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Band Saw / Space Heater - Lend Of ?

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I am in need of a band saw, not a big-un, more a  portable worktop / bench mounted item.  I need it to do some cuts to 5mm pliable soft upvc (Dek-King)

Also a small 240V diesel powered space heater.

I need the items for approx four days, 18th - 21st This month for use astern of 'B.A' in our Wet-Shed.  I will of course collect / return said items

Thanks in advance,


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Griff, a scroll saw may do the job as well if nobody close has a bandsaw - hasnt our Timbo got a bandsaw?

I have a bandsaw- just the sort of thing you are describing, but I am over 3 hours in the wrong direction and 3 hours back to Norfolk.

If you cannot find an alternative we may be able to sort something out.

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8 hours ago, BroadAmbition said:

Well that was quick.  Less than an hour and I am sorted for both items, a mate up here is going to lend me a workshop heater and he only lives about a 1000yds away too.

Thanks Y'all


Hi Charlie,

I am glad you have been sorted out with the items, it could have lent you my band saw and not too far away to drop into south Sheffield.

If you need any other tools please give me a shout.



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