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  1. Tolls - Speechless

    The increase is in line with or maybe even slightly lower than the forecast rate of inflation. In my mind, that is a result. Anyone who was expecting either no rise or a very small one understands little of how these organisations work. They will take it and justify it whether or not they actually need it
  2. Spring Gathering May 2018

    Maurice Mynah, Nyx, 1, Fri + Sat + Sun
  3. Sad Story And Lost Of Id

    Sorry Alan but that's the last thing I'd do. Never confirm your address to anybody who might be a scammer, and Never give any indication (like returning letters opened or not) to anyone who might profit from learning that it's a live address.
  4. Sad Story And Lost Of Id

    Marina, Don't send the letters back but don't destroy them either. The whole thing sounds a bit like a scam. My suspicions are aroused by the letters being meant for someone vulnerable. (poor old chap who can't drive and a child)
  5. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    When she installed lindows hen
  6. Hurricane

    We're all dooooooomed
  7. Great Canal Journeys

    Oh such touching faith. :)
  8. What's Wrong With This Sign?

    If it's a litter of pups you get a double whammy!
  9. Keep The Moorings For Boats !!

    Errrm, Isn't that Wroxham Bridge with that new eatery just up stream?
  10. 24hr Moorings To Become 48hr?

    Once again I agree with Ricado (This is getting frightening :) ) that being on a boat in the winter isn't a problem as long as you are properly prepared. Thick duvet, warm clothing and go easy using the gas cooker which causes condensation. Dampness is your only real enemy. If things get damp, especially bedding then coldness will soon follow. Stay dry and you can stay warm.
  11. Potter Heigham Bridge

    Yes, but told by whom?
  12. Potter Heigham Bridge

    I rest my case
  13. Aerial View Of Ferry Side Of Horning Moorings

    There are many times when I agree with what someone is saying, yet disagree with the way they are saying it. This is one such case. Yes KT, I fully agree that the strength and character of a forum is a reflection of its members and their comments, which is the very reason trolls exist, they delight in damaging that reputation. Picking at the remainder of the scars of such an attack just keeps the damage live and feeds the troll in my opinion. If my suggesting that a thread be locked irritated you, then by all means say so either in open forum or by way of a PM, it is after all a subject worthy of discussion in it's own right. Suggesting that Davids thread should be closed for no reason was, again in my opinion, ill advised. I would prefer to make no further comment on open forum as to do so is in itself troll feeding. I hope you accept that.
  14. Potter Heigham Bridge

    If the river were properly dredged, the water would flow out (and in) more efficiently thereby giving greater clearance at low water.
  15. Aerial View Of Ferry Side Of Horning Moorings

    I'm sure that Kingfishers Time's sugestion that this thread be locked has something to do with my request/sugestion/recommendation that another thread be locked. Am I right KT?

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