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Escape to the Country

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Hi all,

I did a thread search before posting this so I hope it isn't a duplicate

It seems the BBC did an "Escape to the Country" programme back in April 2009 and some of the footage was shot at Ferry Marina and also on the Bure.

The live transmission has just ended but it is available on BBC I Player if anyone is interested. :wave

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Thanks for that Jim,

I was late from work today so missed it on TV.

It is one of those programes that I am hooked on.........

Budget X amount, moving from small semi,terraced etc......

Want 1/2 acre kitchen diner/ 7 bedrooms/ land for horses/ ........

Shown all of the above.....but 15 mins fame

Has anyone bought (probably 1)

the first house tonight would have done me.

anyway rant over, got to get in touch with them and have my 15 mins of fame.... probably won't go through with sale though....cos the grass in the garden won't be green enough


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Dorset is very nice this time of year Geoffers, or at anny time of year for that matter, especially in winter time when EVERYBODY ELSE is covered in feet of snow, and we`re still sunning it on the beach :party::party::party::party:

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