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  1. Geldeston Lock - Repair

    http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/river-waveney-trust-announces-15-000-project-to-save-lock-from-collapsing-1-5103663 Some good news Griff
  2. 2017 Beccles Wooden Broads Cruiser Show

    I will be turning up (by car) early Saturday morning, is there anywhere particular I should report to when I arrive? Yes - To your boat accommodation 'Broad Ambition' of course. If it's proper early, then stick then kettle on when you arrive. Mines a mug of rum with a splash of coffee, milk no sugar. Your cabin will be the single Fwd Port This is handy as she is able to give as good as she gets from Griff and keeps him in check / Someone needs to for sure Two girly crew members onboard then, where's the challenge in that? There's only one of me, I'll hang about whilst they get another ten! Griff
  3. Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    Just two more days graft then onboard for twelve whole days. Tiling a galley and log fire area today on a canal boat. Tomorrow- hall entrance then at 1900-ish, Norfolk bound Griff
  4. Grande Girl 1 & 2 From Summercraft

    Not if it's well insulated (That's timber or biodegradable to you), draft proofed with a decent heating system. In the depths of winter no thick jumpers etc needed in 'B.A' wheelhouse, no Sir thank you Griff
  5. Broad Ambition - The Model

    Looks more like me than Griff For those of you that have not met Barry (Springsong) you may not have much idea of just how funny that last post of his is, or ironic, but what it shows time and again with our Barry is how he always seems to be an optimist and a glass half full sort of a guy. I have a lot of time / respect for Springsong, love the guy to bits and feel somewhat honoured to be able to count him as a friend. He (Like some others in here) has a very in depth knowledge of Broadland history and I doubt there are many who can match his Helmanship skills. Of course I would never post the above publicly in case he sees it and starts getting ideas above his station Word of advice, go easy if you are fortunate to have a social drink with him, no end of times he ends up legless Griff
  6. Broad Ambition - The Model

    Griff legless again You have no idea of just how ironic that statement is after yesterday. Rarely nowadays do I get 'Legless' - sort of just grew out of it an age ago. Yesterday was different and somewhat amusing (For some bystanders) I just might put a post on the 'My Day' thread, then again I might not! Griff
  7. Cause For Concern?

    I noticed when you were working on BA in spring the void in the steel behind the flow to the prop. Would you get a better clean flow to the prop by putting a cap on this void. Probably but then I would not be able to get into it for cleaning / anti-fouling. If we were a racing boat then something would have to be done with it but it seems to flow fairly well through it. The stern end of it is open and raised up to direct water to the face of the blades Thanks for the propeller info Griff. How would I know what pitch to go for? We also have a 50hp unit, would the same pitch as yours suit our boat to? Correct propeller size / pitch is a black art, one I'm not qualified in. Jason Hatch however is the man, you would need to consult someone of his ilk. It needs consideration with hull length / shape etc, not just the hp and g/box ratio Griff
  8. Cause For Concern?

    The replacement stainless steel unit we had made was 25mm longer on the trailing edge and from the pin was raked up to follow the angle of the hull. This gave the rudder a larger surface area. It's weight was much less compared to the original unit, and no strengthening ribs were required so smoother with less drag too. The result on the helm was much less effort, more responsive and a tighter turning circle (She will never match Malanka for that though). The biggest improvement as far as I was concerned that when we take 'B.A' out for her bi-annual slipping, it is now a simple matter of just applying a jet wash, no more wire brushing and applying anti-foul Griff
  9. Cause For Concern?

    We had 'B.A' out of the crinkly stuff to cure a leak on where the transom joins the bottom planking. Whilst we were at it we decided to get rid of the original cast iron rudder. It was heavy and every two years had to be wire brushed then anti-fouled, a laborious time consuming job. The rudder stops or shark fins were also suffering. All three items really needed grit/sand blasting again, the last time we did that process was during the restoration so more than ten years ago. Griff
  10. Cause For Concern?

    Do you find the 4 Blade Prop to be better than a 3? Will it produce increased thrust at lower revs compared to a 3 Blade given the extra surface area of the prop? Most definitely - much easier for berthing, kicking the stern end in/out, towing etc. We moved to four blades when we upgraded the powerplant to 50hp form the original 34hp. There wasn't the room underneath to increase diameter size, so 4 x blades was the way to go. She is now ever so slightly over propped as she should be Griff
  11. Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    Visitors - Please if you do come calling, best before Friday 25th having said that if my crew are ashore somewhere or t'other, then no problem Griff
  12. Odd Bits

    Magnet on a string. Coffee to mix with the Rum, Whisky to mix with the tea. Small LED torch, poop bags for dogs, Lead for same. PMR Ch4, Binoculars, Matches, non-stick frying pan, 2 x ply loo roll (Cheap stuff) Indoor and outdoor microfibre cloths, non slip footwear, Phone charging leads, DVD's, Tea towels, Deck Totty, Beer chits, Spare everything clothes wise in case you take an unexpected dip and most important - Best sense of humour, Griff
  13. Cause For Concern?

    I'll go, take 'B.A' and churn things up a tad. 4 x Blade prop, 50hp - that'll do it. Never had a blocked weed filter to date as we have two pick ups, (Scoop type both with grills). All I need now is a suitable airdraft to get under 'That' bridge Griff
  14. Richardsons 2018

    If only you had two cruisers that could sleep 6 x males in separate bunks, shaft drive with large well decks, all male crew allowed (And dogs) then we could use them on our annual Lads Weeks. Erm you couldn't see your way to constructing a couple of tupperware Admiral class could you? Or a 'Sealord' with an aft well? Griff
  15. Things That Make Us Laugh

    Seriously they make you laugh, they make me cringe lol. OY! - I have feelings you know Another one that makes me titter. One of my shooting mates has been known to offer me free advice on a clay stand from time to time as to how to hit a particular target. I'll do exactly the opposite of what he has just said, he'll miss the target and I'll then hit it. Particularly funny in front of the rest of the crowd seeing as generally he is a better shot than I am. Which reminds me, off to Park Lodge shooting ground tomorrow afternoon for a couple of hours. Taking a mate who has never tried it before as both our wives out for the afternoon attending one of those baby shower things Griff http://parklodgeshootingschool.co.uk/?page_id=585

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