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  1. Back On The Broads 9th March

    I absolutely LOVE Loddon, it was from the Aston Boatyard that was, where we first started our love of the Broads at the age of 11, and 12 (i had my 12th birthday on the Sunday), in June 1970. Recommendations are, moor at the staithe, have afternoon tea and cakes from Rosy Lee`s tea room dead opposite the car park, then a curry in the Raj, finishing off with their pineapple ice cream, then Sunday morning, Breakfast again at Rosy Lee`s. There`s a great butchers right at the top of the village, so if you`re taking a cold box. get some of their fresh smoked Gammon steaks. I think the idea of crossing Breydon on a 3 night break is a real stretch, so stay on the south rivers, and if going to Loddon on Friday, why not go up to Norwich for Saturday night, then back to Rockland for Sunday night?. 3 nights on the Yare, Chet, and Wensum would be a very relaxing cruise, without the need to burn up the miles?. Whatever you do, have a great and relaxing time, it`s what the Broads are made for.
  2. Single Parent Hiring Boats

    If this is just one yard, then there are still plenty of others. Several of the Northern yards have large fleets, with a lot of clesses of the same boat, so rather than spend a lot more on the canals, i would have contacted the yards individually. That said, i can understand a yard prefering NOT to hire to an inexperienced single parent crew. Also, if you DID find a yard up north that were happy to hire to your freinds, then i would recommend staying on the north rivers with their slower more gentle tidal effect.
  3. Oyster Marine

    Westerly Marine Construction, Westerly Yachts, and i believe GK Yachts, which were their performance yachts. And, they were built in Waterlooville in Hampshire, about 10 miles inland from Portsmouth. A bit like one of the major manufacturers of 40+ years back being based in Wallisdown on the Northern side of Poole, about 5 miles inland from the harbour. The name "Southern Ocean Shipyard" comes to mind, but not sure on that.
  4. Celebrity 5 Go Barging ...... In France

    That`s because the French flout EU law with gay abandon. According to the French, they believe EU law is for others to obey, especially us Brits, and only non obligatory guidance for them. That old chestnut "don`t do as i do, do as i say" is their motto.
  5. The Tales Of Susie Speedwell

    That`s the beauty of small trailable boats, pull them out on a trailer. Not ours, a massive crane and half a dozen people needed. I bet she`s cozy inside, especially in the rain?.
  6. Buying A Boat (again!)

    Absolutely spot on Sue. If you`re only going to use it for 2-3 weeks of the year, Syndicate ownership is what i would recommend. The other thing with Syndicate ownership is the fact that mooring, maintanance, and any possible replacement costs are devided up between all syndicate members. You can also use weeks not used by other owners, so in effect, even though you have your allocated 4 weeks, you could use it for 6, 7, or more weeks in the year, though mainly, these will be unused winter weeks. The range of syndicate boats though is good for family sized groups, but there is only one 2 berth syndicate boat called Gooseander. A great little boat, but is fwd dv, which may not be to your taste?. I have a share in Lightning, and our annual running costs equate to around £1,200-500 pa depending on what we replace etc. That`s a lot less than the cost of some moorings alone, let alone river tolls, insurance, then fuel and gas etc on top of that. And as Sue H says, if you want any further info, please feel free to pm me.
  7. A Plea From Dr Packman Of The Broads Authority

    So, if i went to a Ford Mondeo owners club meet in my Peugeot 407 and entered it in their best Mondeo competition, it would be ok, as it`s SIMILAR to a Mondeo, being a large family salloon,?. Would you vote for my 407?.
  8. A Plea From Dr Packman Of The Broads Authority

    One thing we should all remember is that whether you`re for or against the NPs, those that live in them are the people that should be listened to. They are the ones that know how much of a beneficial, or detremental effect being granted NP status gives them. Being granted full NP status may sound nice to generate more tourism, be it day trippers or holiday makers, but for those that actually live and run businesses within the boundries of any NP, the cost and restrictive practice legislations could be so prohibitive, it could kill off industry causing the loss of hundreds of jobs. That would be a major disaster for the Broadland communities. As for the 6mph speed limit on Windemere, yes, the Broads DOES have a 6mph limit, but with certain areas where SOME boats are exempt for activities such as water skiing, and powerboat racing, whereas on Windemere, there`s a blanket bann on anything over 6mph, and as Alan (Ranworth Breeze) has said, when was in Bowness (hired yachts from there several times) not one person was for it, because they knew the effect was going to be negative rather than positive.
  9. A Plea From Dr Packman Of The Broads Authority

