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  1. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    Having done a risk assessment and concluded that solo or single adult hiring was a risk they could not allow, if they then continued to hire and a problem arose, they would be in the deep smelly stuff as they had hired despite a known risk. Damned if they do, damned if they don't. Risk assessments are active from the moment they are identified, not in a years time.
  2. Are You Average?

    Ah, but Norfolk still has telegrams, who needs text messages.
  3. Higher Tolls Or More Boats?

    The OP said, Conversely if we wanted to pay lower tolls we’d need more boats to cover the costs. The North is a more popular destination than the South, therefore a greater proportion of new boats would end up in the North.
  4. Broads Toll

    And shipped half way around the world, very green. What a shame we don't have numerous fleece manufacturers in the UK.
  5. Higher Tolls Or More Boats?

    Perhaps the answer is to encourage more big boats to be based on the under used Southern Broads, nice wide and deep rivers and only go off moorings on high days and holidays. That would create a big income boost and not over stretch the facilities. Perhaps we could have a discount for being based down South I can't see much point in attracting more boats up North as it is already very busy.
  6. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    All looked deserted, next time I'm up I will shout loudly
  7. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Hi Robin, I had a wander round on saturday while I was up, what can I say, Independence is bl##dy huge.
  8. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    I recently made a fundamental change to my business, as is my right. The difference is I haven't had it discussed all over the interweb. All businesses make changes, the people who are best placed to decide what changes to make are the owners. Customers may not like the changes but there are other hire companies available. Having said all that, the execution of the changes may have been a bit hasty.
  9. It's Not Yet Spring But!

    Sorry to be a doom goblin but I heard two weather forecasters slip, "we are expecting very cold weather to return before the end of the month" ,on the end of forecasts yesterday.
  10. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    At a time when hire companies are firmly behind the NP competition because it promotes the Broads and brings them much needed customers, why on earth would you disenfranchise a sizable and growing part of the market. Not only are single parents, (a growing statistic) and solo hirers, a decent percentage of the customer base but these groups are now being very vocal on social media. Madness.
  11. Fire Extinguisher Servicing

    I have always bought new ones. The old ones if still showing pressure are dotted around the house and sheds. I do up end them and give them a swift bang with a rubber mallet.
  12. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Unfortunately, even with the best training, the general public will be guaranteed to forget everything we know and not follow best practice. I did smile that Robins first reaction was to hit record.
  13. Ellie Smells!

    Timbo, its a tough job, but someone has to do it
  14. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    How many times have we seen two adults at the front on their phones and two children at the back, unsupervised and without life jackets. Just a thought.
  15. Where Did The Love Affair Begin?

    My love affair with the broads began as a 14 year old when the family went on Juliet 3 in 1974 Matron joined us as my 13 year old girlfriend, loved them both ever since. ( we need a vomit emoji )

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