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  1. Stalham Wet Shed

    £36:52 ?? That's just showing off, that's what that is! We'll have to up our game plan Griff
  2. Simpsons Boat Services

    Yes it will be Zephyr as I know she went round to Simpsons last month. The (New) owner did post much the same in here somewhere or t'other Griff
  3. Broadland Grebe

    With a Mercedes engine and running gear = German/American , that's why they cost so much to repair Correct but no expensive repair bills as I do em myself Nanni, the mariniser, is French but the engine is Japanese Kubota. So is BA's Beta! Correct again, Japanese Kubota and marinised in Birmingham - I'm quite happy with that too Griff
  4. Broadland Grebe

    Er, point of order. My VAUXHALL van was copied by the frogs of course. T'other vehicles are Focus and a Jeep = American, Dutton Phaeton = British, as is my Tiger. 400-4 = Jap, Nowt french at this address not even a 'Golden Delicious' (which are neither golden or delicious). And NO, none of my guns are french either (No point they would only fire backwards) Griff
  5. Broadland Grebe

    Nanni engine. Now I know some of you will object to putting the new engine in and tell us we should have repaired the old one. - Not at all, I agree with you 100% We did the same thing with 'B.A' the inherited power lump was a Perky 4108 - it needed a full recondition which would of cost us back then in the region of £3:5k for an extra £2k or so we upgraded to a Beta 50. More efficient / economical / quieter / smoother etc etc. The only tiny error you made was fitting a french unit If you make a mistake, we all live and learn and at the end of the day, it's your project. - We made loads of these, in fact we got well versed in the accomplishment. We termed the process 'Learn by do Method' as in, 'Well, we ain't gonna do it that way next time' Or 'Well, that's not quite right is it now'? ! Anyroadup, keep the info and pics coming, great thread, thanks for sharing Griff
  6. Broad Ambition - The Model

    Ok Peter, I have lost the place with emailing my graphics / sign chap and not getting any response. So I went round to his workshop / unit earlier today with a head of steam ready to let off in his general direction. Fortunately before I gave him a Broad Ambition Broadside, and embedding my own starboard standup in my own orrifice I enquired to his general well being only to hear he has been nearly as busy as me but with the added pressure of his Mum having cancer related surgery. Safety valves instantly reduced my head of steam. Anyroadup I think we are now sorted, shortly I will be in receipt of the missing gold 'Broad Ambition' You needed six of these and I believe you only have five? He has also found on his system the original fonts / sizes of the mirror finish 'R641' 'Broad Ambition' and 'Powles Craft' lettering that are fixed on 'B.A''s cabin sides / aft well bulkhead. He has got some mirror vinyl in stock and will attempt to reproduce these with the exact same font but exactly 12th scale size of the originals. I have ordered six 'R641's four 'Broad Ambition' and four 'Powles Craft' All are self adhesive. Their location of the silver decals can clearly be seen in the photo. There is also a 'R641' on the aft bulkhead as previously stated. The ones onboard 'B.A' are a triple laminate of polished aluminium with plastic middle. The model ones will be 2xD vinyl BTW, The smartly dressed gent is 'Jack Powles' or 'Young Jack' as he was known, he was the nephew of Jack Powles senior. Young Jack was responsible for the build or R641 and was also hands on in her construction. Young Jack sadly passed a few years ago now. We were very fortunate to get him onboard for a visit Hope this helps, Griff
  7. Salhouse Cafe Dispute.

    On now Griff
  8. Salhouse Cafe Dispute.

    On at 1230 apparently Grifg
  9. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Robin - with regards to the marina office - Say nowt! - For now. Wait until the contractors for the fuel system is sorted, then get stuck into them with regards for querying the price / units used. It won't have any effect when my team comes to visit in January as we are not contractors, just a bunch of mates coming down for a social weekend onboard and helping you out - UNPAID - whilst we are at it - All of which is 100% true so you stand to gain / lose precisely - Nowt! Griff
  10. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    and in January there is a full on maintenance weekend where Charlie, Howard and others will join me on board and sort out the list of items I have so far identified Yes indeed a full on weekend it will be, Thursday pm right through to Monday pm. I'm bringing two plus me, that is Brian and our very own 'Wizard' both of whom assisted in the restoration of 'B.A' The Wizard is a joiner / cabinet maker of the highest order, we are lucky to get him. We will be in the 'GriffTile' van so no shortage of tools will be with us too. Then I have enlisted another ex-RN mate who lives in Plymouth, he does electronics and the like (Not to mention normal electrics) he is on for the four days too, then hopefully Robin is bring another plumber mate from London, so that will be about six of us turned too for a minimum of 10 x Hr days each and every day. I will be proper disappointed if we don't achieve quite a lot. Looking forward to getting cracking Griff
  11. Southwold Harbour Pontoon

    We took 'B.A' there once for a weekend. Had a great time, enjoyed it very much Griff
  12. Nighttime Navigation - Allowed? Opinions?

