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  1. Plus I doubt the NDR has been updated onto GPS systems that most people rely on when travelling on unfamiliar roads. They do? - What's wrong wi the good old MK1 Port and Stbd Lookouts? Gordon Bennet - just how did we manage before satnavs became the norm? Griff
  2. BroadAmbition

    Forum Meet At Salhouse 2018

    (Another one bites the dust) We will soon and easily rectify any issues / ideas he has of being converted during the forthcoming Lads week, fear ye not Griff
  3. BroadAmbition

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    Friday 18th and at last we arrive onboard. Robin having boarded prior to our arrival got set to and dusted 'B.A' off from the swarf of the current wetshed workings. by 2120 we are underway into a night nav bound for Malthouse Broad. Robin on the helm, the rest of us getting settled in and stowing gear. The trip was going fine but inevitably the river mist started to show itself. My cue to take the helm, it got proper awkward in a few places too and we had to slow to a crawl in places. On arrival at Malthouse Broad it was a clear as a bell, we found Trixie with ease, collected Sheila then headed over to the island moorings along with Trixie. Staying on a mudweight would have been easier but we had Macie dog onboard. Shortly before midnight both craft stern moored and safe. Nightcap and turn in. Saturday 19th Morning and crew member Howards Birthday - first job was to sort out that blasted ignition switch that insists on coming loose on 'B.A's helm. I had ordered some tailor made neoprene flat washers, applied the same and we think at last we have cracked it. I's a two man job to fit them to the switch, me being under the helm but at last it is done. Then it was another wipe down, get 'B,A' looking as good as we could (Decks still not finished off). B'fast nearly didn't happen as we discovered MrsG (That's Howards MrsG not mine) had left the bacon at home, so we pootled to the staithe where I was dropped off by stepping onto a moored craft to visit the shop (Apprentice NBN idiot forgot to take the gash ashore though) Bacon in hand along with HP sauce and a paper, hopped back onboard we then made our way round to Star Premier and rafted up along with Trixie and Malanka by about 100-ish. We were then joined by other NBN forumites on various craft. This gave us all a chance to have a chat over each other. By 1215 there were ten or eleven craft rafted up - it was an impressive sight, the sunshine was gorgeous. Malanka being lead boat instructed the flotilla before we weighed mudweights for the NBN spring C-in-C. This consisted of:- 'I'm leading, Barry on Star Premier follow me, the rest of you follow Barry' and that was it, simple and effective. We sailed out of Malthouse Broad where Grendel on his woody from Martham joined us and we pootled off to Salhouse Broad, tooting horns as we went and showing off our onboard Deck Totty. I found that I was being photographed quite a lot as is the norm when I am onboard 'B.A' and underway. The flotilla arrived at Salhouse Broad still in glorious sunshine, we made for gaps where we could and all stern moored without incident as is the norm, however Trixie had a virgin skipper onboard - they showed off by pretending to be old hands at this and managed very well. The NBN meet then commenced in full swing for the rest of the day and was accepted by all as a great success. Sunday morning 20th May - Clean up operations ashore and onboard. Model #1 'B.A' showed off to the crowds. by lunchtime-ish we sailed in company with Trixie for LBBy. Trixie duly dropped off for more works to be completed, Trixies crew moved onboard 'B.A' and we meandered our way back to Stalham and Richo's for diesel and a pump out. However, no staff available so no pump out and no diesel either. We then wished we had gone to Sutton Staithe and we normally do. Into Wetshed and departed for home. Another successful weekend afloat completed Griff
  4. BroadAmbition

