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  1. Councillor Reappointed To BA Committee

    What's to stop them throwing Ms Hempsall off the committee again, if she continues to stand up against "nonsense"?
  2. First Night On The Broads

    Our first night on the Broads was spent on a Hampton Safari which we had hired from Ripplecraft at Somerleyton in September 1982 or thereabouts. We loaded our gear on board in heavy rain and wind. Then it was time for our river trial, by which point you couldn't see your hand in front of your face for rain and murk. We landed the boatyard guy, soaked to the skin, and set off up the New Cut towards Reedham, where we arrived at around 5 pm. We went up and down the quay, but boats were double-moored all the way down. Eventually someone took pity on us and offered to let us moor alongside them. After tying up and sampling the various hostelries of Reedham, we spent a pleasant night triple-moored on the river. All things considered, not something I would willingly do today.
  3. Rascal's Fleet

    We have a 240v immersion heater element in our calorifier and can verify that it makes a huge contribution to creature comfort, without using an excessive amount of electricity. Well worth fitting if you have shore-power.
  4. Rascal's Fleet

    If I wanted to watch old men arguing on screen, I would tune in to the Muppet Show. Can we kindly get back to the original and much more interesting intent of this thread?
  5. Health And Safety

    Trouble is, we live in an increasingly litigious society, where just about all jobs have been dumbed down to a box-ticking exercise and no-one wants to be accountable for making judgements and possibly defending them in court later. Someone, I am sure, will have done the calculation and decided that hiring to singles or single adults accompanied by minors is just not worth the extra bother. I think we will see a lot more of this sort of thing before common sense breaks out.
  6. The Reed And Rhond Anchor

    Local history group meeting tonight I'm afraid. A jolly illustrated (when the projector worked) presentation on the history of Kent.
  7. Glamping Development Approved By B A

    Nice to see a bit of flexibility on the part of the planners, but am hard pressed to see what a derelict canal has to do with the Broads Authority. No doubt an apologist will come out of the woodwork soon to tell me.
  8. End Of An Era!

    Made me laugh for 60 years. RIP Sir Ken. Modern "comedians" just not that funny,
  9. We have at least one roundabout down here that has more lanes than any of the roads entering or leaving it and the result is chaos. The chump who designed it must have gone on the same traffic planning course as the person who designed the Norfolk roundabouts.
  10. Its Been Cold

    Ahhh proper locos. I read an account recently of how Western Region coped with the "big freeze" of 1962/3. Apart from snow on the line, freezing of the water was the big concern. Locos had low fires maintained in their fireboxes at all times and, when not running, would be lined up alongside each other whenever possible. Keeping the water towers/cranes from freezing was a huge issue and freezing of the water hoses between the tender and the loco's boiler was a recurring problem, which was remedied stopping the engine periodically and the fireman taking a shovelful of burning coal from the firebox and holding it a judicious distance from the hoses. Even with all these problems, the service was generally maintained during all but the most extreme weather, unlike now where a scant couple of inches of snow seems to bring the system to a halt. All this, plus the lovely smell of steam, hot oil and coal and the beautiful sounds of locomotives working hard.
  11. Signing Off And Leaving

    The trouble with any form of "electronic" communication is that you miss all the subtle nuances such as tone of voice, facial expression , "body language" and the rest that you would normally have when talking face to face, and which humans have evolved over thousands of years to recognise. You also lose the ability to immediately follow up on any misunderstanding of or ambiguity in the message. When I was working, colleagues would, from time to time. get involved in e-mail "wars" with people in other departments. If left to themselves, these would fester. and/or escalate. When investigated, these were often caused by misunderstanding, often over trivial points, for the reasons I outline above. When the individuals concerned were in my group, I would insist that they either sit with the person with whom they were feuding and resolve their issues or, if this was not possible, pick up the phone and talk. I am sure this didn't make me popular but it certainly avoided a lot of conflict. Sadly, none of this is possible on a forum like this so it behoves all of us to be as clear as possible when posting, to try and see things from the perspective of people who will be reading our posts and to not take things too seriously when you see something that you interpret as a direct threat or criticism. Chances are, it was not meant. Also please try to restrain yourself from posting whilst deep in your cups. In vino veritas is all very well, but people can find your version of the truth extremely hurtful.
  12. Where Is This

    Somewhere frequented by nuns?
  13. Its Been Cold

    It is often the days which don't go to plan that make the best stories
  14. Its Been Cold

    This reminds me of an occasion in the 80's when, in early January, I had to drive from North Yorkshire to Great Yarmouth to do some urgent work with one of our suppliers. I got down as far south as Grantham when the bad weather warnings started on the radio. I set off across the fens, with the snow falling faster all the while. When I got to Thetford, there was a strange sound coming from under the car and I realised that it was snow rubbing on the underside of the floor pan. This continued for the rest of my journey. It did slow the car down a bit and no-doubt polished the underside to a fine sheen but it wasn't my car, so I didn't lose sleep over it. I finally got to South Walsham Hall, a hotel back in the day, at around 8pm. The staff were most apologetic as the heating boiler had broken down but fear not! Hot water bottles would be provided. In the morning I was told that the temperature had gone down to -13 degrees C overnight. After my grilled kippers I set out for an early constitutional before setting off for GY. I walked in the snow to Ranworth Staithe, where I found the broad to be covered with ice, the few boats moored there having a good covering of snow. Back to the hotel and off in the car to Great Yarmouth via Wroxham, where I noted that the surface of the Bure was frozen. A day's making bandages in GY, then back to the hotel, where the snow was still deep and the boiler had not yet been fixed. Never mind, to make amends there would be a free bar in the hotel that evening and hot water bottles too! The half-dozen "residents" of the hotel , united in shared hardship, flocked to the bar after dinner and we spent the evening in front of a roaring log fire, entertaining ourselves with yarns and worsening attempts to play the piano, egged on by the inmates and inspired by brandy. Warmed inside and out, and with a good dinner on board, I repaired to bed and soon passed out. The following morning was very much milder and a thaw had set in big-time. The birds were singing, the Bure was flowing freely again under Wroxham Bridge and by the time I left GY after lunch, most of the snow had gone. The reversal of the jet-stream, which causes these extreme conditions has happened many times in the past and will no-doubt happen many times more before we are finished.
  15. Nbn Quiz Night

    Another good turnout tonight and plenty of banter. The contest was tight at the top, but the clear winner was Lulu, who will be in the chair for next week's quiz. Thanks to all who joined in.

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