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  1. SteveO

    Pump Outs On Sunday

    Boulters at Horning is usually open.
  2. SteveO

    Little Chef Reedham Roundabout Closed

    We like the Walnut Tree veggie pub place at Thwaite. I'm not a full-blown veggie by any means, but I love their food, which is always tasty, plentiful and reasonably priced. They have good draught beers too. I was in the Burger King/Little Chef place at the bottom of the A140 the other day. The men's toilets were awash with (hopefully) water and the handwash taps didn't work, so I wouldn't have fancied eating there even if we hadn't had cod and chips from the Chip Inn at Long Stratton half an hour or so earlier. That BK is the only one I have ever come across with a food hygiene score of less than 5. Place deserves an appointment with the wrecking ball IMHO. Plenty of better places to stop up the A140.
  3. SteveO


    Heard and saw a cuckoo as we came down the Ant on Wednesday. It was sat on a dead tree, so easy to spot. We've heard a couple down here in SE Kent too.
  4. SteveO

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    What a contrast. And it is hard to see now how those seas around Dungeness made Indy look so small.
  5. SteveO

    Groupon Warning.

    We have used Groupon on and off for several years and have had some excellent and heavily-discounted goods and services from them including a Segway tour at Leeds Castle, a ghost walk in Canterbury and several meals. At no time have we had a problem and I can't say I have been pestered by follow-up e-mail from the companies involved. I always read the terms and conditions carefully for exclusions and limitations before I buy and would expect a provider to honour a booking which was made within the T's and C's . If not, I would complain both to the provider and to Groupon.
  6. We used the NDR from Postwick to the Wroxham exit on our journey to and from the Broads this last week. My observations are as follows: 1) Going North, the journey seemed straightforward and quick compared to our usual trek from the A47 via Blofeld Heath and Salhouse. 2) No sooner is the road built, but bits of it are already coned off - why?????? 3) The roundabouts were easy to navigate despite the insertion of additional lanes in them. 4) Drivers in Norfolk need to be re-educated with regard to the use of indicators on roundabouts. We twice observed drivers go 3/4 of the way around roundabouts without troubling their indicator stalks once in the entire manoeuvre. Discourteous and potentially dangerous! 5) Going South, there was a long queue of traffic coming out of Wroxham all the way to the NDR roundabout - so no time-saving there! 6) The route seemed straightforward and easy to use until we hit the Postwick interchange, at which point we were presented with traffic lights. Although traffic was fairly light at our times of travelling, I can imagine these causing queues and delays when the predicted housing developments are built and populated. 7) The wild flowers which are already springing up on the verges and embankments looked wonderful this morning.
  7. SteveO

    Bow Thrusters

    If it makes for easier handling, and you can afford to have one fitted, then why not? I wouldn't be without ours, but then it was already fitted when we bought the boat.
  8. We really enjoyed the meet. It was good to catch up with old friends and make a few new ones. Thanks to Polly and all who helped with organizing the event, to Mike for the quiz and Robin for sparing me the task of lugging my large, heavy and very noisy generator up from Kent. The music was a treat and the weather behaved itself too. We had intended to stay the night, but by 8.45pm I was chilled to the bone and needed to get the heating on. I didn't think that those moored next to us would have appreciated this, so we decided to make a run for our "home" mooring, which we reached at around 9.15pm. Thanks again to all concerned!
  9. SteveO

    Bye Bye

    I can hardly keep my eyes open. If you are going to flounce off, flounce off. Don't make a lengthy thread of it, because most of us have other concerns and, frankly, don't care. If you are going to flounce off, close your account and then you won't be troubled by misguided people pleading with you to stay (or is that what you really wanted?) and you won't be tempted to quietly flounce back.
  10. SteveO

    Bye Bye

  11. SteveO

    Bye Bye

  12. SteveO

    Bye Bye

  13. For me, flying and driving are all about the destination. In both cases, have grown to dislike the overcrowding and the unpredictability of the journey and in the case of flying, the security checks we have to undergo, the commercial exploitation of passengers in our airports and, nowadays, having to turn right when I get on the plane. I don't travel by train much, but when I do, it usually involves either a steam-driven beast with the smells of hot oil and smoke, or a historic line. In both of these cases, it is all about the journey. On the water, when sailing, it has to be about the journey rather than the destination whilst on the motorboat, I see it as 50:50. I love the ever-changing scenery and the fact that you never know who or what you are going to encounter next.
  14. SteveO


    Nice to see a Norman again. I used to have one with leading link front forks and a Villiers 197cc engine. Many happy memories.
  15. SteveO

    What's Your Personality?

    Cambridge Analytica will have a field-day with this lot.

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