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  1. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Hi Robin. Pleased to read you've secured a mooring properly on the Broads, so to speak. I'm sure it'll feel fantastic when you're chugging up the Yare for the first time having completed your maiden sea voyage.
  2. Only When Boating

    My children and I have a tradition since they were young of having chocolate with coffee whilst cruising in the morning. When we do the food shopping just before we board it's always a case of "better get some chocolate". At home I try and survive without chocolate most days and never eat it in the morning.
  3. Pacific Cruisers-vista

    Yes, really good to see Pacific still thriving and expanding. I've been with them twice (Moonlight and Emerald) but not since 2006 only because I'm probably overly price-sensitive so I've ended up being loyal to Richardsons when it would be good to have a South start for a change. Loddon is one of my favourite South Broads spots and a lovely place to start a holiday. Vista should be a good purchase for them I think, I hope it let's well. I assume they're geared up to do the work the boat will inevitably need to bring it up to scratch. I know Bridge Craft had a lot of work with their ex-Alphas.
  4. Rare Brooms Brochure

    This looks like a lovely historic brochure. No doubt it will sell for a decent price. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F162778320101
  5. Yes, Acle outside the shop that was on the upstream side. It makes me smile when I read the word 'bathtubs' because it conjures up an image of an actual floating bath. Actually the term doesn't do the forward steer design justice - it's a brilliant design, especially on the majority of the north Broads where it's tree-lined so you're not disadvantaged by the low view. I will, however, agree with what Robin said on one of his videos whilst he was on one of the south's open areas - "You can't see sh**"! When I was young, my late father had a different word for forward steers, "buses", initially refusing to hire one. One year however when I was a teenager we booked late and the best available was an Alpha 32 forward steer and he and I both appreciated them from then on.
  6. Ex Alpha Boats To Enter Bb Fleet?

    Looking at the Barnes descriptions they state "Will not pass under Potter Heigham or Wroxham Bridge". That's absolutely wrong - the whole point of this design was it has a low air draft, about 6 foot 9 from memory, about the same height as your average forward steer or centre cockpit in other words. The alternative is they're planning to fit them with fixed upper windscreens which would be very silly.
  7. Spring Meet Salhouse 2017

    Alas not unless Vauxhall Bridge is removed first.
  8. Big Changes Ahead

    Hi Robin. I caught up today with your 'NBN exclusive' video and I just wanted to say thank you as I found it very inspiring. Your continued honesty and openness is very refreshing but it's your determination to make your dreams come true which I really felt. The emotions you felt when you were saying "I've bought a boat!" came through very strongly. The funny thing is, I've never had any interest in sea-going boats at all and yet I feel compelled to continue reading & watching as with the previous Captain's Blogs. Although I wouldn't see myself buying a sea-going boat, please take it as a compliment that in doing what you've done, you've inspired me to think about my own life from a different angle and start to work out what my dream really is.
  9. Northern Vs Southern Broads

    Good thinking.
  10. Sorry to miss out this time around. I'm boating late April and late May so I think coming mid May as well might be pushing it!
  11. Northern Vs Southern Broads

    I like Vaughan's one way idea, what a fantastic USP that would be for a hire operator that took the risk. I didn't realise Barnes had facilties at Brundall and yet like the other big operators they seem firmly entrenched at their current location. I recall one way trips were briefly available in the 80s between Herbert Woods and Hearts when they were under the same ownership. I also remember more recently operators who published their intentions to set up a second base south but ended up not doing so - Le Boat at Somerleyton and Ferry Marina at Waveney River Centre. A one way cruise from Horning to WRC would be great and you could even do it on a short break. Can you tell, I enjoy the journey south but coming back that long slog on the bottom end of the Bure seems to go on forever.
  12. Northern Vs Southern Broads

    I tend to think of the dividing line between north and south as the yellow post at Great Yarmouth. A boat that goes under Potter? With water levels as they mostly are that'll be a sailing boat then, or possibly a Martham Boat. I hired a day cruiser for a few hours from Whispering Reeds at Hickling and that was brilliant.
  13. Northern Vs Southern Broads

    It doesn't have to be north vs south, for me it's north and south. They're completely different to each other of course, but I love them both for what they both individually have to offer. Asking me to choose between them is like asking me to choose which one of my children is my favourite. I love the hustle and bustle of the North, including the summer and I was there last August. Yes, mooring in popular places can be difficult but I rarely find that stressful as if my first, second and third choice spots are taken, I'll just go for my fourth choice and enjoy cruising for longer. I rarely moor for the night before 4 in the afternoon. Whilst I recognise we're all different and the north isn't to everyone's taste, I'm beginning to find it tiresome to keep reading negative comment on the forum about the north.
  14. Solo Cruising

    Hi there. I've hired solo several times, including twice on Broadland Wave 2 from Richardsons, most recently in May 2017. It's a breeze to handle and very manageable, even if the decks are slightly high. Have a look at my write up in the Holiday Tales section and my review in the Hire boat section. Richardsons are top people - next year I have Symphony solo and 2 other hires with a 'crew'. Elsewhere, I know Freedom are happy with solos and I think Silverline are if you book direct. I know Herbert Woods and NBD both insist on 2 people, which is bizarre given a solo experienced hirer is less risk than a pair of novices. I assume you have boating experience as Richardsons and the others insist on that.
  15. Great Norfolk Broads Adventures - Russell Thomson

    I watched this morning and enjoyed every bit as much as the previous trip. The format is typically Russell - unashamedly lengthy and unedited (1 hour 20 minutes just for boat takeover day), lots of river footage, lots of ramblings and the usual drunken bit at the end of the day! His trip was October 14th-21st and the titles hint of a difficult night at Surlingham Broad still to come (was that the week of storm Brian?).

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