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  1. A New Chapter Begins

    Years ago when i was a single man, i used to hanker for a Norman Conquest which would be easy to singlehand. Now however, i`m happily married with a 43 footer. That said, i still love the idea of cruising on the Kennet and Avon, or the Wey, and the Basingstoke canal in a Conquest, so i envy you Chris for living MY dream. I said the canals and rivers above as they`re local.
  2. Manchester Explosion

    My heart goes out to INNOCENT victims of this cowardly act , as well as their families. A completely avoidable waste of young innocent lives.
  3. Irstead Staithe

    We`re going to South Wales for a week in September. I have family and friends in South Wales, also stayed in a caravan for a week at Lydstep haven in the laste 60s, so would like to go back and see how much it has changed. Also, to catch up with some good friens i used to work with a couple of years back.
  4. The Other Side

    I know the Loddon and Chedgrave Mountain rescue team regularly meet for breakfast at Rosie Lee's.
  5. I`m A Happy Man

    Hi all, just for us Forum Hairy Bikers, here she is.I`m still running her in, have`nt even done 500 miles on her yet, but when i have, it`s first service time, and the upright bars off the "Street Twin", as they fit straight on. Although the "ace" style bars on the cup are nowhere near as extreme as the Daytona, when you`ve ridden around the local lanes for half an hour, they too can become a bit uncomfortable, so they`re being changed. Here she is
  6. Irstead Staithe

    I would agree with that Keith, but I did say if they "complain". If they were to ask is there any reason why you leave your engine running etc, then yes, I agree, education is a better first option. However, this day and age, people are less inclined to ask, but will more than likely adopt the tone of annoyance?. I know not everybody is like this, but the lack of common courtesy does seem to prevail.
  7. Irstead Staithe

    sssshhh, I am, but keep it to yourself.
  8. Irstead Staithe

    This has been an interesting thread, which has hilighted one issue. It seems there are people around who say we should all be more considerate, yet they come across in their arguement as the most INCONSIDERATE people around. Timbo has put the best post about running engines until you`re CORRECTLY moored up, and that it`s necessary to warm a cold engine before casting off, especially deisel engines. When we`re aboard Lightning, or ANY boat for that matter, we will always leave the engine running until our ropes are properly set and secure, and we will always run the engine for a few minutes before casting off to allow it to warm sufficiently, and allow the oil to reach its correct operating temperature and viscosity, again, a lot more important on a deisel engine. In short, if anybody comes to Lightning and complains about the engine running for a mere few minutes, they will be told 2 words, and the second is "off". If you really must have absolute silence wherever you are, then why not sod off to the north pole, and wear a pear of ear defenders, but i`ve no doubt you`d find something there to whinge about?.
  9. Hello Everyone

    welcome aboard jocave, jump in and join in the chat and debate. It`s always good to have new blood aboard.
  10. Dilham. April 2017

    Thanks Fred, if we get up there, i`d like to give it a try.
  11. Irstead Staithe

    If we ever had the chance t moor there (always full) and this onoxious person started to complain about nothing, he'd soon be getting very wet.
  12. Dilham. April 2017

    I'm hoping to get Lightning up there in July. What was the Cross Keys like Fred, were you eating in there?.
  13. Strumpshaw Huntsman

    I think we`ll be eating in there on our last evening again. When we ate in there last year, my mushroom risotto was superb.
  14. More Problems At The Ferry Inn

    Yet again, we have a comment about 1 & 2 star eateries being unsafe to eat in. Sorry Keith, but that is absolute crap. If an eatery was unsafe to eat in because of cleanliness and food hygene issues etc etc, it just WOULD`NT get a license to operate, let alone a star rating, even if it is only a 1 star. Personally, i think it`s disgraceful to insinuate that any eatery with only 1 or 2 stars is dangerous to eat in, and could, because of idle gossip and speculation, be very detrimental to any number of perfectly good and acceptable establishments. I also think the forum mods should look very closely at comments like this because of the possiblity of people using the forum to post up possible unwarranted, and dare i say it, "slanderous" comments driving away a businesses custom. Basically, if you don`t want to eat in a place because it`s only 1 or 2 star rating, please reframe from saying, or hinting, or insinuating that it`s unsafe, when in fact, it may be a lot more hygenic than a Michelin star establishment.
  15. Cycle Spares & Repairs

    Hoya Captain D, I'd be very interested in a couple of folding bikes, small enough to be tucked away in a wardrobe, is there anything like that about?. I watched an episode of Top gear once where James may was riding a micro bike that folded away, have see anything like that?.

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