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Wind Overnight Warning Upgrade

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Don't know what the wind speed is here at WRC but it's certainly wild.

Really picked up around 3.30 and strong ever since, think we'll be staying put till it subsidies.

No damage to the boat but the collapsable windscreen worked loose with a bang at dark o clock. Got up & secured it

hope everyone afloat is ok


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All of you afloat please stay safe and don't forget your life jackets

It's a nightmare here in East Sussex at the moment but still would much rather be afloat, I think if you take care and a bit of common sense it can be exciting in a storm, crossing Breydon with the boat riding the waves, heavenly :default_icon_luvlove:

Take care and stay safe what ever you're doing



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Just now, JamesLV said:

Didn't know you were 'local' Gracie whereabouts in East Sussex are you?

You know those large glass bottle recycling bins James, the ones that are always full...right next door to the cardboard shoebox recycling plant?  :default_norty: Graceland!

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40 minutes ago, ranworthbreeze said:

Here in Brundall we battened down last night, sadly not much sleep.

Unless the wind dies down the boat will remain in the marina today, so it could be a train journey today.



On the other hand..... "A fallen tree at Brundall had blocked all lines between Norwich and Great Yarmouth and Norwich and Lowestoft."   http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/weather/winds-of-up-to-60mph-fell-trees-and-bring-travel-disruption-to-norfolk-as-storm-aileen-batters-region-1-5192255

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Well we made it through the night! No real surprise there but it is still very windy here at the moment but at least the sun is out.

Sutton Staithe Boatyard have been out clearing the reed islands that have drifted down the moorings, which is joly good of them. Only two boats has moved so far! guess the rest of us have some sense:default_biggrin: or fear :default_unsure:.

By the way MM NYX looks to be deserted, not seen anyone on or around the boat since we arrived! 




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