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  1. Pacific Cruisers-vista

    We usually use Maffetts, but due to them pulling out of hiring this year we have booked Pacific Breeze next May on Lynda’s recommendation. Looking forward to it. It will be Max’s first trip on the Broads. Photo of Max for cuteness value and yes that is my post!
  2. Big Changes Ahead

    Costco sell flexi scope cameras
  3. I am on the Broads the week after during half term. Would have liked to come.
  4. Who’s Dropped What In The Broads ?

    We were above Potter and my wife dropped her Birkenstock over the side, She mentioned having to get new ones. I had that boat turned about and the landing net deployed so quickly. Wiped the smile from her face. :)
  5. Too Early?? Christmas?

    Here’s one I prepared earlier! :)
  6. Northern Vs Southern Broads

    Love them both, although I mostly hire in the south now. Occasional trip up north to go under potter or wroxham bridge. The south is lovely. As with all water treat it with respect, prepare and take it easy and all can enjoy everywhere. We spend too much time making the tides and the south the big bogey man. Reckless peaople are dangerous in a tea cup.
  7. Solo Cruising

    Welcome from me also.
  8. Big Changes Ahead

    I think you should call it Blue Fender. :) sorry
  9. Welcome from me too
  10. Gramps And The Lads Back On The Broads

    If you want a little bit of a longer walk you can walk the river bank to Acle dyke, the along the path next to the dyke into Acle.
  11. "Commercialism" Used often, mostly little understood. To focus on profit, some define regardless of quality amongst many other slight variations in definition. Without the growth of the hire industry over the many years and the money that they have brought into the area and ecology I often wonder what the broads would be now. The organisations that balance the ecology of the area do so with funding from the many businesses from small one man bands to the larger businesses. If people were not attracted to the area there would be little funding to look after the place. The person who runs a corner shop, a cafe etc etc are they not guilty of commercialism also... do we berate them! As long as there is a demand there will be people / businesses to fill it. I know for a fact that Clive and Richardson's care very much for the area that they operate within and run a very good business. Do they make profit yes, are they excessive at the cost of all other things, then the answer has to be no. They would not invest so highly in boats that are better for the environment in which they operate. L&Ks to all. This thread was about a business and all of its employees celebrating success, a reward for their hard work and investment of time and money. If we don't have anything nice to say may I suggest you do so on another thread. Also ensure that you are familiar with the conditions that you agreed to uphold when you joined.
  12. Always impressed with the boats and service when we hired from Richos.
  13. Dash Cameras

    Nextbase412. Excellent
  14. Welcome To A New Moderator

    Not another Pesky! Welcome.
  15. Gain One. Loose One

    Part of the problem is when the owners want to lighten the load and start retiring they often have no one to hand over to.

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