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Thurne Lion

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I think a few pubs (WRC and Horning Ferry for example) do breakfasts so it could work.

Definitely one of the things that attracts our group to the WRC for instance.

Showers would be nice but it's a pub - If you want a really good shower, best to book an RC45...

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Sorry Rick but the weather stopped me visiting, I'm afraid a short trip up the northern rivers just couldn't compete with a trip down the coast to orford/woodbridge/southwold and back in all that glorious sunshine.:dance

Maybe later in the year....

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We called in the Lion yesterday late afternoon for a nosy, and test the beer was as good as the White horse !

I can confirm the 2 we tried were as good, Redwells Steam larger our usual tiple was top drawer and then tried the Redwells white IPA which was full of flavour but not for the faint hearted as didn't realise until the misus was walking at funny angles down the road with the dog it's over 6% strength.

we will be back



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