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  1. The Admiral's Little Ship?

    They eventually ranged from (i believe?) 25ft up 44 ft. The range consisted of Fisher and Freeward 25s, Fisher and Freeward 30s, Fisher 37 and 44. For some reason, i think there may even have been another variant, but i`m a bit vague on that. There was a Catfisher, but whether is was originally built using two modified Fisher or Freeward hulls with a platform section between i don`t know. I always said i would like a Fisher 44, but without the mainmast. A trawler yacht with a staysail.
  2. Onboard This Weekend?

    Years ago, an ex and me went to the lakes on holiday. We rented a cottage for a week close to the coast, with "Black Combe" over the back fence. Black Combe is only 600 metres high, and it was a warm sunny day, so we decided to walk to its summit. It was rather cold at the top, even though it was only 600 mtrs, and as we decended, it got progressively warmer. It`s surprising even at that low altitude how much the temps can change. The views out to the Isle of Mann were great though.
  3. National Park? Does It Matter?

    One thing i forgot to say was the sheer number of B+Bs, hotels, and caravan parks etc etc have hit on hard times, or even gone completely due to the watersport restrictions that now apply. That`s people losing their livelihood to keep some idiots happy that selfishly want the lake district the way THEY enjoy it, and sod everybody else.
  4. National Park? Does It Matter?

    Yes it SHOULD matter. I live just outside the New Forest NP, and can vouch for the ridiculous rules and regulations that go on. Things like thatched cottages CANNOT be re thatched with Norfolk read but are quite happy for residents to use far more expensive EU thatch. Things like houses being painted with the wrong type of paint, houses which cannot have double glazing to keep out the cold, severe restrictions on decoration etc etc. Living in an NP is fraught with red tape and beaurocracy which renders some people having to sell up because they cannot earn enough money to maintain a property in the manner demanded by the NP authority. As for the Broads, take a look at the restrictions now imposed on boating in "The Lake District NP. No more water skiing, sailing boats only on most lakes, none on some, and a blanket 6mph speedlimit by what few motor vessells that are still on Windemere. There`s also the ongoing threat of the Sandford principle, which prohibits ALL motor vessells in the park, which is continually being discussed in The Lake district NP. Can you imagine the upheaval on the Broads if the damned authority were successful in implimenting full NP status, 99% of us would have to take our filthy deisel or petrol engined boats to other waterways, waterways which might be overcrowded already?. Yes, it most certainly DOES matter, and for very good reasons too. Just hope the ridiculous NP status gets DROPPED rather that fully implemented.
  5. Dawncraft Dc30

    If you`re going back to boating John, why not keep Friday Girl and mothball her for a year?. You could keep her on land somewhere and keep clean and tidy, or i`m sure there would be several people who would volunteer their services to keep her clean for you while on land?. If lived nearby, i`d certainly volunteer my services as a return for the times we stayed aboard. Unfortunately, we`re 250 miles away, and work 5 1/2 days a week. As a side, i can vouch for the high standard that John and Mary Jane kept Friday Girl in, and having cruised her with a crew of 15 aboard, i can also vouch for how well she handles. All round, and excellent boat, and at that price, excellent value.
  6. What Boat Should I Be Looking For?

    An excellent small boat for that area would be a Freeman 22 / 23. Great well built boats, and can be picked up for considerably less than £10,000, and often toll payed with long bsc. They are also very well made, with dozens of them around the Broads, some of which you will probably find for sale in the local brokers etc.
  7. Boats For Two Families

