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  1. The Nbn 2018 Calendar Competition

    I will have one
  2. Let Off Steam In Here !!!!

    I hate BMW drivers who indicate, BMW drivers who use the inside lane, oh and people that moan about BMW drivers :)
  3. Spring Gathering 2018

    Did you get an answer to this Vaughan?
  4. Hurricane

    Champions. People of a certain age will get this one.
  5. Building New Cruisers

    The boat supply will be mostly driven by market forces, especially in the larger more commercially driven boat yards. If the yard capacity can be filled with big expensive premium offerings that give the best return then they are likely to maximise it. They will provide cheaper options as long as they can get a comparable return. smaller yards may act differently as they cannot afford the capital outlay so the big expensive option is not available to them. as always other factors always influence. Like yard size and location as well as personal preference or interests, like Maffetts with Merlin and Swallow.

    Just caught up with this thread, great result. My dog is by my feet unless someone else has opened the fridge. If I go to the loo, he is outside the door, like where have you been for the past minute dad! He is only six months old so we took him on a day boat to see how he would get on and he loved it. Guess where he stayed. Next to me.
  7. Broken Bones

    Hope it heals quickly Ian.
  8. Well That Was A Rough Night

    When it is blowing hard my favourite place to avoid is Ludham bridge especially on a handover day. I did it a couple of years ago and it is fun trying to hold station while waiting for the endless line of boats coming down. Exciting though.
  9. Aldeby Hall Moorings

    £5 is not much for seclusion and a lovely walk. For it to be there to use, someone has to maintain it. Happy to pay that and not be stern on like sardines.
  10. New Member To Nbn

    Hi Mark, enjoy the forum, always lots of info and of course opinions. Welcome
  11. Rip For A Wonderful Lady

    Thoughts are with you MM. One day at a time.
  12. There Are Four Season In A Year

    My most hate place on the Broads is Ludham Bridge in high season on a windy day. Chaos.
  13. Reserving A Mooring!

    i see what you mean there.
  14. Better Behaved Boaters Down South

    A high proportion of boats in the Souther Broads only move at the weekend and then only for a short journey for G&T's etc. Tongue firmly in cheek
  15. Glad I Don't Moor Here

    A valid point

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