. Any sailors out there if you want a windy day just give me a message, I'll plan to take the boat out and the gods will surely make it blow a typhoon to stop me.
  8. MBA Marine do them. They have one on eBay at the moment. Look at this on eBay
  9. Hi Pia would love to see some photos of the boat is it still the dandy you're working on? Branden
  10. I bought mine and the father in laws licenses today. Mine was £30 his was £20 the jammy git.
  11. Handy to know, I did wonder how they compared to proper fitted fish finders. I think I won't bother with a fish finder as don't really want one fitted to the boat was hoping to just have a portable one fairly cheaply. Thanks for the reply Fuzz
  12. We can't all fish like this forever I do agree though about the mystery of fishing, it's the reason why I don't lake fish. The problem I have is that when I take friends out with day licenses to fish off the boat and they don't catch a thing, they don't bother coming out anymore. If a device could help increase the chances of them catching something they'd be more inclined to come along and actually pay for an annual license. Branden
  13. That's how I've always fished, but there have been times like with any angler that I'll sit for hours without a bite wondering what could be down there waiting. I've never wanted to fit a fishfinder to the boat but thought a portable one might be a handy thing to have aboard and to try out on the slow days. Branden
  14. Hello all. I was wondering if anyone has tried one the wireless or Bluetooth fish finders that connect to smart phones. I've spotted this one and was wondering if they're any good before buying one. Thanks in advance Branden.
  15. Hi all just wanted to post a bit of a warning for any car owners on here from the Norwich area. My brother woke up yesterday to find his catalytic converter had been cut off his car sometime overnight between 1-5am. By the looks of things they'd pulled his wheelie bin next to his car to give themselves some cover whilst they cut it off. It was a clean cut both ends so looks like professional tools used rather than a hack saw. Unless they crawled under the car and spent alot of time under there which is unlikely. The police haven't been informed as Bro says they won't be able to get the cat back so whats the point. I've tried talking him round but he's too p****d off to go through the hassle. Branden