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  1. 45 Mph Winds Predicted.. Advice Please

    Whatever you do dont leave it too late to moor. Last week was manic enough and every pile of bricks up the Ant even those we have never thought to moor at were taken. Womack on Tuesday was packed to capacity with people looking to moor at 6 o'clock and past that time and almost pitch dark. A Broadsman nearly took us all out coming down Womack Dyke about 6.10 he was going so fast , in fact our boat lurched forward long before he arrived, there was nowhere for him to moor and he moored on the place for yachts there, he had no choice. They were even moored along the main river. So like others have said try nearer to home. Barton Turf and even there you can moor in the trees if all is taken. Irstead would be taken very early on. Have your Rhond Irons to hand ready. Bring a torch with you to enable you to check your ropes after dark. Have a really good time.
  2. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    Start charging them road tax for all the cycling paths provided, we have to pay road tax so why not them. You would find they cheered up overnight.
  3. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    Sorry if posted before but at moment got boat brain. There are grey bins at Womack as you kindly told me. Big sign. .... for boat waste. I took pleasure in informing the BA as they give out duff information. We'll done Womack Parish.
  4. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    I emailed BA who tell me no facilities for rubbish at Womak. Seen loads of people walking down with bin bags and none coming back with them so there must be bins.
  5. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    You want to be in Tesco's Grace when they announce " In Isle 3 we are giving away. ......" If you are not careful you will be run down in the stampede. Every other isle is completely empty. Most of this queue is made up of pensioners. Yes and I am very much one at 72. This happened a few years ago and I was astonished.
  6. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    Thank you much appreciated.
  7. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    Nothing to do with letting off steam, can anyone confirm whether or not you can dispose of rubbish at Womack please. Thinking of going there tomorrow. Thank you.
  8. Hurricane

    Boat is rocking and creaking. Really bad, checking ropes all the time.wind is roaring. Roll on the morning..
  9. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    Ruddy coke bottles the 2 ltr type. They don't stand up in the trolley or your bag for life. Whoever designed them wants shooting. Check outs at the tills. Do tell me what man can at the same time not only be putting the shopping on the conveyor belt, but also pick it up and put in bags. I would like to shake his hand.
  10. Roast Potato's Cooking On The Corsican Part 32

    Life is too short for low fat rubbish, if you are going to have a roast spud have a decent roast spud, it is not as if you eat them every day. Everything , yes everything in moderation.
  11. Roast Potato's Cooking On The Corsican Part 32

    Have you tried Stempsters? They are a local potato and I try to get a couple of sacks Nov/Dec time. I roast mine in Trex.
  12. Peaceful, Pleasant Mooring? If Only!

    What a pillock.
  13. Wroxham Mooring

    They seem to be dredging now.
  14. Peaceful, Pleasant Mooring? If Only!

    Cat amongst pigeons time. I think bon fires in the 21st century are anti social and unnecessary. Nothing worse on a good day, Windows open some Hiawatha decides to light up making all your bedding stink and your washing. I have been known to take my washing round and ask for them to rewash it all. The local council can prosecute people who cause a nuisance with bonfires. Carol you have my sympathy.
  15. Brooms Bolero

    I always use Andrex the original, 2 ply , no cushions or any other quilts either on the boat or at home. Got to be white Andrex.

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