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21 hours ago, grendel said:

I do like the artistically placed shavings on the bench top - it really makes the place look as though you are doing woodwork :-)

Set dressing G? Moi? Ah Lotus Blossom, I'd been having some fun with my two new nokogiri or Japanese saws. I became a convert last year, as they are so much easier to use one handed, although it took a while to get the 'knack than western style saws. 

I had been using a Ryouba multi purpose saw by Irwin Marples I'd bought from Screwfix. This saw has two cutting edges, one side is a rip saw and the other side is a cross cut saw. It worked well apart from one problem. The saw blade is detachable from the handle so that the blade can be changed. All well and good except for the button that releases the blade being positioned exactly under my thumb when I grip the handle. The result being I'm left holding the handle flat on my backside and the blade stuck in the lumber making a delightful 'doinnnnggggg' noise.

So I upped my game and invested in two kataba saws which have teeth just down one edge. One being a rip saw the other a cross cut saw. The blades for these are also changeable but fit into the handle in a traditional manner clamped between two sprung jaws.


Oh boy! Sharp, fast and reasonably accurate for a bloke using his duff hand. As an experiment, and because I couldn't be bothered dragging out the table saw just after I'd cleared the workshop, I made the new shelves etc by hand. I ripped the lumber to width using the kataba leaving myself a 2mm edge that needed cleaning up with the plane. 

I chose to use the number 5 plane, because I nicked the edge on the blade of the number 4 earlier. I discovered this week that sawing and planing require practice...still I managed to get a flat straight edge on the lumber!


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