    I've done plenty of night navving - the priority key to this is local knowledge, if you know the river really well then it makes it so much easier. Confidence lowers stress levels. I've done the Ant at night plenty of times, it's very enjoyable, but when there is no reflection on the water, no moonlight or even fog then it's proper hard work even knowing every bend in the river as I do. Night naving the Bure is a lot easier. We once night navved from Stalham slipped at around 2359 then out to sea at GYA, it was foggy and somewhat challenging to say the least, miraculously the fog cleared at GYA and off to Ipswich we went to see the sunrise somewhere off the coast of Southwold - Magical. Also night navved back from the Thames, night navving out at sea is so much easier than doing it on the rivers Night navving for me personally is best done in the summer months on a still balmy evening with plenty of moonlight it really is a great experience, closely followed by a night Nav around December 25th through P.H / Horning / Wroxham - very pretty with all the festive lights / decorations on display. I have not as of yet Night Navved 'B.A' over Breydon, no doubt one day it will happen. We did once night Nav a Brooms Admiral over Breydon to Stokesby Ferry. My dad was the skipper, we had torches with red/green crepe paper to act as nav lights, I remember being perched on top of the wheelhouse roof with a large chrome spotlamp to pick out the posts over Breydon, had to hold the return cable against the body of the lamp with my thumb to make it work. I was freezing my cajones off, the amps running through the cable burnt my thumb and I didn't know as I was that cold my hands were numb! BTW, if you want some evening entertainment whilst night navving, cruise slowly through Potter Heigham with your nav lights off They really should draw their curtains Griff
  13. Any Grp Experts

    Any GRP Experts? Definition of an 'Expert' Ex = Has been Spurt = Drip under pressure Solution = Get a 'Woody' Griff
  14. Only When Boating

    We are very much similar when afloat. Rarely a proper b'fast at home, but afloat? - Most mornings. Mugs of whisky with a splash of tea afloat - Never at home. Mug of Rum with a splash of coffee? - Compulsory when afloat, never at home. Sleeping far toooooo long in the morning afloat - Never at home. Note to self - Must get afloat more often! Griff
  15. Game Shooting - Documentory

    What a day, just what a day! Met at the hotel for B'fast as per the norm then off to the farm. I drew peg 7 with a guest gun number 8 to my right - A British Airways jumbo jet pilot no less. All through the day I did my level best to make sure our guest gun was in the shooting, on more than one occasion leaving 'My' birds for him. Total bag for the day was 73, we try to limit it to around 50 odd but historically we fail on that one. Shot ratio for the day was just a shade over four to one. Eight guns as per the norm, my tally was three pheasants and eight partridge. My best bird was a v.high partridge which I was well pleased with, no one more surprised than me that I brought it down first barrel. Lots of comments from the other guns and beaters at how lucky I was that the partridge flew into my shot pattern! Best moment of the day? My Macie dog on a blind retrieve unaided on the last drive, I got many complements stating she did the best retrieve of the day by a country mile. I was so proud of her. I won the sweepstake on cartridges used too! it was then back to the farmhouse for dinner with the guns. Got back home with one very dirty Macie dog, it was just unfortunate that the last drive was muddy, very soft and wet. It's not really clear in the photo's but she was proper filthy and somewhat smelly too. Nowt for it but to get her in the shower, the only real way to do this is to be in the shower with her. Took me an age to get her clean, the reward for her for her day out and working so well? Sardines with her tea, then a brush and hair drier after her shower, bliss for her. Grandson number two 'Charlie' staying with me and MrsG overnight for the first time, 2 x brace of pheasant hanging outside, one very tired but happy Macie dog and a very contented purring MrsG Life's good sometime innit? Griff

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