    Hi Alan, I`ve been trying to get a rotational system through for the last 2 years, and honestly thought we had one sorted for voting on, and implementing at our AGM earlier this month, but it was dropped without even discussing the pro`s and cons. To be honest, i was EXTREMELY disappointed, especially when yet again, for the 3rd year out of 4, we drew a spring week at the beginning of March (beginning of our Spring season), and our Autumn week in late November (the last week in our Autumn season), so as you can imagine, i was bloody livid. What i was particularly annoyed about was the fact that the rotational allocation system was dropped without discussion, let alone voting on it. It was dropped because every 3 years, when you went from the beginning of the allocation year (summer in our case) you went from late Spring, to early summer, that meant a week in early - mid May, to the next roll over allocation week being early in the season, being a week in early June. This was the main reason it was dropped without discussion or agreement. However, as a result of the "luck of the draw" system, our Autumn week is from the 17th November returning home on the 24th, and our Winter allocation week, from the 3rd of December, 2 weeks later, yet that`s supposed to be acceptable. Another one of our members has his summer week at the beginning of September, again the end of our Summer season, yet his Autumn week is later in September. To be honest, i`ve always prided myself on being fair minded, that`s why i thought up this particular rotational system, in order that EVERY member would get 2 holiday weeks in the best 6 months of each year. Yes, when you change from late to early season, you get a short gap between the Spring and Summer weeks, but this would be the same for EVERY member, and you could possibly swap one for another week to split them up a bit. Our next AGM is a year away, and i`m going to use that time to contact all members and discuss the rotational system and ask for their support to get it put through. If they`re NOT prepared to do what`s fairer for ALL, i`l be putting my share up for sale and doubt i`d buy into another. I love Lightning, she`s a fabulous boat, but this has left a sour taste in my mouth, and is more than likely going to drive me away.
  8. Another Booking Agent From Times Past

    Looking at the pictures of the inside of the Brochure, Morgans Brig and all the others from Pirate craft, some of them were in Buccaneer Boats fleet, did Pirate craft become Buccaneer Boats?.
  9. Boats For Two Families

    Hi Davydine, I believe Lightning currently has 2 shares for sale, and might have 3 due to me possibly selling my share, though i have`nt made up my mind yet. If you`re well experienced in cruising on large cruisers on the Broads, then check out Lightnings website where a link to share sales can be found. One thing people should consider when buying into a syndicate is that you are buying into an investment which needs continued investing. That means it`s NOT all about cheap holidays, it`s about joining a likeminded group with a love of boating who wish to keep their investment in tp top condition. The down side of some syndicates is the draw allocation system, where if like me, you suffer from eternal bad luck, you always draw the unfavourable weeks, and others always draw the premium weeks. It`s why i`m considering selling my share, as i`m always drawing weeks at the beginning of our spring season, and the end of our autumn season, these weeks being bereft of daylight hours and bloody cold. What annoys me is the lack of will by other share owners that are not keen to show any decency and give up the odd premium week once in a while to help others who always draw the unfavourable ones. I`m not exactly painting a good picture of syndicate ownership, but if a syndicate has a fair system for its allocation process, then it`s worth considering.
  10. A New Chapter Begins

    Years ago when i was a single man, i used to hanker for a Norman Conquest which would be easy to singlehand. Now however, i`m happily married with a 43 footer. That said, i still love the idea of cruising on the Kennet and Avon, or the Wey, and the Basingstoke canal in a Conquest, so i envy you Chris for living MY dream. I said the canals and rivers above as they`re local.
  11. Manchester Explosion

    My heart goes out to INNOCENT victims of this cowardly act , as well as their families. A completely avoidable waste of young innocent lives.
  12. Irstead Staithe

    We`re going to South Wales for a week in September. I have family and friends in South Wales, also stayed in a caravan for a week at Lydstep haven in the laste 60s, so would like to go back and see how much it has changed. Also, to catch up with some good friens i used to work with a couple of years back.
  13. The Other Side

    I know the Loddon and Chedgrave Mountain rescue team regularly meet for breakfast at Rosie Lee's.
  14. I`m A Happy Man

    Hi all, just for us Forum Hairy Bikers, here she is.I`m still running her in, have`nt even done 500 miles on her yet, but when i have, it`s first service time, and the upright bars off the "Street Twin", as they fit straight on. Although the "ace" style bars on the cup are nowhere near as extreme as the Daytona, when you`ve ridden around the local lanes for half an hour, they too can become a bit uncomfortable, so they`re being changed. Here she is
  15. Irstead Staithe

    I would agree with that Keith, but I did say if they "complain". If they were to ask is there any reason why you leave your engine running etc, then yes, I agree, education is a better first option. However, this day and age, people are less inclined to ask, but will more than likely adopt the tone of annoyance?. I know not everybody is like this, but the lack of common courtesy does seem to prevail.

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