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    Wanted.aquafibre 38

    Just had a look at this link, one seriously nice Westward 38, and the ctr ckpt version too, so bridges are not an issue. If had the funds, this would be a boat i would give SERIOUS consideration to.

    Silverline Wisper

    Hi Wigster, Forth Bridge is an Aquafibre Lowliner 38, and was regarded as THE boat to hire in its day. The inside helm position is very good, but from the outside helm position, you can see all the outside of the boat, so mooring is much easier. Lightning is a similar style, but is 5ft longer, and that extra length is ahead of the upper helm, so you have to stand up to see the bow, but on Forth Bridge, you WON`T have any problems.

    Silverline Wisper

    Hi Howard, We hired Tower Bridge twice. The first time she had a perkins engine, and her original galley. The second time we hired it, she had a brand new engine a few months previous, and a new galley. She was a great boat, but the formica laminates were looking a little dated and faded, and there was a cronic lack of storage for 2 adults in the mid double. That said, she was immaculately clean, reliable, and a really good family to deal with. If we were to go back to hiring, Bridgecraft we would definitely hire from, along with Pacifics, and Freedoms. I`d also recommend the Broads Boating company, because people have given them a glowing report.
  4. Some absolutely stunning pics of some stunning boats there SteveDuk, even the modern ones look nice.

    Restoration Of Judith

    We hired Judith 1 back in the summer of 75. Lovely boat, but i was only 17, and was very envious of people on the big modern GRP boats.

    Diesel Emissions.

    Acouple of years back, the guy that regularly MOTs my DEISEL car said deisel was so bad that in London, everything below knee level was pure carbon monoxide from seisels, and he was apparently quoting a government statistic. I never knew rats, dogs, and cats breathed co, as probably 99% of them are below knee height?. Government must be extremely desperate with no plausable excuse if they come up with blatant stupidity like that?.

    Diesel Emissions.

    It`s crap, pure lies and nothing less. Think of deisels from 35 years ago doing 40ish mpg, now think of modern day deisel s doing 80-90 mpg, and think how much revinue the governments are losing because of it. Couple that with cars that pay very little, or indeed no road tax, and you realise how much they`re loosing in tax. So they come out with loads of lies and come out with rubbish like this.

    Hampton Safari

    I love the Hampton 25 Safari, and nearly bought one. Great little boats with a surprising amount of space for a 25 footer. As for water in the bilge, no problem, even newish boats will have water there. Why it's in there should be revealed by a full marine survey. It could be rainwater coming down through various gaps, or river water through the stern gland etc etc. Is the boat ashore, or afloat, and does it fill up quickly, if afloat, that's when you should be asking serious questions, as the remedy nay be expensive. My best advice would be to go and have a look, preferably with a very experienced freind, as they will be able to look without rose tinted glasses. Then as I said, a full marine survey.

    Petite Magnum

    Yes, I remember these. They were originally from the original Ferry Marina in Horning, then went to Harvey Esstwoods, then to Eastivks (I think?) but to be honest, I couldn't see the point, as you've already got the sliding roof over proper furnature, rather than sit out on white plastic patio furnature? I think the latest Ferry Marina have some equally quirky odd designs, is that coincidence, or are they the same company?.

    Car Is Packed...

    What boat are you on, your own, or hired?.

    One For Privateers.

    When you say a few of your friends, is it just coincidence they ALL have Drascombes?. Great little boats with excellent sea keeping qualities.

    The Sandford Myth

    To be honest Peter, i`m not well up on the science of it all, i was only going on what i`ve seen on tv. I know the land is Tilting or sinking, i watched the programme "Coast" with Neil Oliver, where he was diving in the North Sea at some depth, and was showing tree stumps etc on the sea bed actually on camera. The whole planets land mass is moving, tilting, or sinking, and very quickly in some cases, so i assumed this is what was causing the Broadland marshes to become lower in some cases than the river levels. I remember back at Easter 95, we moored in Fleet Dyke and walked DOWN to the marshes beside the river bank, and looking UP at our boat. That gave us a real surprise, as you don`t really notice it that much when cruising by. Karen loves penguins Ian, so don`t let her know they`re haveing to walk so far for a boating holiday lol, she`ll insist we take some with us on Lightning in June, well, more likely when we`re back up in November, the weather might be a bit better for them then? lol.

    The Sandford Myth

    Sadly Peter, re your last paragraph, that is now common practice at most senior management regimes. It`s why so much of British industry fails, BECAUSE senior management only wants to hear, what it WANTS to hear, and anything to contrary is viewed as being negative and obstructive, and the BA hierachy are no different.

    The Sandford Myth

    To Broad Ambition, What an excellently put post, and good to see Maurice Mynah (John) knowing his facts, as i honestly believed the bridge at Potter Heigham was gradually sinking, due to the land mass in East Anglia sinking, a FACT that was proved by none other than Gryff Rhys Jones on one of his "Rivers" programmes, where he was with a Cambridge University scientist at a scientific station where a sort of "pole" which is buried extremely deeply into the Cambridgeshire fens, and shows how much the East Anglian land mass is sinking. Couple this up with the lack of dredging in the Bure, AND the mouth of the Bure (where you used to see coasters moored to the quay heading on the GY side imediately before the mouth of the Bure, and it does make you wonder?. There is another thread on this forum "what would you pay extra tolls for", personally, i think i`d like to start a new thread titled "what lack of action would you request a tolls REFUND for". I`d start it with Dredging first, moorings second, and refuse bins third?.

    The Sandford Myth

    I`ve said this before on other posts re National Parks, We live just outside the New Forest National Park, and having worked with, and spoken to several other people who live in the bounds of the New Forest NP, i can safely say that the restrictions imposed on homes, businesses, and life in general can be very frustrating. The NP authority have made people completely re-thatch houses because they have NOT used the correct thatch, stating Norfolk reed is not correct, made people change recently replaced windows because they`re not made from the correct material, made people re-paint cottages from the ground up, because they`ve used the wrong type of paint, and non allowed colours, the list goes on and on. There are countless numbers of people who have bought homes in this NP, but have soon sold up, and vowed NEVER to buy homes in NPs again. Now, i DO understand the necessity of regulation, i work in the aircraft industry, so i know regulation is vital in certain circumstances, but some of these restrictions are purely and simply ridiculous, and drive people away. If National Parks are there for OUR benefit, why do they make life so difficult for those that choose to live there, only to have them move out not long after?. So if people REALLY think they`re better off living, or owning a business in a National Park, don`t come running to those who have advised against it and complaining. Also, if people think the Broads will never be a full NP, why all the BNP status nonsense if can never be one, and when it DOES become a full NP, and Sandford IS installed, you also WON`T complain when all deisel engines are banned, Powerboat racing, water skiing, and pwerboats in general are all banned, because that`s what has happpened on Windemere and others in the Lake District National Park. And certain businesses and industries have suffered severely as a result.

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