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  1. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    So a fun packed afternoon of taking the boat to bits - currently I have no portlight in the Galley and in its place a bin bag to keep the water out. I have lost my spreader lights too and the fridge is non-operational so using the second one on the sundeck for beer cooling. This in ongoing and needs a new Rectifier. My friend Dan who came up today with be doing a dive tomorrow and taking photos and film of the hull along with measuring our actual draft. Today, other than the the above was cosmetic cleaning and further water tank treatment. Tomorrow we will attempt to move the boat alongside my neighbor which should free up enough room to get the RIB in the water. The RIB was tested and serviced in August so I am confident she will run but she needs Petrol not diesel to run the engine. Crane had a complete new Carbon lifting wire, and manufacture certified test as to load also last August. Life Raft is a six man job, and I might just buy a new one rather than mess about with it being serviced since it is 2003 vintage it has seen a lot of weathering and storage despite its certificated tests and services over that period. Lots of bits and bobs to get tomorrow including having bespoke stainless steel brackets made to hold the new LED spreader lights on top of the Radar arch and may be having a 4Kw warm air heater installed between now and our departure date to avoid having to run the generator when underway to make electric to run fan heaters. Anyway all this is being filmed but doing a bunch of things too means stopping to film what is going on is not that easy as on may think but will tr and post updates daily here to keep people up to speed.
  2. Breydon Bridge Currently Not Operational!

    I had changed plans to Great Yarmouth simple because it avoids more miles once on the Broads and the draft might be a bit tight for the New Cut if we come in at Mutford Lock. I will keep a keen eye on this and hope it is fixed soon!
  3. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Well I am worried about the section of line through Dawlish as the sea state tonight there is not going to be kind and may affect trains passing through here. No it did not - having spoken to several people at the Boatshow I was advised to wait until could go with a complete system and not buy a radio only to have it for a short time before an upgrade. The current system works it is just not AIS equipped. I also have two back up hand held VHF's one waterproof and floating, a grab bag, EPIRB but need to get some Flares from the local Chandler
  4. What Would You Do ?

    I found this recently, as had no idea you could buy 12KG Gold bars through mail order.. £397,890 each! However the site has an option to store your Gold at Brinks - for free for 6 months - lets hope they still have it when you go to collect the bars..
  5. The Downside Of Being A Facebook Member

    I think this raises a good point that your 'digital' life is as important as your 'real' life. It is how things are now, where once a generation ago you would collect photos, cine film and in the 1980's and 1990's Camcorder footage that could be found easily, gone through and shared with family - much of this now only exists online. I would consider thinking about keeping a note of your login details with a copy of your Will so they can be dealt with as would be any other items one would own in the physical sense. In the case of Facebook you can (while you are alive) advise them that when you die you wish to have your page memorialized. In so doing sensitive information (such as status updates and contact information) is removed from your profile, while privacy settings on the account are changed so that only confirmed, existing friends can see your profile or locate it in Facebook’s internal search. You can find out more here: https://www.facebook.com/help/150486848354038?helpref=faq_content
  6. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Finny I have gone one better - a friend has put be on to these: Fast and easy removing - no heat gun, no razor blades - the same chap called the Marina to see if they would accept the parcel, but has sent me some Teak veneer strips should I need them for the interior to dress any areas. I truly feel like I its me and then a whole bunch of others along side me even when I am on my own and I can see having a few thank you parties on the boat in the finer weather :)
  7. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    So the time is ever closer - the last parcels have arrived today (including my vinyl names for the boat) - I measured the stern one, I guessed the size for the bow ones. I now feel they may be a little too tall to fit within the blue band that goes around the boat from the bow. That said, I am not worried since these are not the final 'design' but there was no way I am leaving the marina without the boat being named before hand so these are basic single colour decals was a must for the stern. I have also found a site that has a weather station 'over the way' from the marina and live updates every 10 minutes for wind speed and direction (handy) - Weather File This is forecast is from a pretty comprehensive App Windy that I have purhcased: As you will see Saturday wind is decreasing from 19Kts (gusting 27Kts) on Friday to a much nicer 8Kts to 4.5Kts Saturday afternoon. There will be waves of between 7ft and 6ft with a well period of about 9 seconds. However, despite it being long range it is not looking very good towards our departure date - for example 26th January has long range forecast of up to 34Kts winds. I am all set for long journey tonight - leave work, straight to Paddington and get a train down.By the time I get to the boat it will be gone 11pm but at least I am there - tonight's weather is poor as is Thursday - lots of wind and rain. Still what do you expect for this time of year.
