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  1. To Moor Or Not To Moor?

    When approaching the New Cut just before the bridge is a BA mooring for Yachts with very high masts to demast, last time we passed by there was a very swish Brundall type (very high) boat moored there.
  2. Reflections At Great Yarmouth!

    Night photography can be a bit of a minefield and you have captured the scene extremely well. What camera have you got. I have a Nikon D3200.
  3. Thank you Geoffrey, once more a real stunner. Love the idea of the Mozzarella cheese with the sauce.
  4. Wroxham Bridge

    Is anyone else having problems with photographs. It may work for you but all I am getting in a box is 1-14.thumb.jpg.2287e7ae3981c178f520319e36bce45a.jpg in a blue box. I get the same for all of the photos.
  5. Wroxham Bridge

    Obviously you are right my perspective is incorrect I won't bother to post anything else.
  6. Wroxham Bridge

    A moment ago. Chaos and Havoc or as my Uncle used to say Ch (with a ch) chaos and haverac.
  7. Wroxham Bridge

    Just lately I have seen two hire boats come through , no pilot. about 8 ish in the morning. When do the pilots start.?
  8. Chicken Kabab Cooking On The Corsican Part 25 ...

    Sorry , that was daft wasnt it I completely misunderstood. I do apologise.
  9. Chicken Kabab Cooking On The Corsican Part 25 ...

    Happy at no time have I asked Geoffrey to apologise for the music.
  10. Chicken Kabab Cooking On The Corsican Part 25 ...

    My goodness me Geoffrey you do like hard work but oh boy did it looked so delicious when you had finished. You must have got the patience of a saint. Asbestos fingers needed I think to handle the kebabs. Was that racket (music) coming from Pedros. Never noticed Pedros before. Well done.
  11. Horning

    I looked at the web cam this morning and we have a rainbow or is it my eyes?
  12. Wherry Maud

    Maud spent some time at Hardley Mill for the summer solstice. She is one smart looking Wherry.
  13. Cruising Low | Bronze Gem

  14. New Video

    I am sure Jonzo wont mind me adding this one. You cannot say they are boring , far from it.
  15. New Video

    I thought you had to use the pilot if in a hire boat. I ask because when hubby watches this the question will be raised. I love his way of cooking, a little bit of this and a little bit of that. My kind of cooking.

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