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  1. On the North Walsham and Dilham canal upstream from Wayford bridge.Many comments at the end of the article regarding this development? http://www.edp24.co.uk/business/broads-authority-grants-planning-permission-for-new-glamping-development-1-5429064
  2. Loss Of Another Great Broadsman

    Very sad news,second every thing that has been said,we will miss seeing him out on the river..Will be there for the memorial.Take care Sue.Diane and Roy
  3. Merry Christmas

    Best wishes to all on the NBN from Diane and Roy
  4. Christmas Quiz

    Hope to be there Steve,thanks Roy
  5. Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Some people love to flaunt their supposedly wealth or status ,as seen in the job descriptions of many now associates,partners ,executives. Etc giving. you often no idea of what they do.? I remember a video when I did my VHF. Radio course it showed a Mayday being received and HIS. position being requested ,to which the boater replied " Managing Director of ????? and sons " not the spot he was at and in trouble !
  6. Blast From The Past!!

    Welcome back ,look forward to seeing you both back on the rivers and.having a catch up.Diane and Roy.
  7. Welcome To A New Moderator

    Welcome and thanks
  8. Workshop Projects

    Enjoying your progress,love tinkering on the bench and have had plans to create the “ perfect place “ for years .i have a bench saw with dust outlet ,which I connect to a Henry vacuum but would like to make an inline trap to trap some of the sawdust , any ideas ? Thought of clear plastic box. with baffles which could be easily emptied . Have an original Workmate from the sixties not used much but was a godsend in the past when I did not have any space .
  9. Today’s update on closure starting 8 pm tonight. http://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/news/politics/congestion-warning-as-council-bosses-get-set-to-close-wroxham-road-for-norwich-northern-distributor-road-work-1-5224476
  10. Arachninvasion! Seal Up Those Gaps!

    Tried thar Vaessan ,but our “ ink “ was very stubborn and we had to resort to extreme methods to achieve an acceptable result..The Bounty with its sliding roof and many gaps is not the easiest boat to protect from “visitors “
  11. Arachninvasion! Seal Up Those Gaps!

    Could be a plan ! Tommy our Terror Tortoise would have some resistance to that addition to the scene. ,
  12. Arachninvasion! Seal Up Those Gaps!

    Took ou curtains home ( 16 on our Bounty 28 ) absolutely covered in spider spots,started thinking of replacing them ,but I tackled them with a toothbrush and then Diane soaked them in the bath in a mixture of Arial and Ace then into the washing machine and virtually all spots gone.Since found Astonish spot treatment worked in with a brush on fixed fabric on the boat has had results . Wish we could find a good repellent?
  13. A Friendly Forum

    Agreed Robin.,I have found a forum may be basically fine but have a few individuals who presume theirs is the only opinion ,but in a way that is belittling to any one who disagrees with them.I challenged one individual recently ,not heard from him since. I must add ,not here where I have been for many years and enjoy the contribution from members many of them we have met and enjoyed their company.Sad to see a Facebook group for moaners and groups where bad language exists on a regular basis ,not for us.
  14. Mtb 102

    Talking to a lady from 102,at Yarmouth Maritime festival last week she said insurance restrictions during windy weather had meant they had not been out so much this year .
  15. Meeting Faceless Forum Members

    Sounds good to me ,would you choose locations or seek out preferred spots given by the. Members and work on numbers interested,need not be many to make it interesting ?

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