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  1. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    Thank goodness we have 'B.A' tucked up in Richo's wet shed, ready to go 24/7 solo, solo with dog, solo with wife or multiple crew members onboard. However - The genie out now out of the lamp, how long before insurers state no solo cruising on private craft? Griff
  2. Are You Average?

    I was against ever getting a mobile phone of any sorts for the same fact that I would always reachable, not a problem back in my RN days. Then I fought against getting a home based P/C - had to give in to that one due to our kids schooling. Then was against ever getting an iphone, just phone calls and txts on a standard Nokia was good enough for me, what did I want data on a phone for? Now of course had a iphone for ages and would not be without it 'GriffTile' relies on my mobile phone far more than the landline (Yes we still have one) and I have been known to run out of data too ( As happened earlier this month updating the NBN on Indy's travels) I have no idea how many txts I send / receive each month or how many minutes I use either, I'm sure my grandson could tell me though and he is only 4 x months old! I do seem to be sending / receiving a fair few emails via the phone and the whatsapp thing seems to be getting steadily busier too I don't have a tablet / ipad of any kind and nor do I want one - That's a step too far for me. My favourite form of comms though has to be morse code, both audio and visual, I miss using it. However admittedly it is no good for sending pictures / films between family friends - I'll give you that one In the days before mobile phones when driving up / down to Donny from Pompy and the like we used to keep in touch with other matelots in other cars using headlamps / rear fog lights using morse. It was effective too Griff
  3. The Broads Is Not A National Park!

    permitted in 'Not a National Park'? As said in a Grand Tour Jeremy Clarkson voice - Like it Griff
  4. Spring Gathering May 2018 - Names here, please

    Socrates - I would have gladly popped over Breydon to escort you but the timings just aren't working for me to do that. I'm working on the Friday as per the norm and won't be onboard with 'My lot' till 2200-ish Then Saturday orf to Malthouse Broad to meet up with the rest of the addicted Griff
  5. My Day

    I am not necessarily being thick, just deaf. Pardon? Griff
  6. Spring Gathering May 2018 - Names here, please

    Blimey Socrates, touchy or what? I expect to nosey round your boat as I hope you will come onboard ‘B.A’ You can have ‘Our’ spot - wherever that maybe and I’ll squeeze in somewhere or t’other Griff
  7. Spring Gathering May 2018 - Names here, please

    And can you add onto B'A's crew list, Howard, Linda, Sheila, Macie Dog - Thanks ever so Griff
  8. Broads Toll

    That and 'Norfolk Navvies' digging yet more holes trying to find their mate 'Peat' Griff
  9. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Why do some people seem to want to steer this thread away from its subject? No Idea JohnB, I do wish they wouldn't, I've enough on my plate what with trying to keep 'B.A' on track, finding time to get back onto her upgrades then also trying not to feel guilty of not being inboard Indy to help Robin out. The best I can do at present is spend time on the phone with him - which we do of course. Still, Indy is akin to the Mighty Yare she now floats on, just like the river, she will get there at her own pace in her own time 'With a little help from her friends' - There's a song there somewhere there I think. Griff
  10. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Jocave, Sigh, Just how much time did you waste finding that old thread then? I have answered this before on the YBW, didn't really think I'd be having to do it here as well. Yes that was his first topic in which he did seek advice before Independence was purchased which then petered out in the normal manner and basically ended, the last post was Jun 2017 for goodness sake. Then he started up another one 'Motor Boats Change of direction' - Not an advice seeking thread, that one lead up to the purchase. Then he started up the current one which is still running 'Independence Updates and Cruising' where no advice was sought in fact if you go over there you can watch a video where he explains to the YBW membership pretty much the same thing. Hmmmmm, do some more research / splitting hairs if you wish, my answer will then be - AND? Griff
  11. Higher Tolls Or More Boats?

    I'd keep it the same as it is now but with increases linked to the annual rate of inflation. I'd also like 'Tampax Towers' (Yare House or whatever it is called nowadays) to have a Bobby Charlton - that is do some serious thinning out of the back-room shiny trouser brigade then ring fence 100% of toll income raised to be spent solely on the navigation. You know, the kind of set up we used to have Griff
  12. Broads Toll

    'B.A's has gone up £15:00 or 3% Mind you that is 3% on a huge rise for the 2017 toll And I suppose that the 2019 toll will be way above inflation yet again seeing as for 2018 we 'Got away with' a ''Normal' inflation size increase Griff
  13. Broads Toll

    Ditto Griff
  14. Guess Who Just Got Wed?

    Congratulations, well chuffed for you both xx Griff
  15. My Day

    So, last night me and MrsG were out in Donny, which for us is a rarity. We were attending a surprise 30th B'day party. Between 1900 - 2300 I had about 7 pints or so. Home for 2330 -ish then to bed. However I forgot my golden rule to drink a pint of water or so before turning in. Consequently this morning or arising at around 0730-ish I had an orifice like an Aborigine's flip flop. So, downstairs to let dogs out and there was a bottle of water left out on the side, that'll do nicely methinks, one swift slurp later . . . . . It was white vinegar AAAARRRGGGHHHHH That MrsG of mine had used it and not put it away, I normally get water out of the tap if it hadn't been on the worktop I would never have reached for it. I have sent her to the dog house - (Which is normally where I am) Of course madame thinks it's proper funny!

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