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  1. A Sad Tale Of A Beloved Dog

    Happy endings, love them. Thanks for sharing Griff
  2. Hello.

    Find a boat that will suit your needs. Then compare like for like off the Broads system and you may find a similar craft but a lot cheaper even after transport costs. There are always plenty of boats for sale and it is a buyers market. Hope this helps. Griff
  3. Ring Of Light 1969 Cine Film

    Thanks Carol, enjoyed that very much. Nice to see decent airdraft at PHB, just how I remembered it as a young lad when you could sometimes take a small dinghy through the side arches. Oh for a return to the days when the lower Bure was constantly dredged by grab buckets either side of the river. Also good to see so many proper boats afloat both Stinky's and Rag-n-Sticks, none of your tupperware in them days. Griff
  4. Tolls - Speechless

    Does a £444.99 AW toll cover just 120 miles of waterway with just one lock? At LAST! Cracking reply, one of the best, if not the best repartees to an age old topic I get whole heartedly sick of hearing the same old defence statement that the tolls on the Broads are like for like cheaper than the canals by 'Defenders' of the BA. Comparing the two is imho just plain ridiculous. I shall try to remember to use your 'FACT' in future toll discussions. Well done matey and thanks Griff
  5. Game Shooting - Documentory

    Tomorrow is the first day on 'Our Shoot' I'm all ready to go. Gear prepped / cleaned and ready for the off. Macie dog has been informed, which in hindsight was not a wise thing to tell her as she probably won't sleep tonight with excitement. Mount Pleasant Hotel in t morning for a proper expensive breakfast followed by meeting at the farm. I'm so looking forward to this. There'll be a brace or two of pheasant hanging on MrsG's hanging basket brackets by tomorrow evening which she is never happy about Griff
  6. What Would You Tell A New Hirer?

    I have a funny feeling that you think 99% of hire's on the broads are stupid. I have a feeling / knowledge that 99% of all skippers on the Broads are stupid, especially the Rag-n-Stick flotilla. Me? - Of course I am part of the minority 1% and I never get it wrong. That is unless I'm onboard and in command you understand Griff Edited to add, I don't have to be 'In Command' to get it wrong
  7. Broad Ambition - TLC Time Again

    do all the people involved have to put in as many hours as you do to keep the boat in tip top condition, or do your labour hours go to the maintenance cost of things that the syndicate pays towards? Oh if only, and in an ideal world, yes. However here in the real world, sadly no. There are four custodians of 'B.A' but five actual 'shares' (Me and Bro' own the fifth share between us, inherited from our Dad when he moved to a safe anchorage) myself, Bro', Robin and Degger. We all pay in monetary terms an equal amount to the total running costs. That is maintenance, upgrades, berth, toll, insurance, breakdown cover etc. We each pay individually for diesel and pumpouts. Labour hours - should be equal, of course they are far from it. Being self employed I am not restricted by a set amount of 'Holiday Days' per year, so getting time off to work on 'B.A' is not a problem, what is a problem is that everytime I do so then I suffer a loss of earnings so it's a double whammy. Bro' and Robin are allocated a set amount of days holiday per year, so using them up for working on 'B.A' is a price they individually pay, on the upside they still get paid of course. Degger? - Well Degger is a law to himself, being a CEO he could be classed as self employed, but he is that busy we hardly ever see him onboard 'B.A' to take her out on the rivers let alone roll his sleeves up. Then of course there are some tasks with 'B.A' that only out of the four of us that I am capable of doing. Bro' is handy with electrics / engineering and some hands on stuff. Robin can do most things if he is instructed how to achieve doing them, the snag with this is, by the time I have shown him how to do it, I could have started and finished it mysen! (Don't mention varnishing cabin sides!) Where Robin shines is in his capacity for research, coming up with some great ideas, getting good deals and keeping us dinosaurs up to date with technological advances with 'Boaty' stuff. He is also a past master with the odd blue fender. Degger is handy for unexpected large purchases without blinking. I'm known as 'The Driving Force' behind 'B.A' If we kept our labour hours exactly the same, nowt would get done in a hurry, that is just the way it is, it has worked for the ten years since we recommissioned her and we are all happy with it. (Although I sneakily suspect that three custodians are more happy with that arrangement than the fourth custodian, but don't tell them I said that!) Griff
  8. Well That Was A Rough Night

    Weather Warning:- Southerners - Are warned not to travel unless absolutely necessary Northerners:- Tha will need tha big coat Griff
  9. Broad Ambition - The Model

    Your talents have no boundaries matey - Agreed - Do these ideas just come to him? Or does he lie awake at nights mulling over ways to achieve success? Griff
  10. Broad Ambition - TLC Time Again

    Lads week, I only managed two items on the list, (although I did manage some deep cleaning where required) Q7) New helms information plate in polished s/steel. This replaces the original brass item that became incorrect after we moved the spotlight / horns on the fwd cabin roof and besides the brass item always seemed to need polishing 126) Fit Traffolyte nameplates to cabin sides adjacent to deck fittings x 4. This had to be done as there is no way we are painting coloured circles on the new deck covering. Coloured circles around the 4 x deck fitting was fine with a non slip painted surface, but not with the upgraded deck finish. That now leaves 16 outstanding items on the upgrade list and 7 on the maintenance list to attend to. I'm due onboard next month for about five days or so to crack on with as many items as I can. Onwards and upward in the normal fashion once again Griff
  11. Using A Boat With No Bss

    During 'B.A's restoration period, we used the BSS guide as a kind of 'Workshop Manual'. We constantly referred to it and also followed the 'Best Practise' recommendations. a BSS examiner used to call in on us every couple of months offering professional free advice - that was invaluable even if sometimes some of his advice caused us hours of extra time fettling them. One recommendation was that we raised up the bilge skin fittings higher up from the waterline. Together with fitting non-return valves this upgrade paid us back tenfold during our trip to the Thames as it was already in place prior to the event and meant we didn't require a lift out onto the dry hard stuff Griff
  12. The Nbn 2018 Calendar Competition

    I'll have one please Griff
  13. Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    That could well have been so, under normal circumstances a Jewel does indeed produce more wash than 'B.A' at any given speed but 'B.A' was towing a dinghy all week (One of H.W's finest) which exaggerates her stern wave. The other point is that we were all cruising in close company and at the same speed. The privateer made no mention of the wash to Bro' just their speed Griff
  14. Would You Buy An Edwina Burgee?

    It's a yes from me. Surely that is now more than the required 4 x Yes's ? Griff

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