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  1. Hylander

    Silverline Wisper

    Shame there isnt an emoji for a disgusted face.
  2. Hylander

    Overnight Mooring Close To Beccles

    Sorry Vanessan but Aldeby is now £8. If you want peace and quiet the mooring just before the Yacht Club are really a pleasure to be at. Whats £8 these days, doesn't even buy the soap powder.
  3. Hylander

    Bow Thrusters

    We thought that when we had a bow thruster fitted cost about £4,500 plus a electric winch another £3.,500. Did we get our money back , no , so dont expect it. Just put it down to making your life easier and enjoy yourself.
  4. Hylander

    Overnight Mooring Close To Beccles

    You can moor on the right as you approach Beccles, saw that it is now £8 for the night. Good safe moorings and their posts are similar to Polkey's Mill nice and high so no fear of getting caught on the side. The chap comes round for the fee. We moored there last Summer and it was fine depth wise.
  5. Hylander

    Planning Alert Oulton Broad

    Just one thought (dangerous) when he does move does he leave all of his clutter on the bank? If so then no one will moor there which is unfair to others.
  6. Hylander

    Planning Alert Oulton Broad

    Oh dear , better apologise forthwith. What can I say, no we did not cruise to Norwich but just passed by this chap twice. As you say you cannot judge a book by its cover, but Ricardo what folk see is what they see and it rather looks like someone has taken up residence for now and for always but you say he moves and he is a good sort, that is good enough for me. Sorry. As you say others are not tolled. I will go and get back in my box. Only joking... shows how you can misjudge.
  7. Hylander

    Planning Alert Oulton Broad

    No they would not make him homeless, he would be like all the other genuine liveaboards who move around the broads. If that was the case they could all rock up and moor wherever. Loads of liveaboards who do not clutter the place like this. Someone is pulling someone's p..ser here.
  8. Hylander

    Planning Alert Oulton Broad

    It looks to me as if the boat owner has every avenue covered. Large boat to live on, small boat for trips to the shops and hopefully dispose of his porta potti, gazebo for sitting out on the land (whose land?) wood piled up on the land. How come he is allowed to stay there?
  9. Hylander

    Planning Alert Oulton Broad

    I am wondering if this little plot had planning permission?
  10. Hylander

    High Tide

    Yes time to shift your car PDQ I would think up at Blakeney. They do warn you at The Blakeney Hotel not to park your car too far down near the estuary because of High Tides.
  11. Hylander

    Planning Alert Oulton Broad

    The idea that this site will provide facilities for boaters ie pump out, water etc is most appealing. WRC's pump out facility is grim at the best of times. Not sure if Topliner still is a pump out. Sandersons isnt not always available and it is a right trudge to Goodchilds. Even more of a trudge to Hippersons.
  12. Hylander

    Broom Captain

    Back home again now. Must say that The Captain lived up to expectations and more besides. One thing to mention that could catch someone out is that , well on Captain 8 and I assume the others are similar the 12 volt charger is a USB type and not a cigar type connection. Luckily we had both with us. The boat handled very well and with ease. It started without the performance of counting to wait for the 'whatever they are called to heat up' you just turned the key and pressed the starter and it started. There was even enough storage for me who takes the kitchen sink as well. The TV worked in every location. Just loved the canopy area at the rear which remained toasty despite some times a cold wind blowing. A real luxury boat.
  13. Hylander

    Bye Bye

    Flaming Norah I would be in A & E if I wore those. Look just the job for a Broads boat
  14. Hylander

    Two Weeks On Ranworth Breeze

    We passed you near to Hardley Mill this morning.
  15. Hylander

    Bye Bye

    That is a debatable point. (pun).

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