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  1. The Broads Is Not A National Park!

    I've been reading this thread with interest and I'd like to make a couple of points. Firstly, I have a problem with calling the Broads a National Park when it isn't. In my mind it's misleading to use a term 'for marketing purposes' or whatever. I think it's wrong the BA was ever given permission to use the term. Secondly, with regard to Sandford, it's wrong to associate that with a complete boating ban. Whilst the chances of that ever happening are close to zero, I'm concerned Sandford would make it too easy to close parts of navigation. For example, what if Horsey Mere was deemed to be specially significant for wildlife conservation ? With Sandford in play it would surely be on the agenda to close it off.
  2. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    I've no doubt it's possible but personally I'd never feel comfortable trying to deceive the boatyard. I couldn't deal with the worry of being found out.
  3. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    All businesses, hire operators included accept risks that they manage through mitigation measures. Hire operators by their nature accept risks with every customer that takes one of their boats out so even if they identified a particular risk with solo hirers, they could have accepted that risk and managed it accordingly.
  4. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    I think they will be Vaughan, given the tiny number of people affected. The episode hasn't changed my mind about hiring with them in the future and indeed I have two (non-solo) bookings with them this year after my cancelled trip. In my mind, its value for money that makes them stand out, not just in terms of pricing but in terms of the standard of boat you get for the money and the way everything on the boat 'just works' with no hassle.
  5. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    I couldn't disagree more Andrew. No company, whatever their reputation, should be exempt from negative feedback. It's because I'm a loyal Richardsons customer that I feel so let down on this one and I and others are absolutely entitled to be negative. As Vaughan says, if this had been a simple change in policy applicable to new bookings only then that would have been acceptable. It's the cancellation of existing bookings which is unacceptable.
  6. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    It's not boring in the slightest, if you're bored with the thread then stop reading the updates and let those of us with a strong interest in it carry on.
  7. His And Hers Boat Reviews?

    I still have Hoseasons' interior photos of Caprice in my head. In its day it certainly was a unique take on an Alpha 32.
  8. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    All spot on Andy, as is your any day to any day policy which very handily enabled me to replace the Thursday-Tuesday Richardsons break that I lost. I'm really looking forward to Lady of Freedom on 26 April.
  9. Solo Cruising

    One to add based on good feedback on the other thread : Bridgecraft.
  10. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    From Barnes Brinkcraft Facebook page: With all the uncertainly around solo boaters at the moment, we are happy to let you know that we have no plans to change our current policy. If your holiday has been cancelled, please contact our booking office on 01603 782625 who will be happy to help! #notlongtilsummer ?
  11. Solo Cruising

    Given the change in policy re solo/single parent hiring that Richardsons have made, it seems a good time to discuss which operators still allow solo hires (assuming experienced hirer) . The ones I'm aware of are: Freedom Boating Barnes Brinkcraft Silverline Martham Boats
  12. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    Clive, as one of the loyal customers who's had their booking cancelled, I appreciate your taking the time to respond. I accept any business has to sometimes make difficult decisions about the service it chooses to offer its customers. I also understand you want to make the change "before a problem". However I'm still at a loss as to how the issue is so urgent that existing bookings for loyal customers have had to be cancelled? What would the risk to your business have been had you honoured the existing bookings and simply declined to accept new ones?
  13. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    Thanks for your kind words, Grace and others who've offered supportive words as well. Well, I am sorted! Out goes Symphony from Richardsons, in comes Lady of Freedom from Freedom Boat Hire which I've booked today for the exact same dates. I'm pretty pleased with that because it seems an age since I was last on the South Broads. This will be my first Southern start since 2006 and my first non-Richardsons hire since 2012 (which was with Freedom when they were in Horning). I'm long overdue a change. I spoke to Chris from Richardsons again to cancel the booking and he offered me a £50 voucher as well as the refund which I thought was a nice gesture.
  14. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    You may be right about the legal contract thing Vaughan but I suspect the conditions of booking say words to the effect "we can cancel if we feel like for any reason we want". In any case its left a bitter taste in the mouth and I've already been looking into booking an alternative.
  15. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    Well about half an hour after my last post I received a phone call from Chris Clarke, marina manager at Richardsons. He explained that the policy for solo adults hiring has changed, this being a reluctant policy decision on their part and not related to insurance. It's partly due to "incidents in the past" and partly to come in to line with Hoseasons' policy thereby avoiding having different policies for different booking routes. For my April trip (which was to be solo, no children) , he gave me the option of either a full refund or a free upgrade (subject to availability) to allow someone else to accompany me. I need to think what to do now, it's knocked me for six a bit. I was impressed by Chris' handling of the call which he dealt with sympatheticly. I can sort of understand the decision, albeit it irks me they're still happy to hire to anyone else who walks of the street as long as there's at least 2 adults. What I'm unimpressed with is the timing - could they not have waited until 2019 bookings to implement thereby leaving existing bookings unaffected?

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