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Robin I'd contact CAT and ask for the service reports for this pair. A genny company we used got took over by CAT and as others Co they take a oil samples and send reports as to what's in the oil from trace of metal and coolant. A genny runs at 1500rpm but with little load on them told to run them for a max of 5 minute on a monthly test start. The core glaze up otherwise so running under load/speed prevents this. We've just swapped out a Rolls V8 with under 2000hrs cause it's not worked it's legs off.

The upper helm looked like it has 2 CAT engine management screens and could have a history log you check back to see any issues.

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With regards to your intended mooring which I agree has excellent facilities, I think it is a location where you must have transport.  A mile or two walk is not a problem and keeps you fit but it is no fun carrying 15 kilo of shopping or a new microwave if yours turns it's toes up or indeed in rainy mid winter when it is dark at 16.00. Is car parking included in the residential mooring charges?

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