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  1. trambo

    Advice On Potential Boat Share

    Hi Shaun, I think all of your questions have been answered above but as a member of the Silver Cloud syndicate if you have any queries about her just ask. Fred
  2. trambo

    Swing Bridges

    Very simple fact, if you want to encourage people to use public transport they are unlikely to be inclined to travel by bus but will by rail. The whole Broads rail network should be converted to a light - rail system of the type to be introduced shortly between Rotherham and Sheffield and used widely across Europe. Extensions could then be made as tramways into the centres of Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft and Norwich providing quality public transport to where it's needed. Fred
  3. trambo

    A Winters Tale

    Well, you have to go South to go North! Anyway welcome to our new neighbour at Rico's. Fred
  4. trambo

    Changes At Hoseasons?

    Perhaps a romantic and in the World of today a not totally commercial thought but why don't the hire yards on the canals, Broads and Thames form a cooperative or association to market themselves? They could even have a flag with a big A on it. Fred feeling nostalgic and getting old.
  5. trambo

    Old Broads Boats

    To keep you amused,
  6. Sanderson's yard in the 80s from a scanned photograph. At least two of the Sandpipers are in origornal condition (the two on the left) with the others in their various remodernised conditions. A Sanderling can also be seen. On a historic note Sandersons are the last boatyard to fly the Blakes flag.
  7. trambo

    Gain One. Loose One

    I believe the Princess basin was dug in 1958 and they started hiring in 1959, Aston Boats was founded as F.C.Aston in 1959 and their yard was on the river and situated where the old Broadland Riverine Cruisers are now on blocks. Aston's had a fleet of rather traditional fleet of aft cockpit cruisers and their names were not proceeded by the name Aston until the yard became Aston Boats the mid 60s. What the connection between Aston Boats and Princess Cruisers was I do not know. Was it a takeover, did Princess buy the old Aston yard and by the mid 60s were they the same company? When Aston started operating from the basin in 1968 they retained the old yard although from memory only and I can not substantiate it, I believe Cruiser Craft operated from there when their Beccles yard stopped operating. I remember the three yards you mention very well. Greenway boats can still be seen around in hire both on the Broads and Thames. I think the last Gale Cruiser in hire is Silverline's Silver Whisper. Walkin had a super, rather non standard fleet but really well presented. Was it 1986 when Mistral stopped, how time flies! As you say that leaves sadly just Pacific Cruisers with a hire fleet on the Chet. Fred
  8. trambo

    Hello To All

    I think a lot has to do with how quick the seller wants to dispose of their share. As far as BCBM boats are concerned, when selling you will only have their web site, unless the seller does a little work themselves using Facebook, Broads Forums and other dedicated web sites. Not selling quickly is not always a hinderance though, when buying my share in Silver Cloud the gent I bought it from had hoped to get a couple more times on her which equates to six months. A share was sold on Silver Cloud last year even before it made the BCBM web site, so they can go quickly as well. You say you want a small boat. As far as I am aware there is only Goosander (2 occasional 4 berth) which is an Alpha fitted out by Russell Marine. We see her regularly when we top up with fuel at Boulters and being a nosey blighter can confirm she really is beautifully fitted out and maintained. Goosander goes for long periods without availability but I believe there are two shares available now. Silver Cloud is next size up and is a pure 4 berth craft. She was fitted out by Brister Craft on a Aquafibre Diamond shell and is easily handled having taken her out solo she presented no problems. There is one share available. If you would like to see photographs of her other than on the BCBM site (although you can walk through her on their site.) I have a flicker folder at https://www.flickr.com/photos/trambo/albums/72157659996775879 Fred
  9. trambo

    Delays On The Chet

    So there removing those steel posts. From a navigation and scenic perspective, very good news. Fred
  10. trambo

    Gain One. Loose One

    Compered with most other yards their end of season presentation was good and have noted that the staff look very attentive and friendly. I like the understated livery but they need to just do something to make them stand out a bit more. Maybe a pennant on the superstructure sides or a little addition to the livery. I remember Hearts operating a class of the ubiquitous Caribbeans. They simply added a red stripe and Heart's flag to the standard blue superstructure. Made all the difference and you knew immediately which boatyard they came from. Fred
  11. trambo

    Gain One. Loose One

    First used Maffetts in 1967 when my dad left it very late to book and Blakes had very little left so he tried Hoseasons for the first time. It was run then by retired Lieutenant Colonel Alan Maffett who had established the yard in 1961. The boat was Bondi II, an aft cockpit four berth cruiser. Do not know her history but did look very similar to offerings from Astons. In 1967 turnover day on the river was dominated by the all varnished fleet of Princess Cruisers. The other yards were much smaller. Hoseasons had Aston Boats (if your down that way it was is where Bill Maxted's old Riverine boats are), Gale cruisers, next to Maffetts and Worsley Craft who's yard is still there. Bradbeer had two yards, Mistral and Brookes, both opposite the basin and now residential. The second time it was my time to leave it late booking. Maffets had just changed agency and now marketed through Blakes and I managed to book Flamingo for my son and I. She was the sister to Swallow but had a twin cabin instead of Swallows double which was perfect. The third time was on Swallow with my partner. I had been using Jimmy Pearson for years and was at a loss to find a good yard when he retired. Swallow was almost perfect, full of character, well presented and a lovely yard to deal with but we found her a little short on storage for a fortnight. We were going to book Kingfisher, a bounty DC30 with wooden superstructure for the next year but it had been sold and we ended up booking Brinks Omega. Will be interesting to see what the future brings, as we cruised past they had a digger removing vegetation on the border with Gale Cruisers (which has been owned by Maffetts for many years) and is very much caravan orientated and I presume John will continue his diving work. Fred
  12. trambo

    Gain One. Loose One

    With the main 2017 season over we gained one hire yard, the Broads Boating Company at Acle Bridge but lost Maffett Cruisers at Chedgrave. The Broads Boating Co, based at the former Horizon Craft yard with Pedro's restaurant. Sad to see this two beauties up for sale. Swallow and Merlin at their home yard. Fred
  13. trambo

    End For The Printed Agency Brochure.

    I think you right Jean. I booked with them this year and waiting! Still something about holding a brochure in your hands. I mean not the same taking the laptop into the loo for a read! Remember well getting my mits on the Blakes brochure in 1962, bought for 6d at the store opposite Hearts Cruisers (was it Lakes?) and spending hours going through it on the King of Hearts. I was hooked. Fred
  14. Looks like we will no longer wait for that thud through the letter box and the happy hours flicking through the pages. Instead we can all get eye strain looking at this screen! http://www.travelweekly.co.uk/articles/291233/hoseasons-no-brochure-plan-could-hit-sales
  15. I found the program a delight and it did give good snapshots of the diverse scenery. Prue and Tim were at their best and the commentary was factual (except for the number of boats) and interesting. They got a lot into an hour (less adverts) and I was left wanting more. I could have done with less Roy Hudd but it was in context with their memories and to be honest an awful lot of Broads tourists do make a beeline for Great Yarmouth. Probably jointly the best Broads television program I have seen, the other being Back to the Broads with Robin Bailey which I still watch on an old VHS!

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