  8. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    I am sure that is very true and have heard countless stories where people have planned and planned turn up to a fuel pontoon to find the pump broken, the tanker has not delivered etc etc and suddenly the next nearest fuel point is several hours cruise away. Some come really close to disaster - running one engine to eek out the last of their fuel, the better prepared expect such could happen and if it does have enough in reserve. I respect that therefore, but also hope I will not find myself in such a place because of the amount of times the boat, in my ownership will be at sea for extended periods is remote - I am planning to have enough in the tanks to go where I am, and go back again. Modern diesel fuels do degrade over time so you cannot just expect it to be as good as the day you put it in your tank 18 months later - though the process is very slow compared to say petrol and many studies show this. I don't do things myself because I look at the situation, go away and spend a few hours working out things - its pretty logical when you are dealing with mechanical items and not electronics. Having figured things out the best I can, I then realise it will be a messy protracted job and I'd rather have someone do it for me if at all possible and pay them. You have a good point though to my attitude - it is in all honesty it is probably why All Boat Services did not want to do business with me as I went to them with a list of products to source, estimated retail values of them and asked for them to provide a rough quote to supply and install them. They were keen to begin, and then went off the boil and I did not chase - having said that it would have been over £40,000 of business to them. It would also have created work for a panel manufacture to come up with a new helm console to have the screens flush mounted in, bespoke switch gear put and so on. But that will wait until later in the year and another company who I am sure would be happy take up where they left off, just as Mount Batten Boathouse have been happy to take on the works they have. My view might not seem correct - but I am equally not rude - however I think in this day and age it should be expected someone to say 'this is what I want doing' and a company be happy to oblige in exchange for their fee.
  9. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    The problem (if one calls is that) is there are now too many, very well educated and trained people sharing their skills, freely online. That never ever used to happen - if you wanted to learn something you needed to have ether studied at it, and then gained on the job experience - know someone who had already and would personally tell you - or for a 'rough overview' read up on something in a book. Now, you can not only get many technical points in seconds on a Google search, but now people are actually sitting down and showing it all in videos and competing against others to film and show it off the best. This is a huge deal because it democratises so many areas of life. You still need the touch and skill to spray paint like a pro - but now you can get the best equipment, paints and then watch countless videos of professional talking through how much psi to use, the motion, speed in which you move the gun over the surface, distance etc and then people go out there and give it a go. But if they choose not to and still employ the professional that understanding helps them not be hood winked. We find this far more often now where people will come to a Solicitor and and already know the entire process off by heart through Google - not that we ever would, but I know firms who have done things like charge the earth for effectively form filling exercises. That sort of thing is just not possible now. It can have the detrimental effect however where everyone thinks they are an expert.
  10. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Because the fuel lines are the smaller yellow lines, the 1/2" pipe comes out the top of the tank and heads up and away towards the deck (vent) and the 1 1/2" pipe is the cross connecting balance pipe. There is a second filler cap. During fuel polishing both caps were removed, fuel being drawn out of port side, and put back in starboard side after filtration. This is why Google, You Tube and Forums like this help make the rocket science seem easy to understand. It also helps having asked people, researched things and learnt to then contact an engineer and then instead of asking 'what is wrong', you tell him what is wrong then ask 'do you agree?' and wait to see his reaction. The fact you have gone in there first with an understanding of the issue makes him feel naturally he has to either match it or beat it - but the option of pulling the wool over your eyes has gone since you seem to know a good degree about what may be up and are no fool to con.
  11. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    I think to be fair the centre tank can be used as ballast only but could be used to form part of the overall capacity of useful fuel. If I just take the centre tank and regard it as ballast as you suggest, and thus isolate it from everything else, then unless I need to call upon it in a low fuel situation, effectively the fuel in the centre tank will just sit there - maybe for years - never being used. I therefore would prefer the fuel to be able to move between all three tanks, and in 'everyday use' be drawn from the centre tank - but have fuel returned not to it, but to the port and starboard tanks. This way all the fuel will be of equal age and quality. I could not run out of fuel (unless I was really stupid) because when both side tanks fuel gauges were showing empty there would in fact remain a full centre tank with 90 gallons in it. This would also always ensure the 'ballasting effect' of this tank would never be lost. Now, it is true to say that by doing this, should I refuel and that fuel is contaminated it will have got everywhere - in short if i had an issue with it, I would have three tanks full of issues. If that was bad enough to cause me a complete engine failure at sea - well I guess that would be seen on my part as a bad call of judgement, but then equally if I kept the centre tank isolated and the two side tanks equally isolated (other than from fuel return from each engine connected to it) how would that mitigate a contaminated fuel problem? I ask, since I would have to fill both port and starboard tanks separately (as they would not be cross connected) so the nasty fuel would end up in both anyway. The first I would know is when the engines began hunting. Now yes, I would have a centre fuel tank unaffected by the contaminated fuel, but if that fuel was say 5 years old and little known to me had a lot of sludge in it, bringing that online would not be the saving grace - I would still end up with three tanks of of nasty fuel. I hope that overall through seasonal fuel polishing I will ensure the fuel was in free from water in the tanks through whatever means, and diesel bug . Compared to everything else, having this done is cheap. At the end of the day though, the boat is not going to see a lot of heavy work at sea so once we have done this trip and re-filled her tanks they won't be depleted for a long time again.
