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  1. Loss Of Another Great Broadsman

    We were very sad when you told us this news Sue. Pete was a lovely man and a good friend. Sadly, we can't make the funeral but will do our very best to attend the Broads send-off. What a bloody year! Steve
  2. Nbn Quiz Night

    We are ensconced in the Swan at Horning this evening and will be doing the New Inn quiz, so can't join you. Good luck to all though!
  3. Broad Ambition - The Model

    As a would-be wood-butcher and embryonic wood turner, I never cease to be amazed by the amount of shavings and sawdust I produce. As a Yorkshireman, who doesn't keep hamsters, pet mice or other small pets, I am saddened that I can't find a use for them. Can this material be collected, mixed with some sort of binder, compressed, dried and burnt in a log-burner. Does anyone have any experience of this or any better ideas?
  4. Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    Thanks for the excellent account of your stay on BA Robin, and the lovely photos too. Good to see that a few boats were out and about over the Christmas and New Year period. Cheers Steve
  5. Buying A Boat

    My considerations would include: Spacious and comfortable beds. At the age of 64, I no longer get excited by the thought of climbing over Mrs O in the night, Comfortable seating and being able to admire the view when seated - can't always take this for granted in modern sports boats. There wasn't a comfortable place to sit in our last boat - so we sold it after a couple of seasons. Adequate storage for food and drink - been done to death already Shore Power - a personal preference, but being able to run a heater makes early/late season cruising more comfortable Heating, including water heating - so you don't have to run the engine when moored - antisocial. Somewhere to put your telly - that's just me. Easy to handle A decent steering position that allows you to see over the tops of the reeds - got bored of reed stems 20 years ago Access under bridges - Ludham and Wroxham at least Ease of access to the boat from your intended mooring Aft cockpit boats tend to be easier if moored side on unless there is a bathing platform - and they can bring their own problems. Plenty of battery capacity and a good charging system. Might as well be comfortable Affordability - Larger boats are more expensive to toll , moor and insure and it can be difficult to find permanent moorings for longer boats Inboard diesel engine on a shaft. Outboards are vulnerable to thieving, use more fuel, generally use petrol (fire risk) and can be a pain to moor stern on. Consider availability of spares/service parts for older engines. Budget - as a rule of thumb, I would buy the biggest I could afford Number of berths. Who is going to be on there with you, and how often? A Freeman 22 can sleep 4 people, but you have to be very good friends! Design: Personal preference, but I woud prefer a boat that had been designed for Broads/Inland waterway use than, say a sports boat designed for coastal use in warmer climates. Hope this helps. Good luck!
  6. Norfolk Broads 1981

    What a lovely blast from the past. Brings back lots of memories. Thanks Carol.
  7. Suffolk N' Cider

    Oh great, another local brand will now end up being made God knows where out of God knows what. Given the low value of Sterling against the Euro and US Dollar, I am afraid we will see more of this sort of thing .
  8. Norfolk'n Mustard

    Sadly, this seems to be the story of British industry. Firms sell out to multinational conglomerates and their brands then become hostage to fortune, often finishing up with manufacturing in another town, country or continent. In the worst instances, you end up with the brand also being adulterated a la Cadburys. Time was when I would have always bought Colman's mustard regardless of cost. It was a good product and, in buying it, you were buying into history and supporting manufacturing in Norwich. Now I will buy whichever is cheapest .
  9. New Year's Eve

    As predicted a very quiet New Year's eve. No fireworks here as surrounded by older and more sensible (and/or poorer) folks. Took ourselves off to bed after an hour of Jools Holland so no hangover this morning. Nik's cold seems a bit better and mine has got no worse so maybe things are looking up.
  10. New Year's Eve

    wi' other folks' coal!
  11. New Year's Eve

    Happy New Year to all on NBN! We will be spending a quiet New Year's eve. Nik has a bad cold and I am fighting one off. Always seems to get us at this time of the year, which is one of the reasons I don't particularly like the New Year celebration. Still, hopefully we can look for better times ahead -longer, warmer days and lots of time spent on the water.
  12. Three Finals

    The incompetence shown by the candidates in The Apprentice was impressive indeed. A cursory look at their business plans prior to the start of the series would have weeded most of them out, but that wouldn't make such good TV, would it? The scary thing is that these are the folks who we will be relying on to pay our old age pensions in years to come.
  13. Dogs Onboard

    We have a life jacket for Missy, but it is a bit big for her and overhangs at the back. Since dogs, when swimming, are supposed to use their tail for steering, we didn't want to leave her without directional control if she falls into the wet stuff. She has the harness and, when not posing for photos, a long lead, which is secured when we are setting off or mooring. The great thing about a chihuahua is that she can't climb out onto the deck without human assistance.
  14. Seen A Post You Don’t Like? ....

    I think we have things about right. If even ex-members can't keep away, so we must be doing something right.
  15. Dogs Onboard

    Our daughter's dog boats with us fairly regularly. She is a chihuahua and fits in easily, but she gets fed up with boating after 3 or 4 days and then tends to wait expectantly by the car hoping that it will soon be time to go home.

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