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  1. brandenjg

    Whitlingham Electric Posts

    There's a whole boating community in that area who I imagine would be using those posts regularly this time of year. Have you noticed the yatch station has metal covers and locks over their posts this year. Good luck to anyone hoping to plug in in the Norwich area Brandenjg
  2. brandenjg

    2017 Broads Memories

    What stands out for me is that unfortunately I had to sell my boat due to money restraints. I had a good season though and managed to navigate the entire south side of the Broads so I can tick that off my to do list. On the plus side I've got myself a tidy little inflatable and outboard so 2018 will be my year for exploring the north side. No more annual mooring fees for me Brandenjg
  3. brandenjg

    Boat Rescued

    It amazes me how Ill prepared some people can be. It's cold it's winter, you're on a boat, you'd dress warm. A 25ft boat must have the facilities onboard to heat water for a nice brew if not a cheeky bottle of rum stashed away. I'd always stored blankets on my boat for emergencies such as someone going overboard. Ive been caught out in a similar sort of situation before and used the mud weight to pull myself to the side boiled the kettle and filled the flask then wrapped up as warm as I could to settle down for the night ready to work on the outboard at sunrise. Branden
  4. brandenjg

    Still In Shorts

    Spotted a chap on superbike yesterday, helmet, gloves, armoured jacket, boots, a pair of shorts. It was snowing so not as though he got caught out whilst in his shorts he must of planned to wear them. P.s at 70mph on a bike you lose about 20degrees c temperature.
  5. brandenjg

    Who’s Dropped What In The Broads ?

    I've dropped the equivalent of an entire toolstations worth of tools in over the years. Most recent loss was my NHS exemption card at the church fen moorings. Branden
  6. brandenjg

    Dockless Bikes In Norwich!

    It didn't take long. http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/new-ofo-sharing-bikes-vandalised-and-thrown-in-river-wensum-1-5274176
  7. brandenjg

    Harsh Treatment

    It happened the other day, an elderly couple were cruising with a film crew and lightly nudged the poor boat.
  8. brandenjg

    Best Speed App ?

    I use cyclemeter as it shows point mph E.g 3.7mph also has a small map which tracks your journey and shows an arrow each time you reach another mile. Will also show journey data. Max speed, average speed and distance. P.s it's free on play & app store Branden
  9. brandenjg

    Another Scam........

    I've been having a good clear out ready for moving and have alot of things advertised on Gumtree. Atleast 10 people have messaged saying they want an item but would it be possible to arrange delivery at they're own expense. All my ads say Collection Only so I know it's a scam to try and get banking details for payment so I don't reply to them but thought I'd post as a heads up to everyone on here. P.s I've noticed alot of people say they're interested and can collect in the next hour but once they get your address they stop messaging and never turn up. Not sure if that's a potential scam aswell. Branden
  10. brandenjg

    Star Seen In Horning

    I can picture pru saying "oh the Broads is a national park" and Tim correcting her saying "well no it actually isn't but the country folk like to say it is"
  11. brandenjg

    More Stupidly On The River

    About the average price for a pint and a fancy sandwich in some of the Broads eateries
  12. brandenjg

    More Stupidly On The River

    Ps does anyone know the rough age group of the people onboard the boats?
  13. brandenjg

    More Stupidly On The River

    The increase in technology means that people are more aware of drunken antics. They've always happened it's just that you hear about it more these days so people assume my generation are all p***heads junkies and general snowflakes
  14. brandenjg

    More Stupidly On The River

    There were around 20-30 students (16 year old) jumping in at the fen mooring on Friday as it was their last day at school but none had boats. Maybe the hire boats saw them and thought " that's a good idea" but adults didn't have as much common sense as the kids did.
  15. brandenjg

    Loves And Dislikes Of Boating On The Broads

    I love seeing all the different boats cruising past but very much dislike the size that some of the boats have become. IMHO 50ft plus shouldnt be on the Broads Branden

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