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Fair Regent - September 2017

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Am I completely losing it? I've just realised that I forgot to mention the most exciting (and briefly worrying) bit of the cruise. Track back to Thursday evening, our idyllic wild mooring on Womack Dyke. Late evening Graham had got ready for bed shortly before I did. Once he'd finished in the bathroom and I got up to make my way to brush my teeth, and so on, and I realised that the boat as on a very slight slant. Mentioned it to Graham and we both dressed again and went onto the bank to investigate. 

Yes, the boat was definitely stuck on the shelving edge of the bank. Although we'd arrived at low tide, and so thought we'd be fine, we had subsequently moved the boat about 3-4 hours later to be more central on the wild mooring and had forgotten to leave enough slack on the ropes when we re-tied her.  Graham now slacked off the ropes a bit and we tried to push her off, without success. We went back on board and checked the tide tables that we'd brought with us. Got a bit more worried when we realised that low tide at Acle wouldn't be until after 1am.

I thought for a bit and suggested that we could try getting onto the side of the boat opposite the bank and try jumping up and down, so as to rock the boat.  Graham laughed a lot (!) and commented 'what, like the woman at Potter Heigham?' (some of you may have seen the YouTube vid of a couple who very unfortunately got stuck under the bridge and were desperately trying to do all in their power to free her). I thought a bit more and suggested that side to side movement was more likely to have an effect than fore and aft movement and that, however daft the idea was, it was better to try to do something than nothing. Anyway, we went back out again.  Graham got onto the bank and I onto the opposite side of the boat. I just flexed my knees rather than jumping, and a minute or so later Graham announced we were free! 

Yay! So daft ideas are sometimes worth trying!

All adds to the Broads experience.

We won't do that again, hopefully.  Yes to wild moorings, but please take take more care with the slack in your ropes than we did.  Another time that we felt like complete idiots!


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I have to admit to getting the rubbing strake hooked up at Oulton, fortunately we spotted it quite early and sorted it, unlike the boat 3 along whose prop was over half way out of the water when they spotted it at 11 pm, when they came out  of the pub (cue lots of engine revving and a rugby scrum around the stern of the boat trying to push it off.)

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