  12. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    The centre tank does indeed have a vent. It has the large diameter ( 1 1/2") 'thru pipe' connecting it to the two side tanks - It fills up from this pipe as per video - and if you see there not actually at the very bottom - more mid way up the tank sides. Then it has a 1/2" pipe coming out the top of the tank (I presume vent) and then two smaller pipes also coming out the top (I presume fuel feed and return).
  13. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    The 'fault' with the fuel was in fact nothing. It was me being told when I bought the boat to ensure that the three tanks were isolated by the balancing pipe between them (including the feed from and to the centre fuel tank from engines etc) and I was told this had to be done because the previous owner had an issue whereby a list had developed and nobody could work out why. The boatyard engineer explained that the wind hitting the boat beam on on her berth had caused the boat to list temporarily (or lean to one side) with each gust of wind and caused fuel to transfer from one tank to the other but not return thus the list grew more an more as more fuel flowed. I found this very hard to fathom but went along with it. I then had a chap come to clean the tanks and filter the fuel - during this he and I went around and opened up the valves to the isolated centre tank so he could filter and clean the fuel within it. However, upon opening the valves and drawing fuel from the port tank while pumping it in to the starboard the starboard simply filled up and the port emptied - he therefore closed off the valves and isolated the centre tank. He and I agreed something must be up for the fuel not to have transferred and with one tank very full and the other two thirds full a small list had developed. The only way to correct that was to physically pump fuel from the starboard tank into the port tank. He concluded that ti was either a faulty valve or a blocked transfer pipe. Enter a new boatyard on the case they came to look at the set up (1 1/2 inch pipe) with four valves between the port, centre and starboard fuel tanks and reckoned they could sort it with the fuel in situ. They took the inspection hatch off the centre tank and pumped fuel out with the four valves closed - the fact no fuel gushed in proved the values were good (at least in closed position) but would they allow fuel in when opened? Yes they do. So no blockage and no faulty valves after all. So in conclusion the fault was me not opening the valves and just leaving it - it will be interesting to see when I get down there this time around just how much fuel is in what tanks - we will then be headed over to the fuel pontoon for refueling and that will show me how many litres I have lost to all this faffing about, since when Carl lifted the lids on my tanks they were brimmed - I am told now they are 4" from being full - so quite a quantity less than when this caper began. At this point I have slowly lost more fuel through people taking it away in filters, cans, and pumps than I have burnt in running the engines lol The bill for the fuel side of things I am hoping won't be too bad since no parts were needed, but since I also paid for the generator to be serviced and it's parts, spares for the main engines, and the air-con system to be inspected and run up that will add a hefty amount to proceedings. Having seen old invoices to the previous owner from this boatyard they show hourly rates of up to £75.00 so this affair will have run into a few thousand pounds I am sure.
  14. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    The one I had in mind can cope with 56 litre per minute flow rate so presumed it would be ok? The example I linked to on Amazon was not the same as I was ordering: ASAP Supplies Fuel Filler Filter
  15. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    I plan to draw from the centre tank to both engines - their returns going via port and starboard tanks. That means the fuel is being used, filtered, and moved about and 90 Gallons of it does not just sit in the centre tank isolated there for years as a bit of weight. Other Traders that have a centre tank have a vastly larger one for extended range - my entire theory is (leave aside the RIB and crane point) that the reason this and other Traders like mine with Yanmar engines have this smaller centre tank is simply because the CAT engines weigh more and these are the more common option to have been fitted and it is likely the boat was built with those type of engines in mind. Caterpillar had a nightmare with their 3116 model engine that was fitted to some Traders among many other boats, and a recall was made because of soft engine blocks from engines manufactured in France. Most failed within the first 500 hours of use! So as with many manufactures Traders had different engine choices, and several came with the Yanmars - their more efficient, have better low down torque but are a more compact lighter engine - add an additional tank and hey presto you've got your wights right. Being lower you down by drawing from this tank when your main tank fuel gauges drop to 'red' you know you've still got 90 gallons under you as backup - I would prefer that than being in a situation of 'Christ we are low on fuel' turning on the taps for the centre tank and then introducing old, stagnant fuel to the engines. Of course I base my opinions on theory than real world experience with the boat (for the time being).

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