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A must have addition to your tackle

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I would like to see the look on the face of the fisherman who held it up for his mate to take the photo and "woosh"...



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Rather than posting a new topic i thought i'd post this here. I got a new fishing gadget a couple days ago and it's definately a must have addition so i thought i'd share my experience.

It's called a yo yo fishing reel. In essence it's a survivalist tool designed to be set up and left, when a fish gets hooked the reel will reel the fish in automatically.

Now to some, that may sound like it takes the fun out of fishing, but how i used it definately made my day out more enjoyable.

As you can set it up in advance ( mine with artifical maggots on the hook) as soon as you get to the fishing spot you can have a line in the water while you set up the main rods. By adjusting the tension of the yoyo, rather than reeling the fish all the way in automatically, you can give yourself time to stop setting up equipment and go reel in by hand.

The reason i like the yoyo is because it fits in the pocket, is cheap as chips and because i caught a lovely little perch within a minute of arriving. Later in the day with no luck on the float rod i went back to the yoyo and preceded to catch more roach so on the day, a £5 yoyo reel outfished a £90 rod set up.


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Sorry Branden, definitely not my sort of fishing gadget !  :)


I'd say that 99% of the pleasure I get from fishing is to casually watch the float or quiver tip in patient  anticipation.


To automate the skill of the striking process would take so much of the pleasure away....  

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