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U turn on coastguard cuts.

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Now so much a -turn for East Anglia though sadly.. Incidentally I was listening to Radio 4 this evening and Sheryll Muyyay (MP for SE Cornwall) was describing how when her husband was killed at sea, despite having an AIS transponder on board the coast guard could not locate the vessel, however, when her son looked on the internet he found it on an AIS live site and told them where it was. She was heavily critical of the reductions as local knowledge is lost as most people who get put through to the Coastguard 'Don't know where they are', and was also heavily critical of the software their computers are using and went as far as saying it wasn't fit for purpose!

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Very worrying Gav.

I admit to failing to see a problem with the proposed re structuring, with today's technology and the retention of all search and rescue bases (local knowledge) there is no reason for it not to work.

I also admit to failing to factor in the total incompetence of those charged with setting up these schemes.

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