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  1. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    People run businesses and make decisions, some good, some less so. In my massively unhumble opinion, this one is firmly in the "less so" camp... BUT... It's not set in stone. It can be reversed in future. Whilst sopme loyal and safe customers will have been lost for ever, this will not be a number that will significantly impact the business. It might benefit some smaller yards (which is no bad thing) but I doubt there will be any lasting tears shed. There is however an issue highlighted by all this. It would come as no surprise to me if I learned that there was a considerable number of boats out on hire where there is only one member on board who is actually doing anything regarding boat handling. More than we might think I suspect.
  2. A Plea From Dr Packman Of The Broads Authority

    Marshman, please correct me if I'm wrong but I take it that your standpoint is that you do not wish to see the broads become a full national park. That even if by some miracle it did, that the Sandford Principle would not be applied to the area and that even if by some further miracle the Sandford principle was applied, it would not be done anywhere where it would significantly effect tourism. I further get the feeling that you believe Dr Packman's assertion when he says his views are much the same as the above. If I have misrepresented you here, please do say, as if I'm correct all we are actually debating is one man, his integrity and his objectives. I say "All we ate debating", that's a bit of an understatement given his position, his responsibilities and his ambitions. I suppose that although I address this to you Marshman, the same question also applies to Batrabill.
  3. A Plea From Dr Packman Of The Broads Authority

    I have to say that it is the above statement that I disagree with. Just how difficult would it be to obtain that act of parliament? How would we know if such an act was on the cards? and finally can we trust the words of a politician?
  4. It's Not Yet Spring But!

    Much my thinking. positive waves all round. Nice day, first of many.
  5. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    Sometimes I try to be a touch discrete about things. More often than not it works, but sometimes it doesn't and however unpleasant it might be, I have to spell it out. Consider the following... !. Duty of care. 2. Recently a football coach has been convicted of unspeakable activities with youngsters. 3. Richardson's have decided that a single adult will not be permitted to hire a boat alone or with a child on board. 4. Wake up and smell the coffee. There may be reasons that they cannot or will not, hire out under certain circumstances. Sorry to be blunt but have all those who have complained about this new ruling thought through ALL the possibilities?
  6. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    This all seems very strange to me, and I can't help but wonder if there are matters involved of which we are unaware. The fact that Clive hasn't made comment also (to me) supports these doubts of mine. One phrase that usually gets my hackles up is "Duty of care". I wonder if that is involved in this issue. I don't know and I shall not be calling out "unfair" until I do... if ever I do!
  7. Just In Case.....

    Come off it Poppy, Grendel stood more chance in his quest than Jenny Morgan did in his.
  8. A Plea From Dr Packman Of The Broads Authority

    Do we take what people say, or do we take what we believe those people mean? Take the statement above from Bill's post. Do we take the word "literally" literally? If we do, that would include the Dr, and that we do not believe. However, word play like that can be used (and is often used) to imply one thing certain in the knowledge that the words actually mean something else. I for one can say with hand on heart that I don't believe the good doctor has no ambition to see the Broads National Park used for marketing alone. but then again I ain't got no idea. Believe me.
  9. Dog Friendly Pubs

    Try being careful where you tread. I find that works with both dog's poo and children. :-D
  10. Wonderful, thank you. :-) That means that whilst I shall be at the meet, the lights will be on but whether anyone is at home will be anybody's guess
  11. Dog Friendly Pubs

    I should announce that I, Maurice 'here's me handcuffs' Mynah, welcomes Miss Whiplash.
  12. The Haven Bridge

    Don't suppose there's anything near Canvey Island is there?
  13. The Haven Bridge

    I have no doubt that the explanation given by the Peel Ports manager was a cover story, but that changes nothing. Backside covering and face saving has been done. The line has been drawn under the issue and the matter closed. Further communications with that authority will almost certainly remain unanswered, as will any further questions we have. As far as the closing the QEII bridge but not the tunnel, Yep, That's strange. I would have thought the tunnel was far more vulnerable to an explosion on the surface above it. still, such an explosion might have raised the bridge, causing it to fall in the river with or without PAWLS. What does "PAWLS" stand for... I take it it is an acronym.
  14. The Haven Bridge

    No, I think not. Any good manager will be seen by his (other genders are available) staff to be backing them up. this he is doing. The apology is fairly general, "sorry you were inconvenienced" etc. but not indicating fault of his men.. What happens behind the scenes is not our concern, nor should it be. I agree with Griff that pushing the issue further would quite possibly be counter productive. In my 'never humble' opinion that communication to Griff is pretty much the end of the matter, certainly as far as Peel Ports is concerned. Where we , the pleasure boaters go, well, that remains to be seen and discussed.
  15. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Yeah, those people who think they know everything are really annoying to those of us who do. Ain't that right Ray.

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