    You say they`re all lumped together within a broad generic term, not true actually, the title National Park is a legal title, NOT a generic term, and a title the BA are happy to use "allegedly" in order to help boost tourism. I`ve said this before, so as someone who lives on the fringes of The New Forest National Park, i can vouch for the problems the National Parks Authority causes the NFNP residents by way of severe restrictions etc, and i`m always concerned re the BA all of a sudden declaring the Broads a fully fledged NP because it has been called an NP for many years, so it eventually gets taken on secretly through the back door because people have no knowledge of such, so have no opportunity to launch any form of objection. If that DOES happen, you can kiss goodbye to the vast majority of boating on the Broads, unless they are made of certain types of wood, have sails that are made only of a particular type of canvas, and have NO motive power whatsoever. Look at what has happened in the Lake District NP.
  10. Well Done BA On These Two Prosecutions

    I picked up and posted on this subject on faceache a few days back, so will post a simmilar answer here. While i don`t condone speeding on the Broads, i, like all of you here, live in the real world, and have no doubt done the same ourselves, though admittedly nowhere near planing speeds, and repeated offenders only have themselves to blame. However, we have to question the morality of the BA when they heavily fine two private boat owners, even though one of them WAS`NT actually breaking ANY laws. A few weeks back, Broom Boats proudly posted a video clip on faceache, of one of their new boats undergoing performance trials at high speed somewhere on the upper Yare, causing a huge wash, yet NOTHING has been heard from the BA. Yet again, it seems that big business seems to get away with breaking the rules, the average man in the street yet again faces the full force of the law. As i said, we have to question the morality of the corrupt BA, in their inactivity to act on big business. Could it be because big businesses have better lawyers?.
  11. Anti Social Media?

    claiming a business nearly going bankrupt because of faceache is a bit lame. If people have had a bad experience, surely they have a right to complain, or even caution other people before they use it?. Would you rubbish trip advisor for the same, because that's exactly what they do?. No, as I said, you use it for what you want and ignore or block what you don't. As for saying people can still comment etc even when you've blocked them yes they can, but that's no different to people talking behind your back, and that's something NOBODY will ever stop.

    Most of the time on Aircraft, we use 10/32, 8/32, 6/32, 4/40, and 1/4 /28 UNC or UNF. Some Airbus units use the occaisional metric thread, but these are standard metric, and very rare.
  13. Anti Social Media?

    The good thing about faceache is if you don`t get on with someone, or someone becomes a real pain in the ****, you can block them, so you never have put up with nasty comments or trolling.
  14. Dunkirk (film)

    Yes, very inaccurate indeed, the yanks were never involved. As for the film itself, why did`nt the film makers used British actors, and made the submarine look like a British one. Hollywood twisting history again. I beleive they even made a remake of the Dambusters using Liberators as the planes?.
  15. Dunkirk (film)

    Some interesting points of view on this, but i have`nt seen the film, so can`t comment. One thing i WILL say is that i`m in total aggreement with Vaughn in that i`m a bit of a stickler for accuracy in film and tv, because youngsters today NEVER get taught the true facts of important historical events. If this film is NOT accurate, why call it Dunkirk, why not just call it a ficticious name, and say it`s is BASED on true events, "based" meaning just that, based on, not true to fact?. Whether i watch the film or not remains to be seen, but the one thing i DON`T like in modern films is far too much reality in the form of blood and gore. Yes i like accuracy, but accuracy of events and outcomes, but not too much finer detail. Watching other modern war films, i`ve seen screen shots where people get shot, and their chest, or back, or head is blown apart with blood etc splattering everywhere. Far to much fine detail, which i sometimes think MUST influence some in certain ways, and not neccesarily good ways. I know some will say it shows what really happens etc, but if people watch such a film with young children around, i can`t help but think they may just find it very disturbing, and possibly have some effect on them. It`s this sort of over dramatising reality that really and truly puts me off a lot of modern films, that and too much computer generation. Bring back the ABC minors i say, good old innocent films.

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