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  1. LondonRascal

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    I am like a Tiger ready to pounce - once the end of May is here I am off - and will be investing a lot of time into learning to drive. It may well be that I do this outside of London now too. I am also selling the BMW 7 Series that I never got to drive, mainly because in the time I have owned it I have had to have it serviced, pay the insurance and road fund oh and have an MOT. Then a couple of weeks ago the boot spring broke and that is a 'got to get that from Germany' part and was not cheap. It is enormous being a 7 series long wheel base model and the only person who gets the enjoyment of driving it is SImon (or me when he happens to drive me places). However, do not expect any form of sense to prevail once it is sold and I am the proud owner of a pink license Lexus is where I am headed.
  2. LondonRascal

    Wanted.aquafibre 38

    Cor blimey not seen one of them for years - used to have some on high with Richardson's back in the day - this was during the time of building river boats that looked fast and stylish - but forgot about letting people see much out of them or being practical to get in and out of.
  3. LondonRascal

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    I will pass on that Neil, getting the helicopter licence would be a step too far lol
  4. LondonRascal

    Wanted.aquafibre 38

    The Westward at NYA looks nice - I think Mark of MBA Marine did a lot of the refurbishment work on that boat. Of course a lot of it is 'set dressing' new upholstery, galley, dash and it looks fresh and new - amazing how this sort of thing helps sell boats and increases value even if underneath it is an ex-hire boat I know of 3 Westwards that have been re-engined I think they had Listers in them original (maybe a Perkins). Not my cup of tea because the free board on these things are so high to get on and off of, and the window's in the rest of the boat are pretty shallow. Instead of a lower freeboard and deeper windows. Now the Sedan version looks good value, funny how a 4+2 berth 38ft boat can cost less than little Trixie. I am probably going to be about Brundall over the weekend talking to the service guys so will have a nosy at the boats for sale.
  5. LondonRascal

    New Boat Horn

    I too have got a new horn, it is a Lindemann Marine twin tone. On Trixie the existing one only worked sometimes and was pretty quiet, I did not feel she was the type of boat to have a big trumpet type horn but wanted more of a rich tone. Much time was taken finding videos of such in action to hear how they sounded and eventually opted for the above. It has a high and low tone simultaneously and means Trixie now sounds a bit like a classic Bentley. £58.84 from Amazon.
  6. LondonRascal

    Free Fenders

    These have been now been claimed.
  7. LondonRascal

    Free Fenders

    Immediate fitting. Far too fast typing sometimes and not enough checking before hitting the submit button.
  8. LondonRascal

    Free Fenders

    As part of the updates to Trixie I have had all her fenders changed. Therefore I have the previous fenders spare to my requirements. They are navy blue, in good overall condition with little in the way of marks on them. A good clean up will see them look very good. All are inflated to the correct psi and are of the Dutch Majoni brand and come complete with navy 3 ply line ready for immediate fitting. I believe there are 8 size three and 2 size two fenders. Size 2 - 15cm x 58cm. Size 3 - 21cm x 62cm. There may also be a bow fender. These have all been removed by Ludham Bridge Boatyard. It would be easy if these could be given away as a lot and not broken up in to 2 or 3 to different people. If you are interested, please send me a private message and I will give you details of collection.
  9. LondonRascal

    Bow Thrusters

    I'd give George a call on 01692 631 011 since he will have a good idea of what work is needed for Hampton. Once it is done it makes keeping it clean a lot easier, and will bring the boat to life. Only ever wash with a suitable boat wash and wax to maintain the finish - 'washing up liquid' will strip polishes and waxes.
  10. LondonRascal

    Howdy Everyone

    Hello there, please don't blame me if you go from hiring to owning as a result of my videos lol. Good to have you onboard so to speak.
  11. LondonRascal

    Trixie (Rascal's Fleet)

    So Friday came and with it so did we at Ludham Bridge Boatyard where we collected Trixie - if only for the weekend because she is back in their care for the balance of works to be completed along with a bunch more I have come up with. However, what a incredible change to the exterior! You may remember the 'before' photo: This is how she looked with a tatty canopy, fading painted accent line on the superstructure, a single non-working horn and a tired, rough gel coat. Under the water was bad news too - lots of growth on the hull, an Anode that had been struck by the prop where it was mounted on the Skeg. Well while you cannot see all the improvements yet (some are yet to come some are under the floor mechanical things) the new canopy is just amazing. Unlike the previous one made by Jeckells this has radius curves for the glazing, and those glazing sections have been double stitched and the inside of such also covered with the fabric. This is Sunbrella Plus fabric and I have had the stitching upgraded to a thicker and UV resistant type to last longer too. This was all made by Bailey & Stone who are based in Butt Lane, Burgh Castle. The other big improvement is what George who runs Ludham Bridge Boatyard can achieve with his polishing. This is a time consuming process and so to have it done properly can cost. Some boatyards will 'cut and polish' whereby they use a use a compound polish that wears a small amount of the gel coat away to reveal fresh material under and it will naturally look shiny and wonderful. But that shine will soon go if not protected. George uses a variety of methods from wet sanding where needed, to different grades of polishing compound. Once the initial shine is then achieved a Carnauba wax is then applied which acts as a protector to the gel coat but this itself is subject to degradation from UV light and will 'yellow' in time so I then had a polymer polish applied over this. This means that this layer can be topped up as required to maintain he finish and future actual compounding (where a thin layer of the gel coat is worn away through the compound) can be kept to the minimum. The results have been staggering. So much so the boat is now brilliant white, and I have asked George to do the same to the entire cockpit area which is now looking an 'off white'. I was surprised that he said nobody had asked him to polish a cockpit seating and helm area before - but since it is exposed to the sunlight and is all get coats, why not. Here is the 'after pic' - taken on the river. The fenders are looking great too - all new, the deals I designed work great as well. The only issue is the red line - it is too bright and a vinyl stripe. I am having this removed and replaced wither with a vinyl that matches the canopy colour more, or it will be a gloss painted finish to match the canopy colour. She also has new horns - twin high/low tone that sound like a classic Bentley when used.
  12. LondonRascal

