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  1. Sunrise/ Sunset

    I was going to be a pessimist but I knew it wouldn't work out.
  2. Flipping Larch!

    As ever, it's the thwart that counts.
  3. Lifeboat & Santa Rescues Dog

    Tesco shouldn't have pushed it into the ditch in the first place. !!!
  4. Save The Dogs

    OUCH.... I like it :)
  5. Save The Dogs

    Hmmm, tin hat firmly on and hiding in a concrete bunker as I type this. 1st off, I love doggies and have had many through the years, and second, if this petition is just as it seems to be, then great and well done to all concerned..... .....but the cynic in me just will not quite swallow it. Over recent years on-line petitions have completely failed to achieve anything significantly positive for a number of reasons. This is not good news for the people earning their living from running such websites. So! How to improve the overall image of said sites? How about taking something non political that will have pretty universal agreement and later advertising it as a success. Yup, that'll do the trick. Sorry folks, I just can't accept these things as genuine but merely a money making exercise for someone. Maurice Mynah has left the building and has gone into hiding
  6. Nighttime Navigation - Allowed? Opinions?

    We seem to manage this ok in cars!
  7. What Would You Come Back As?

    Thanks Paul. The situation here is that me computer usage will be sporadic, but I should be able to catch up with the forum most days. It's taken me.several days to catch up (in fact I still have a few more threads to read )
  8. What Would You Come Back As?

    I don't believe in reincarnation, and I didn't in my last life either. :-) (Guess who's bought a dongle. :-) )
  9. Going Down Now Sir

    What a great bunch you all are. and Thanks Ricardo, Number noted and I WILL be in touch for advice in the fullness. I'll be with my friend Rufus until the weather warms up a bit, helping him care for his 90yo mum.
  10. Going Down Now Sir

    Right, That time has happened and I'm homeless as of this weekend...Well, not quite, I shall be staying with my mate Rufus and his mother. However, Rufus is one of the very few carbon based life forms, who has no internet at his house, so for a while I'm going to be missing from the forum ... (except if I'm in a pub with access) ...(which might be quite often)...(Rufus does like a drink or two) ... O(n a different subject, I have a 20m coil of copper tubing 8mm od. Is anyone thinking about doing any DIY that might require such stuff? Free to anyone who wants it but are not in a rush for it. I'll get it to my boat as and when I can. If the requirement is a bit more rushed than that there are one or two members here who have my mobile number, so answer here and I'm sure that someone will contact me.. Behave while I'm away :)
  11. Handy Information Tab

    Thanks, Yes that name rings a big bell.
  12. Handy Information Tab

    Does anyone remember who it was who operated from a small workshop in Stalham, by the staithe and had some sort of LandRover?
  13. Ellie Smells!

    Don't forget, There's always ... ... Hai Karate !!!
  14. Workshop Projects

    Pah! That's just some kids dremmel
  15. Yarmouth Yacht Station Worker Receives Hero Award

    I await JM's response with interest, but the award is well deserved, very well deserved.

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