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  1. Today's latest update:- The Authority has been informed that Reedham Bridge is unable to open to river traffic due to a breakdown. Engineers have been called.
  2. Hi Grendel, I am sure all of us drivers of automatic cars have done likewise, I know I have during the transition period. I have been driving automatics of various kinds for the last 21 years, would I go back to a standard gearbox, not a chance. they are too much hassle. Like yourself I can go back to a manual car or truck if needs be if hiring or have a courtesy car in a short time, its just a case of getting used to the clutch. I was always told when driving an automatic to tuck your left foot under your right leg to stop the left foot doing something it shouldn't like stamping on the brake peddle. Regards Alan
  3. Hi Boycee I see you are using a tablet, Stuart & Griff are you using an android/tablet? It may help the Tech Team if we know how you are login into the forum. Here is a quick test on PC Regards Alan
  4. This is the latest update on the bridges. Broads Authority has been informed by Network Rail that all swing bridges will be closed to river traffic from 10:00 until 19:00 on Wednesday 21 June 2017 due to extreme temperatures. It looks as if I am going to inform my fellow owners that Somerleyton is going to be an issue yet again. Regards Alan
  5. Contact Christine or Mark at Tingdene Marina on 01603 717804, they have two sizes, that cost £28.30 & £32.00 you will however have to give them your engine details in order for them to sell you one. Regards Alan
  6. Hi Mark what is your air draft? at 9 foot 8 inches we have managed to get under Somerleyton bridge but it is a faff and not on in wet weather.
  7. Hello Tim welcome to the forum. Regards Alan
  8. Laura (Broads Authority) has just updated me that both Reedham & Somerleyton Bridge are none operational until after 1700 today. I will update you if there are any changes. Regards Alan
  9. Hi Stuart, Thank you for the update. Regards Alan
  10. I do not see anything wrong in providing a reserved mooring policy, but if it was me providing this service then I would take a card payment, redeemable on arrival. Regards Alan
  11. I have never seen any free moorings at Acle, the moorings above the boatyards used to charge £4.00 per night back in 2001. The shop during the day allows stopping for use of the shop as John (HA) says but I think they also charge for overnight mooring. The Green at Stokesby has free 24 hour mooring , outside the pub is charged. The moorings at Stracey Mill are chargeable apart from the time using the shop.
  12. Dear All Please find attached the ABP Notice to Mariners No. 15 of 2017 and the Tide Table Data which relates to a possible error with the Lowestoft 2017 Tide Table Booklet. Please also find attached the ABP Notice to Mariners No. 16 of 2017 which relates to the temporary restriction to Lowestoft Bascule Bridge on 19 June 2017. Kind Regards Laura Milner Administrative Officer Operations Broads Authority Tel: 01603 756035 Broads Authority, Yare House, 62-64 Thorpe Road. Norwich NR1 1RY 01603 610734 www.broads-authority.gov.uk Lowestoft tide data July 2017.pdf ABP Lowestoft N to M No.15 2017 - Lowestoft 2017 Tide Table Booklet. Possible Data Error.pdf ABP Lowestoft N to M No.16 2017 - Lowestoft Bascule Bidge - Possible Temporary Restriction.pdf
  13. I have just been informed by the Broads Authority that it's now operational again. I don't hold out any luck for the weekend I understand more warm weather is on its way. Regards Alan
  14. The status of the bridges is that Reedham is operational, Somerleyton is not according the the Broads Authority website. Regards Alan
  15. Thanks David, can you please PM me with the procedure. Regards Alan