    Bow Thrusters

    Bow thrusters eh? Well how about having a boat a foot shorter than a Hampton and having one? That is what Trixie is fitted with and I think it is all about what makes you comfortable as an owner and boater. If I had bought Trixie and it did not come with a bow thruster I would not consider having one fitted but that is just me. Simon, my stepdad has not much experience of boat handling and has never hired a boat on the Broads and now is getting to grips with one for the first time. He relies on the thruster and drives the boat as if a car and expects the front to go where he wants it to. I will show him over time how to be less reliant on a thruster and still manage the boat easily. Bear in mind that the standard off the shelf thruster will need a lot of thought on where it could be mounted, I am sure there would be a lot more GRP work as the Hampton has a shallow draft and not much space for a 'tunnel' to be created. Some Bounty forward steer boats have had thrusters fitted but there not really 'bow' thrusters and they have had to be mounted a fair way from the bow. I just think you could gain so much in other areas of improvement you could enjoy for the thousands it would cost to fit an aid to manoeuvring the boat. I don't know how bad your hull is cosmetically - I am guessing it is not original gel and has been painted previously? If however it is original gel and has never been painted but if you can get away without painting it all the better. I have been truly amazed at the standard George has achieved at Ludham Bridge Boatyard on both the hull and superstructure on Trixie. Using a lot of time, and various methods from wet sanding to course and then finer and finer compounds with a power polisher, to then moving to Polymer polishes and finally a Carnauba based Wax the tired, rough and stained gel coat is now gleaming brilliant bright white. So much so I have asked him to do the entire cockpit area as this now looks cream and tired in comparison to the outside surfaces. It is not cheap because you are paying for time, just as painting is not cheap not because of the materials but the sheer amount of preparation time to the surface to get a professional lasting finish. Everyone is different, but I would have Trixie out the water every two years for the anti-foul to be re-applied. I also specified a hard 'coastal' anti-foul suitable for performance boats, because this tends to work very well on the Broads and does not peal, crack or flake as much as some. I can tell the performance increase from half an inch of growth on the hull to smooth clean hull has. Even at river speeds a lot of growth on a hull produces more drag, and that just means your use more revs to overcome this and thus burn more fuel. You can get yards who will do a all in one package of lift out, pressure wash, repaint of anti-foul and put back in for a set price based on your boats size. Sabena Marine in Wroxham are one of the best value at £331.00 for a 25ft boat.
  13. Having been to several of these events this has to be the best. Not only was it actually hot and sunny but we had a really good turnout and it was nice to see how other members here, who may only know each other over the year as' usernames' got the chance to meet in person and have a good time. We had cakes and a quizz, an R.N.L.I talk on safety and throw lines, a new Forum Idiot, 'Crew Indy' got their amazing plate hand crafted by our own Stuart. With music (some of it live later) through the sunlight and BBQ smoke sat on the grass it was just perfect. It made me see what a great team the NBN has to help organise things, to muck in and help out both with putting up things like the Tent, to helping clear it all away the following morning and not leaving any rubbish. As a real community we should be proud of what loving the Broads and boating can bring together. The Cruise in Company came together perfectly too, and these are great times where people on the shore or passing boats tooting their horns and waving can enjoy the spectacle of dressed boats cruising in a neat line down the river. Thanks for all who came and made it such a good event to be part of
  14. LondonRascal

    Orca Maintenance And Improvements

    I like reading about other peoples updates and visions, and this sounds like a real refurbishment going on in many areas. I will be looking forward to see the finished result in the flesh and that stick on leather effect covering for dash area sounds neat.
  15. It’s PMR Ch 4 which for some reason seems to have become the more popular working channel on the Broads maybe because most boatyards who use PMR don’t use that channel. I’ve been commissioning things in preparation. The generator is smaller but heavier than expected but also very fancy and rather quiet. The PA system looks the dogs wotsits but any one who knows their speakers will soon tell it is a good old Rascal Special off the back of a ship from China. Disco lights have had a major update. Bloody hell why do photos on amazon never quite give you enough scale as to how large things are lol. Also got a bunch of Union Jack bunting and flags for that wedding! Not sure how will all get to Norfolk but we will Manage Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app

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