    Spring Gathering May 2018 - Names here, please

    I would like to get a few 'Thank You's in whilst still fresh in ones grey matter. Thanks to Polly - main event organiser for a multitude of ideas that came to fruition. Thanks to Mike for the quiz. Team 'B.A' - we didn't come last and I actually answered two questions - Result. I did chuckle as did a few others when Mike asked at the end of the quiz if anyone has scored 40 - Really? Thanks to those that helped to erect the tents and gear - I missed out on helping as it was all in place by the time the C-in-C arrived. The RNLI information talk was good and easy to follow. The cake donation worked very well, we even did drink tea / coffee with that one. The live music, the lights / sound provided by Robin. The bottle auction - worked a treat and raised way more than a raffle, I think it was about £240 for the RNLI - Great result by all those that purchased way over the top prices for a good cause, some apprentice idiot paid £50 for a 75cl bottle of Captain Morgans rum - that'll go nicely with the coffee onboard. That Plate from our very own Wildfuzz - Huge thankyou it is most impressive with craftsman workmanship employed - Wow, have you seen the size of the thing? Even onboard Indy, it'll take some where large to display it but we think we already have the answer on that one. Most humbling Robins plate acceptance speech with the offer for Myself and Howard to take Indy out as and when she is free - that was some generous offer and neither of us saw that one coming, quite left us somewhat gobsmacked but very grateful all the same. We will need to give Robin plenty of notice when/if we do take her out so we can save up for the fuel needed to top her up! Might make Surlingham Ferry pub and back though. Thanks to Grendel for his display of model #1 on Sunday morning, the adjustments / tweaks worked very well with a huge improvement easily apparent since Beccles back in August. Big thanks to all those that helped in any way small or large but the biggest thanks from me is to the members of the forum in general that turned up, made the effort, and generally just kinda got on so well, lots of smiling faces. Personally great to catch up with a few old faces I have not seen for a while now and have a chat face to face again. The C-in-C went without a hitch, the wx played ball too. I think we ended up with about 11 craft rafted up on Malthouse Broad before the flotilla sailed, it was in impressive sight. So thanks one and all for a great weekend afloat, this time the highlight was not the boats, not the rivers, not the wx, nope the highlight for me was the NBN Forumites coming together and having a great time. BZ one and all Griff
  5. BroadAmbition

    Howdy Everyone

    And from us lot on ‘B.A’ too Griff
  6. BroadAmbition

    Spring Gathering May 2018 - Names here, please

    Wall and floor tiling today. I am of course ignoring it Griff
  7. BroadAmbition

    Bow Thrusters

    It depends on which anti foul you use. We jet wash / scrub, repair if required then re anti-foul every two years with as little time out of thee water as we can get away with. Fibre glass hulls should be dried out thoroughly as a rule of thumb but no hard and fast rules Griff
  8. BroadAmbition

    Bow Thrusters

    Hi Ray, when you say the hull needs repainting do you mean above or below the waterline, or both? A bow thruster on a Hampton? - well why not? best ask round a few of the yards to see if it has or can be done, or how about asking on their owners club forum if any of them have such items fitted and how they get on with them Griff
  9. BroadAmbition

    Spring Gathering May 2018 - Names here, please

    What a brill short film clip that was - Thanks for sharing. Now I will never get even close to the giddy heights of our official forum idiot but as an apprentice idiot I accomplished one of those 'Idiot' or 'Senior' moments on Saturday afternoon. There I was in the marked out bbq area tending to our bbq. the wx was proper hot so I was donning shorts as one does. I knelt down on the grass and a small thorn punctured ones stbd knee, not wanting to do an impression of a southern softie I ignored it thinking I would sort it out when I stood up. However said thorn was getting more painful by the second. Gritting ones teeth this ruffy toughy sailor was not giving in to such an insignificant thing though. Standing up eventually and rather nonchalantly as a good amateur idiot does, I discovered I had noT knelt down on a thorn but a small piece of red glowing charcoal that had jumped out of my own bbq! Said charcoal was merrily cooking it's way into my stbd knee! I flicked it out of my now cooked knee flesh as though it was nowt but a flesh wound and carried on manfully as any northerner would do. To be fair it did not really starting upping the pain levels until the next morning when one was sober wearing jeans. Of course the 'B.A' crew thought the episode most hilarious. I do have 'Feelings' you know Griff
  10. BroadAmbition

    Broad Ambition - The Model

    And herewith the real thing. One short plank of genuine Burmese Teak. Buying this small piece from a timber supplier would set you back by about £40 ! Griff
  11. BroadAmbition

    Broad Ambition - The Model

    At last, Peter has underwater primer, boot topping, and anti foul as used on the full size version Griff
  12. BroadAmbition

    Spring Gathering May 2018 - Names here, please

    Great day yesterday. Now on a clean up mission. Will it ever end? Griff
  13. BroadAmbition

    Spring Gathering May 2018 - Names here, please

    That’s ten of us now rafted up on Malthouse Broad in blazing sunshine Griff
  14. BroadAmbition

    Spring Gathering May 2018 - Names here, please

    Cracking start to the day. Bright sunny and warming up. Now where’s my bacon roll? Galley slaves slacking, do they think they are on a holiday or what? Griff
  15. BroadAmbition

    Spring Gathering May 2018 - Names here, please

    Well that was a challenge, night nav + river mist. Now stern on at Ranworth island Griff

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